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Gavin Newsom

California’s Economy Will Not Reopen Soon Gov Newsom Says

Governor Newsom only allows hospitals to start doing elective surgeries again on Wednesday

By Evan Symon, April 22, 2020 2:51 pm

On Wednesday, Governor Gavin Newsom confirmed that the state currently has no plans to reopen the state or end stay-at-home restrictions as the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread in California.

Stay-at-home restrictions to stay in place for the time being

Governor Newsom said he based his decision “by science, not politics” and on the fact that the six factors needed to begin easing restrictions, which he only introduced last week, were currently not being met. According to Newsom, California has not completed all of the following:

  1. Monitor and protect communities through testing, contact tracing, isolating and treating people who are positive or exposed
  2. Prevent infection in people who are at risk for more severe virus symptoms
  3. Handle surges in hospitals and public health systems
  4. Develop new therapeutic treatments
  5. Introduce new ways to allow for greater social distancing in businesses, schools and child care facilities
  6. Determine if and when to reintroduce certain measures

“We have tried to make it crystal clear that there is no light switch and there is no date for easing restrictions,” said Governor Newsom during the Wednesday press conference. for when such a decision will be made. “We are not prepared to do that today. When we’re ready, we’ll make those announcements. This needs to be guided on the basis of the virus and its spread.”

Surgeries allowed again, COVID-19 testing expands across state

While the economy is to remain shuttered for now, the Governor did announce that some medical restrictions and limits would be ending, with elective and scheduled surgeries now being allowed in hospitals again. The Governor also announced 86 new testing sites in rural ‘testing desert’ locations, with President Donald Trump even agreeing on the strategy during a phone the two had earlier in the week.

“California will work with our hospitals and health systems to resume delayed medical care like tumor removals and key preventive care services–which were deferred to prep for the COVID-19 surge,” added Newsom on Twitter. “We’ll do this in a thoughtful and judicious way to ensure our system has the capacity. CA will add an additional 86 testing sites — specifically focused on underserved communities and communities of color that are often harder hit by COVID-19.”

Newsom also noted that although the number of coronavirus tests per day is now at 16,000, it’s still less than a third of the way to his goal of 60,000 a day that’s needed to help ease restrictions. It was also noted by many that it’s still an improvement from the 2,000 tests a day figure reported at the end of March.

Avoiding the infection rebound

“Reopening now would lead to a big rebound later,” explained healthcare expert Dr. Ben Mu. “When the Spanish Flu happened in 1918, restrictions began to be eased when infection numbers went down. But when more people went out and went on as usual, it spread again at a much higher rate. That’s what we’re avoiding now, that rebound.”

“My great-grandfather, who had come over from China, told my Grandpa and Dad about what it was like in San Francisco then, and I’ve always remembered the part that went ‘we thought it was going away, but it came back worse’. We need to keep in mind the past here. Modern medicine and techniques, but rooted with lessons learned from then.”

The announcement of surgeries being allowed now has come as a surprise to many people as well, as many healthcare workers in California have faced pay cuts and layoffs since March.

“We need every doctor and every nurse out there,” added Dr. Mu. “There’s nothing wrong with bringing surgeries back if all precautions are made, especially among surgeons. But we need to pay everyone fairly and keep everyone working.”

“It’s crazy not to.”

Further announcements on California’s reopening are expected soon from Governor Newsom.

33,261 Californians to date have tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, with 1,268 deaths being recorded according to the California Department of Health.

(Photo: cdph.ca.gov)
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Evan Symon
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16 thoughts on “California’s Economy Will Not Reopen Soon Gov Newsom Says

  1. Looks like these conditions are designed to never be met.
    How do you have “surges” when you are on the downside of a curve?
    Maybe you can do it by releasing inaccurate information every day that repeats unreliable numbers?
    In L.A. County we were warned several days ago that 3 MILLION (3 M more?) people would be infected by August. Today they “walked it back” to 1 million. That sounds like bald-faced scaremongering to me.
    In Washington today the so-called “second wave” Wash Post report was drastically “walked back” and explained so that its first frightening impact shrank into near nothingness. Here in Sacramento and L.A. they are repeating the first false idea and using it to create fear and justify a continued lockdown.
    Good luck to Gov Newsom — he’ll need it because people are not going to receive these messages well. Especially when so much jargon is used to convey these messages that no one can understand what the heck he is talking about. “The guiding framework is driven by curation of best practices.” Really? This is not the language of a person one can trust.

    1. Well, you need to use his other tagline of “Meet this moment”…that’s all he can parrot. What I cannot stomach is he announced yesterday (4/21) that he was spending $1 BILLION dollars for N95 masks from China! Talk about a turncoat! I truly believe he is bought & paid for by the CCP, and DC knows it! “Essential” businesses are arbitrary…why can the weed store stay open, but not hair salons? Supposed to be 90 degrees at the beach this weekend…he’d better figure something out before we all riot. I also think it’s a sham that some of the State colleges are already announcing they will only be teaching remote classes for Fall! Unbelievable!!

      1. That 1bill deal is only the top of that particular iceburb. What he failed to disclose is that he signed that contract without oversight committee approval AND has failed to provide them with a copy of the signed contract after the fact, despite several heated demands that he do so. Then there wish the fact that the company he signed with – BYD – is banned by law from doing business in the US at the federal level because the once solar car company, turned mask maker, was found to consistently deliver faulty/suboar products, and when confronted, refused to take any responsibility for the defects. Now that they have retrofitted their factories to make masks….in China…not at the existing factory they own here in CA, (because that would be far too logical), they have further refused to allow any Americans inside the retrofitted factory in China to inspect and/or oversee quality control….under the premise that it isn’t safe and could potentially risk triggering a new outbreak there. Which is utter nonsense. Enough have jhad Covid-19 by this point that they can easily send someone who is already immune, this eliminating the travel risks in both directions.

        Finally, the real kicker…be prepaid 500mil to BYD…up from t…without the delivery of any merchandise and no expected delivery date. Oh, I almost forgot….the deal for the 1bil for 200 mil masks (this math seems wrong…no?) are not actually for N95 masks. They are for the inferior KN95 Chinese knockoffs that are not allowed via our FDAasthe are considered unsafe. ????

    2. Yes, there will always be “surges” because they will make sure this control-us-virus keeps coming back. I’m sure that big tech is also in on this to rid themselves of those pesky brick and mortar stores also.

  2. Who is this Dr Ben Mu? If you Google his name, there’s no info, if he’s even a Dr and not some Gruesome scam!

    1. Good catch! I just googled the name too. I stopped looking after the first 8 pages. The guy doesn’t exist!

  3. Remember that claim of his a week or two back that 56% of California will be infected? California has a population of 40,000,000 people. 1% is 400,000. Our total CASES have yet to reach 0.1%. 1,200 deaths in California supposedly from this thus far? According to the CDC disease burden of influenza page, last year we had an estimate of 34,157 deaths from the flu. The 56% number that was touted previously by this governor holds the same amount of truth as the 98% chance for Hilary winning the election in 2016. Turn off the news. Get off the internet. Breath some fresh air. Don’t let this virus stress you out. It’s all manipulation.

  4. Yep, I searched Ben Mu, Benjamin Mu, Benedict Mu, with and without Dr., MD, PhD. Nowhere. And what does he mean by “pay everyone fairly”? What does that have to do with surgeries?

  5. Hey there. Sorry Gov Newsome, love him, but he is wrong. The economy will be opening with safety measures in place and allowing hard working americans confined to their homes to enjoy the same freedoms that the rich americans are enjoying right now. Sorry Newsom, but starting on May 3, the laws and freedoms apply the same to all again.

  6. “When we’re ready, we’ll make those announcements.”

    That says everything you need to know about Newsom. Problem is, we can’t wait until he is ready.

  7. Newsom plans to bankrupt millions of Californians and then blame the POTUS.
    Its Newsom who has no idea what he is doing and needs to decide how to keep the US economy going.

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