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Gov. Gavin Newsom and state health officials provide an update on the state’s response to #COVIDー19. (Photo: screen capture, Gov. video conference)

Gov. Newsom Scolds Beachgoers, Threatens to Extend Stay Home Order

‘If you need a car to get to the place you’re recreating, you’re going too far’

By Katy Grimes, April 28, 2020 9:30 am

California Governor Gavin Newsom threatened at his daily briefing Monday to beef up enforcement of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions after thousands of people flocked to Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Doheny State Beach and San Clemente beaches amid a summer-like heatwave over the weekend.

After scolding beachgoers who were desperate to escape the heat, Newsom threatened to keep the state closed much longer.

Doheny State Beach. (Photo: youtube)

“I don’t want to be punitive,” Newsom said. “They just want to take a rest on the beach and all of a sudden they get a citation – I don’t want to see that. But if there are people thumbing their nose and taking a risk… I think we may have to do a little bit more.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti offered cooling centers for the weekend, while ordering Southern California residents to stay home and off the beaches.

“While many laid out towels and found space on the sand that was spread out, others carried on like it was a regular summer day at the beach,” the Orange County Register reported. “Few people wore masks while sprawled out on the sand.”

Arrest those criminals! How dare they!

Yet, the USC and Stanford studies published recently show that the death rate from the virus is likely to be as low as 0.18% of COVID-19 patients.

What about following the science Mr. Governor?

Officials in Huntington Beach said people who gathered on beaches there over the weekend were complying with social distancing on their own or did so after being approached about the need to spread out, the Orange County Register reported.

It appears only public health officers, mayors and the governor want Californians to stay home. Everyone else is ready to get on with life and go back to work.

“Dr. Nichole Quick, the county’s public health officer, said she expects all residents in Orange County to listen to the governor’s order of physically distancing outside of the home. The county has closed off parking lots and other access point to discourage visitors, which Kim said there are no plans right now to change,” the Orange County Register reported. “We are encouraging people to recreate in their residential areas,” Quick said. “If you need a car to get to the place you’re recreating, you’re going too far.”

Golfers beware!

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7 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Scolds Beachgoers, Threatens to Extend Stay Home Order

  1. We are now seeing these tin god politicians (and others) becoming more and more power-mad with each passing day. There are others who may start out well-intentioned but who then get a little taste of telling people what to do and when and where and how to do it who transform before our eyes into autocrats who can never get enough of the stuff. It’s difficult for most of us to understand but from afar it seems to have the effect of sampling a highly addictive drug after which acquiring more becomes the only goal.

    The un-elected but now-powerful public health officers in the spotlight have had their taste of it and many are not about to give it up. It’s not so much what they say, it’s often what they don’t say that reveals how much they seek to mislead the public. Changing data about this darn coronavirus should be triggering a changing response and some flexibility, never mind that one would think it would be regarded as good news that could be passed along to the public. But NO…

    Instead we see a lack of context for death and infection numbers, a doubling-down on threats to stay home and social distance and wear masks and wash hands or else, a glossing over or ignoring of important data that hourly and daily changes the big picture, emotional reporting of the effects, without context, on certain pet Dem-highlighted demographic groups when objective information is needed, and other such red flags.

    It’s encouraging, however, that most people seem to be seeing what is happening as our rights and freedoms are every day further stripped away.

  2. We don’t have a governor we have a dictator! He pretty much does what wants to and to the citizens be damned! Last year with an executive order he abolishes the death penalty after the voters of California voted in the last two general elections to keep it. Last month he orders this lock down and days later pardons convicted murderers. During this time it’s practically impossible to purchase firearms or ammo but if you want to buy marijuana the pot clubs are open for business. Now he wants to deny our First Amendment rights and won’t allow us to protest his illegal lock down! I fear this radical Democrat party more than I have ever feared a foreign enemy. Don’t let them win in November!

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