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‘Have You Had the Shot?’

Asking if you’ve been vaccinated is now a precursor to making travel plans, attending UC and CSU college graduations, going back to work, attending a large sporting event, going to Disneyland

By Katy Grimes, April 28, 2021 2:15 am

“Have you had the shot?”

I am asked this rather personal question nearly every day now, wherever I go, as if it’s a conversation ice-breaker. Strangers ask, neighbors ask, old-friends-I-haven’t-seen-in-over-a-year-because-they’ve-been-self-quarantined ask.

I got so fed up with the question recently, I retorted, “Have you had a colonoscopy?” And that was instead of yelling “it’s none of your business!” Or, “how was your annual pelvic exam?”

It’s as weird as inquiring about someone’s dental cleaning or sinus checkup at the ENT doc.

“Who wants to know?” is appropriate about now.

However, “Have you had the shot?” has become everyone’s business, to know if you’ve been vaccinated during this COVID “pandemic.” Except it’s now an endemic.

Asking if you’ve been vaccinated is now a precursor to making travel plans, attending UC and CSU college graduations in California, going back to your physical place of work, attending a large sporting event or concert, going to Disneyland…

Even the California State Capitol Assembly and Senate leaders are demanding proof of vaccine of Capitol staffers in order to return to work in the building. What about the millions of school children and tourists who visit and tour the State Capitol every year, once it’s opened to the public again? Or the lobbyists who are in the Capitol every day?

The government is ignoring that asking for personal health information is a HIPAA violation, but government is the entity putting pressure on everyone to take the shot, and on businesses to demand it. HIPAA was created to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. I suppose someone asking you to your face, “Have you had the shot?” doesn’t qualify?

Vaccine mandates are already aggressive in California. State Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) who is a public health doctor, authored several bills making childhood vaccines mandatory before children are allowed to attend public school, and he did away with medical exemptions in another bill, after assuring doubters he would never remove medical exemptions. Families with vaccine-injured children no longer receive a vaccine exemption for their other school-aged children in California.

In a 2019 California Globe op ed, Attorney Mary Holland asked, “When a physician decides that a child is too medically fragile to receive a vaccine, but is not allowed to submit a medical exemption because it is not a listed CDC contraindication, and that child suffers a life-threatening reaction, such as multiple seizures or encephalitis (both listed on vaccine manufacturer inserts), is the doctor liable, or the state official, who denied the exemption?”

California lawmakers spent several years debating “the science” of vaccines from about 2012 through 2019, when Sen. Pan’s bills were being considered.

While debating the “science,” and the collective health of the state, the unspoken “collateral damage” of the vaccine-injured children was a constant undercurrent. But not once did Sen. Pan ever acknowledge or address vaccine-injured children. Instead those families were referred to as frauds, and “anti-vaxxers.”

The Globe reported in 2019:

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) referred to “fake medical exemptions” when presenting SB 276. She said the bill is “based on science.”

In Senate debate Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) also referred to science. “This is about science, and whether we believe it. We’ve seen it around climate change – there are people who deny science.” Wiener said, “this is unacceptable.”

If we disagree with your science, can we also say “this is unacceptable?”

“Sometimes vaccinations have serious complications,” then-Assemblyman Jay Obernolte (R-Big Bear Lake) said. “It’s rare but it does happen. Parents should be able to make the choice.”

I defer back to (former) Senator Jeff Stone (R-Temecula), a 30-year practicing pharmacist, who said during Senate floor debate:

“Immunizations have saved millions of lives.” He noted as an author of Pan’s previous bill, SB 277, “we promised exemptions for children with medical issues.” Stone noted that side effects from vaccines are rare, “but when you see the injuries, they are major. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work.”

We are already seeing some vaccine injuries with the COVID vaccines.

As of April 26, 2021, 230.77 million COVID vaccines have been administered. Of those, according to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database website, 86,080 vaccine injuries are from a COVID vaccine (see below). Of those vaccine injuries, 10,152 were serious vaccine injuries. And of those 86,080 vaccine injuries, 3,186 vaccine injured have died.

CDC’s VAERS database. (Photo: screen capture, CDC)
CDC’s VAERS database. (Photo: screen capture, CDC)
CDC’s VAERS database. (Photo: screen capture, CDC)

I’m pretty sure I already had the coronavirus flu back in January 2020, but my physician wasn’t interested in testing me.

I don’t take an annual flu shot after I had a really nasty reaction the only time I got one over 25 years ago. I do my best to stay healthy, wash my hands, take vitamins and supplements, eat and sleep well. And I rarely get the flu, but if I do, I stay home.

These are all things we’ve been told over the course of the COVID “pandemic,” most of which we were already doing.

The new COVID vaccines and mRNA vaccines were developed in record time, and quite possibly will save many lives. It is new technology, but also mostly untested.

Some could not wait to get the vaccine, and others prefer to wait and see how these new vaccines age with time.

I’m not an anti-vaxxer, as some have tried to label me. All of our kids were/are vaccinated. I am a wait-and-see vaxxer.

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17 thoughts on “‘Have You Had the Shot?’

  1. Im not an anti-vax, although I did vaccinate my kids on a delayed schedule for safety reasons. My personal philosophy has towards immunizations has always been to vaccinate if the consequences of the illness/disease are greater than the risk of the vaccination. With a 99% plus recovery rate, it is evident that the risk of covid is not greater than the dangers of the untested so-called vaccine. Plus we’ve already had covid (last year) and it wasnt even as bad as the regular flu. So no jabs for us.

  2. It’s okay to be an anti-vaxxer, because whatever “science” Wiener and the other psychopaths are using, it is “science” that is developed from Big Pharma exclusively and not any independent scientific lab. It’s okay to be an anti-vaxxer because there is no science whatsoever to prove or even indicate that non-vaccinated children are worse off in their health than the vaccinated. It’s okay to be an anti-vaxxer because if this new, gene-therapy injection is so beneficial, there would be no need to seek guaranteed legal indemnity from any injury or death as a result of such an injection, but there is a guaranteed indemnity and it’s because this injection push is for nefarious purposes for which the manufacturers want know payback. It’s okay to be an anti-vaxxer because there still has been no scientific evidence that vaccines have prevented polio, measles, and other diseases that hadn’t already been addressed by good plumbing, cleaner water, better food, etc. When lives are destined for vaccination by government mandate, whether or not the health of the individual is a priority, whether or not death may be involved, it’s quite all right to be an anti-vaxxer because an anti-vaxxer is an advocate for freedom of choice, for the right to control one’s own body, and for freedom itself.

    1. AMEN, Charles. I honestly couldn’t care less whether others classify me as “anti-vax.” It doesn’t matter. I know what I’ve seen. I’ve researched the other side. There IS another side. Last June, I attended a Call for Change rally in Sacramento, (yes, I proudly held up my sign *Stop the Hate in the Vaccine Debate*), and the number of people who came together was astonishing. I also think it’s worth nothing that there are plenty of people (including Ms. Grimes) who did vaccinate their children and would still choose to do so again, but are still willing to listen to other side of the story, ask questions, and consider the collateral damage. Katy, I just want to say thank you for using your voice and platform to help bring more attention to us “anti-vaxxers,” who at the end of the day are just people who care just as much about health as anyone else.

  3. Katy you are on an island of true journalism alone it seams these days and I thank you for your work! Hopefully other people in the media will wake up and understand that it isn’t all one way thinking out there! Keep looking outside the box and show that there is a world out there beyond!

  4. Once everyone is convinced to follow the “science” perpetuated by the pols and obey the governments emergency edicts, the next science hoax will be global warming complete with more drought related “emergencies”. Follow their “science” and toss every state and federal constitution in to the rubbish heap of history.

  5. You’re right on, Katy Grimes, as usual. And “who wants to know?” has become the new “fine, thank you” in our house, too, as if we were constantly on the run from the law or our creditors or the nosy neighbor down the street. And there it is, the mechanism that operates outside the law to make most people do the things they don’t want to do. Compliance of the crowd through peer pressure, intimidation, threats, constant propaganda, and on and on. The compliant then become further invested in ‘Karen-ing’ the non-compliant, like an army of zombies everywhere one looks.

    Compliance is occurring in spite of the knowledge that politicians and public health officers are misleading us. We know it by what they DON’T tell us. E.g., how to treat COVID is NOT discussed, when there will be an end to this nonsense is NOT discussed, that children are at virtual ZERO risk is NOT discussed, that there is a 99.98% recovery rate is NOT discussed, immunity through having had COVID is NOT discussed, herd immunity apart from the vaccine is NOT discussed, collateral damage to psyches, children’s development, general well-being, businesses, NOT discussed, etc.

    Most of what the tin god bureaucrats prattle on about makes no sense, edicts change from day to day and are contradictory and out-of-date, and yet they invoke “science and data.” We know this is a lot of hooey. I contend that even people who are half-brainwashed and thus compliant know, on some level, that this is all a lot of hooey.

    Waving the Constitution around is not going to cut it right now when the fascists are homing in for the kill, so to speak. Do it strike anyone that our “leadership” gives a rat’s rear end about the rights of U.S. citizens? They do what they are doing anyway. I don’t know where we are actually going with this, but it’s been obvious for a long time where our so-called Ruling Class WANTS to go with it. We have to be savvy about our resistance to this crap. We need to talk about how that is best done as a practical matter.

  6. Ahh!
    I think next time someone asks because there will be a next time, I will ask, “did you start a new diet? I read that obesity is the biggest factor to contacting the virus. The Wuhan virus loves to attach itself to fat cells! “ Offensive, yes, that is my point. It is sure to shut them up.

    It reminds me of a funny meme floating around. Picture a 50’s era dinner table scene, a little girl asks her father, ‘Daddy, how we will we know if someone has been vaccinated?” Dad replies, “ Don’t worry honey, they will tell you!”????

    I am with Katy, my kids were vaccinated after I diid my homework and had a discussion with the pediatrician. Call me an anti vaxxer, fine I considered myself to be an informed consumer!
    My body, my choice, right feministas?

  7. This Covid burlesque is the 55mph speed limit all over again. And one result of that farce, amongst many, was the sudden appearance of radar detectors (and jammers) as municipalities and insurance companies realized that they could monetize 55 with speeding fines and consequent increased insurance rates. As a result, otherwise law abiding people, resentful of, suddenly, being turned into criminals fought back against the governmental sanctioned shake-downs as best they could. And their means were technical.

    Study the magazines from that era and notice the articles and ads about and for detectors, jammers, CB radios and so on. (There was even a device that would alert you to the presence of police aircraft.) The 55 created an entire market devoted to ‘Speed Scofflaws’ trying to get their freedom back.

    I mention it because, doubtless, these ‘Vaccine Certificates’ will be monetized in some fashion as well, leaving the ‘Unvaccinated’ – i.e. individuals with a backbone and brain who think the whole thing is a load of dangerous crap – with the dilemma of how to go about their lives without one. And in like fashion to the 55 and radar detectors, look for a growth industry in fake documents, database spoofs and so on as ordinary people who just want to get on with their lives hunt for the means to push back against the insanity.

    (Welcome, everybody, to the Dark Web! Tor is now your friend.)

    Interesting times, and you can keep it.

    Just a thought.


  8. Hell no. This is genetic engineering by depopulation globalists who plan on perpetually enslaving the populace. Endless “vaccines” will be mandated to treat endless variants of covid and other plandemics. People are dropping dead from this so-called vaccine. The complications that will be coming up soon are going to be devastating.

    1. Sadly, I fear you are right on about this…

      They’re just TOO interested in getting everyone vaccinated for a 99.98% survivable virus…

      And ZERO mention of herd immunity, only Get the shot….

      Too much hype….

  9. I am not an anti vaxxer – I will voluntarily get vaccinated for diseases that could kill me – where the risk of the disease is greater than the risk of the shot. Covid is not in that category. Therefore, I will not get a Covid vaccination. Period. I think a lot of other people are making the same decision – note that the narrative has gone from rationing vaccines according to some arbitrary calculus designed to make sure the appropriate people got shots first to scrambling to find people to vaccinate because no one wants it. This is ridiculous. Since when are we supposed to shoot ourselves up with whatever new potion they come up with because they say so – because they are blackmailing you by threatening to withhold your normal activities if you don’t get one – is that truly consent? or is it coercion. If you want to get vaccinated for Covid or the flu or whatever else and its available to you then go ahead. Its not my job to sacrifice my body to get vaccinated to protect you. Stay the hell out of my business.

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