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Sen. Pan Jamming Gov. Newsom on Vaccine Exemption Bill?

Why did legislative leaders bring SB 276 to vote in Assembly and Senate before Governor’s amendments added?

By Katy Grimes, September 4, 2019 12:38 pm

Not once did Sen. Pan ever acknowledge or address vaccine-injured children.

Is it civil discourse to force people to a lifetime of disability?

The question was posed by a Capitol staffer while Senate Bill 276, to eliminate most physicians vaccine exemptions, was being debated in the Senate Wednesday. It passed 28-11.

SB 276 by Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento),  was debated in the Assembly Tuesday. It passed 47-17.

While the importance of civil discourse was discussed along with the merits of the bill, frustrated parents sat in the gallery of both houses of the Legislature. Some booed, some chanted. Floor leaders called for civility in the chambers.

Notably, when protesters are on the side of Democrats, lawmakers often clap and lead them in chants – in chambers.

The primary objection by parents to Senate Bill 276 – it disallows medical exemptions, even for families with previously vaccine-injured children.

Senate Bill 276 would eliminate almost all vaccine medical exemptions, allegedly to crack down on fraud, California Globe reported. “Under this bill, State bureaucrats — not physicians –would be in charge of deciding whether children may receive medical exemptions and thus whether they can attend school.”

Both Tuesday and Wednesday the bill was surprisingly brought to the floor for a vote ahead of amendments Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to add in to the bill. Lawmakers were caught off guard. While they did not break rules to do this, it is disingenuous, and clearly an attempt to jam the Governor. Many are watching to see who stands their ground on this volatile issue.

Recently, in a California Globe op ed, Attorney Mary Holland asked, “When a physician decides that a child is too medically fragile to receive a vaccine, but is not allowed to submit a medical exemption because it is not a listed CDC contraindication, and that child suffers a life-threatening reaction, such as multiple seizures or encephalitis (both listed on vaccine manufacturer inserts), is the doctor liable, or the state official, who denied the exemption?”

Her question was not answered either day in the California Legislature.

Tuesday, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) referred to “fake medical exemptions” when presenting SB 276. She said the bill is “based on science.”

In Wednesday’s Senate debate Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) also referred to science. “This is about science, and whether we believe it. We’ve seen it around climate change – there are people who deny science.” Wiener said, “this is unacceptable.”

While debating the “science,” and the collective health of the state, the unspoken “collateral damage” of the vaccine-injured children was a constant undercurrent. Not once did Sen. Pan ever acknowledge or address vaccine-injured children.

Tuesday in the Assembly, Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian (D-Van Nuys), who was a co-sponsor of Pan’s SB 277, said SB 276 was an overreach, and wasn’t about the collective health of the state since the herd-immunity level is at 92 percent. “This is an issue of control now,” Nazarian said. With only 1,411 individuals claiming medical exemptions from childhood vaccinations since SB 277 was passed, Nazarian asked, “why aren’t we spending the money in going after that eight percent?” He also noted, “some o our vaccinations haven’t been updated in 52 years.”

Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance) said SB 276 “is not the right solution. We should focus on the bad actor doctors who may be exploiting the exemptions.”

Each of the legislators who spoke in opposition to SB 276 said they believe in vaccines, and vaccinated their children.

“Sometimes vaccinations have serious complications,” Assemblyman Jay Obernolte (R-Big Bear Lake) said. “It’s rare but it does happen. Parent should be able to make the choice.”

Senator Jeff Stone (R-Temecula), a 30-year practicing pharmacist said, “Immunizations have saved millions of lives.” He noted as an author of Pan’s previous bill, SB 277, “we promised exemptions for children with medical issues.” Stone noted that side effects from vaccines are rare, “but when you see the injuries, they are major. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work.”

A simple solution for doctors abusing exemptions “is to lean on the Medical Board,” Stone said. He questioned why the Department of Health was being given the power to do this instead of the State Medical Board. “It’s an abrogation of responsibility. Now parents will have to appeal to a state bureaucracy and a California Department of Motor Vehicles type of process,” he said.

“Every patient is unique,” Stone said. “The number of exemptions amortized over all vaccinations given… we still have effective herd immunity.”

Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove brought up the more than 800 doctors offices contacted about medical exemptions.

“Parents say because of this bill, they are already running into doctors offices who won’t touch a valid vaccine exemption request,” California Globe previously reported. “In calling 882 California doctors to ask for a medical exemption for a child who suffered anaphylactic reaction after their 12-month shots, they were told no.”

“Unfortunately at our office we wouldn’t do that for you.”

“Our doctors do not write medical exemptions.”

“We have a strict rule here that all children are immunized without exception.”

Parents put together a Youtube video about this:

Sen. John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) weighed in: “Scaring and limiting medical professionals who are trying to prevent anaphylaxis is, in my opinion, legislative malpractice.”

Sen. Pan doubled down in his close: “We all want freedom… without catching a dangerous disease.”

Many are now waiting for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s amendments, as well as the reaction by Sen. Richard Pan.

Katy Grimes

Katy Grimes, the Editor of the California Globe, is a long-time Investigative Journalist covering the California State Capitol, and the co-author of California's War Against Donald Trump: Who Wins? Who Loses?
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13 thoughts on “Sen. Pan Jamming Gov. Newsom on Vaccine Exemption Bill?

  1. Katy Grimes does not like it when she is called out for promoting anti-vaccine propaganda, but considering her writing is featured on anti-vaccine conspiracy blogs, it’s hard to conclude otherwise.

    I do wonder about the phone recordings to those 882 doctor’s offices. Did they get permission to record those conversations? Otherwise it’s against the law. Maybe they just staged the whole thing and made it up, similar to the “vaxxed” hoax. It wouldn’t be the first time.

    1. California’s wiretapping law is a “two-party consent” law. California makes it a crime to record or eavesdrop on any CONFIDENTIAL communication, including a private conversation or telephone call, without the consent of all parties to the conversation. (Confidential information was not involved since these business practices should be public info)

    2. Brian, tell us exactly how VAXXED is a hoax? I was vaccine-injured as an adult. I lost my entire career. I was brain damaged and got chronic fatigue syndrome. All from 6 vaccines that are given together at any well baby visit. If those vaccines can do that to a super fit and healthy adult who was running a worldwide group at a Fortune 100 company, couldn’t they injure kids as well? Listen, I’ve been on the VAXXED bus and know the stories, there is no hoax. These children were injured, disabled or killed by vaccines. Why such a heartless reaction?

      1. Vaxxed is most definitely a hoax. If you prefer, I’m just as comfortable calling it a fraud, because that’s what it is. It exploits the fears and gullibility of parents with disabled children.

        The vaxxed film was based on a paper by Brian Hooker, who wrote a paper alleging a vaccine/autism link, but not in white girls or boys, not in black girls, and not in black boys either, unless they were vaccinated at non-standard times.

        And yet, Brian Hooker’s paper was retracted as fraudulent, because among other things, he did the math wrong! When the math was corrected, the link disappeared even among the small subgroup. Later it was revealed that Hooker was pursuing a VICP payment blaming vaccines for his son’s autism, but never mentioned this when he wrote his fraudulent paper. This enormous conflict of interest alone would have caused the paper to be retracted from any respectable journal. In his VICP rejection, it was revealed that he even fabricated his son’s medical history as part of the money-making scam.

        So did the producers of vaxxed correct their film with the corrected math results? Of course not! It would have weakened the conspiracy, so they kept in the already disproven results, knowing their target audience wouldn’t care.

        Who is the primary target audience- look at where the film first premiered. It wasn’t to doctors, scientists, or even watchdog groups, but rather to holocaust deniers and alien abductees on the “Conspira-sea” cruise.

        It just goes to prove that antivaxxers are dishonest at every turn. If you believe the claims of the “vaxxed” crew, then you too are a victim of their fraud.

        1. Clearly you did not actually watch the documentary. It was about CDC scientist and whistleblower William Thompson, who accused the CDC of manipulating data (scientific fraud). He released the data to Hooker and to Florida Representative Bill Posey, who asked Congress to investigate Thompson’s allegations. While the first Hooker article about the data was retracted, the second was not: https://www.jpands.org/vol23no4/hooker.pdf

          I am grateful to Katy Grimes for raising these questions.

          1. Well, if you have to lie to defend your position, then perhaps you should change your position.

            Yes, I did watch the fraudumentary. No, it is not about CDC scientist William Thompson. He never even shows up in the film. They had to hire an actor even though everyone else plays themself. Brian Hooker the scam artist secretly (and illegally) recorded hours of phone conversations. From the recorded conversations, he strategically spliced words from Thompson to fabricate a conspiracy.

            Thompson himself never accused the CDC of manipulating data or scientific fraud. That’s another lie in the fraudulent story. In fact, Thompson himself directly refuted many of the claims attributed to him.

            It just goes to show that anti-vaxxers are dishonest at every turn. Thanks for proving me correct, Jule Klotter.

    3. Why don’t you calmly tell us what your concerns and interests are about this issue instead of lashing out with nasty comments that make us wonder why you care so much that there should be no exemptions?
      It’s creepy and makes me think there IS more to this than meets the eye.

  2. My thoughts were exactly the same. Why are vaccine injured children never considered an issue and Pan just stood there smugly while that discussion was occurring. He is a power-hungry, paid Pharma whore. Increasing numbers of chronically ill children and schools open up for behavioral issues caused by these vaccines is way more of an epidemic than a mild case of a once widely accepted virus that gives lifetime immunity. The vaccine was created out of convenience and not necessity, but mainstream people are not told that

  3. Serious!? Do you honestly think private phone conversations to a doctor’s office should be public?

    That’s crazy!

    Regardless, Penal Code 632.7 makes no exception to whether the conversation is “confidential”. Did this anti vaccine group break the law? Looks like they did. Maybe the investigative journalist can look into their past activities.

  4. Why is this an issue now? Senator Pan is Naval Intelligence. The media is fueling this – and that’s controlled by the CIA. So what is the real threat? I’m pretty convinced the CIA released measles at Disneyland to create pretext a couple of years ago. It’s got “psyop” written all over it. Either Roche has an earnings call or there is an actual danger they haven’t warned us about.

    And I think that danger is Ebola. The issue is Measles and Ebola look identical the first three days. That means if there is an Ebola outbreak, by increasing measles vaccinations, there’s a higher chance they’ll catch it

  5. I am a parent of a very healthy 14 year old who had a seizure after her 2 month shots. As a new parent, I was devastated. She was in intensive care for 3 days and Kaiser could not come up with a reason why this happened (it wasn’t a febrile seizure). A doctor from Stanford just happened to be in the ICU and told me there was another side to vaccinations that I must research. I have an Electrical Engineering background so I did just that, spent over 1600 hours reading books and talking to various doctors. I had to go OUTSIDE Kaiser in order to get frank talk on vaccines but I noticed not all Drs. were educated on the side effects past crying and mild fever. If you read the packet insert of these vaccines, it says a seizure can happen but her Dr. would not report it nor admit it to me as she felt vaccinating regardless was for the greater good. I had to report the Vaccine reaction to the VAERS database. So many vaccine reactions are not being recorded.

    After SB277 took away my rights to say what goes into my child, I finally found a Dr. that was willing to listen and look at my family history, do genetic testing, and grant me a vaccine exemption. With SB276, it would require her to have a reaction to EVERY vaccine and there is no way to isolate WHY she reacted. Her next reaction could be much worse than a seizure. It isn’t an exact science on how a body reacts and to what since there are many things in these vaccines that can cause harm. I also am very worried that Drs. will not want to help patients like my daughter with this new legislation for fear they will be condemned. These Drs. are courageous, not frauds. Pan says there are a bunch of Drs. that are frauds but that is not the case, nor has that been proven. He is a pediatrician and has a stake in vaccines becoming mandatory. The state believes my daughter at 14 is old enough to have a say to have an abortion yet this legislation will force her to choose between a seizure (or worse) and whether she is allowed to attend and finish school.​ This is ludicrous.

  6. Most people don’t realize that you are not allowed to sue for vaccine damage in the same courts where other RX damaged people can. The congress set up a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the 1980s with certain safety testing reporting that had to be done and given to congress. That hasn’t happened. You talk to any parent that has toughed it out in the vaccine court… And you will hear the hell they went through…years of courts and lawyers… Very little compensation… One mother gets 35k for a dead baby? Sure doesn’t even cover the health costs of the damage. These are real parents and victims that deserve a voice! Not be told to go live on an island or that I am some crazy nut! I have a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering. A nutjob I am not. These vaccines are not the same as the old ones. We give way more vaccines now than ever! Why is there a need for a brand new 1 hour old infant given a hep b shot? Common sense is out the window. My daughter deserves an education. She never asked to become a marked person. I am he mother and her voice.

  7. I am keeping a list of babies and children whose parents claimed their child died from vaccines. Out of 101, 37 of them died from the 2 month CDC scheduled vaccines . Next in percentage is 4 month, then 6. A lot of them died from the 13-20 month ages when they get the MMR and other shots. Many parents said the babies had a little foamy blood coming out of their noses and or mouths. One sign of brain swelling and bleeding. Doctors just keep calling it SIDS. Now in California they are mandatory even if they are in daycare.

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