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LA County Department of Public Health Pushing Indoor Masking With Increase in COVID Cases

Other counties may follow suit in coming weeks

By Evan Symon, November 22, 2022 2:30 am

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reaffirmed their stance on recommending masking inside public indoor places on Monday amid a jump of COVID-19 in the past few weeks.

Since the repeal of state and local indoor mask mandates in the late winter and early spring of this year, fluctuating COVID-19 transmission rates, as well as recent new case rises and new variants, have had counties considering a return of some form of mask mandate. During the summer, Alameda County brought their mandate back briefly, with LA County nearly doing so but dropping plans to do so at the last minute due to both a turnaround of new cases and enormous public outcry.

While few, if any, mandate talks occurred throughout most of the fall, an increase of COVID-19 cases spurred the LA County Public Health Department to begin looking into possible public mandates again. On Friday, the County said that official indoor masking recommendations would go out as soon as new cases were at 100 per 100,000 residents. The County Department of Public Health once again confirmed this figure on Monday, announcing that the County was close, with the rate at 86 out of 100,000.

“Now, it is strongly recommended that all individuals wear a high-quality mask that fits well in the following settings: in public indoor spaces; when using public transit, including buses, ride-shares, taxis and medical transport; correctional and detention facilities; and homeless and emergency shelters,” said county Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis. “The county is currently reporting about 1,500 new cases a day, up from 1,300 per day a week ago and up 52% since November 1st.”

“We are grateful this year to have the tools that allow us to gather with a lot of safety. It will mean, however, that all of us likely will need to take some commonsense precautions to avoid future disruptions and the spread of illness.”

While recommendations are being stressed more and more, experts note that an all-out mandate is not looking likely in LA County or elsewhere in California at this time.

“No one wants to bring that back,” explained Luisa Renteria, a nurse in Los Angeles who has assisted COVID patients since March 2020, to the Globe on Monday. “From what we’ve been told, a mandate is far down the list of what people want to do right now. The person who says  to do it again is going to face a lot of heat. Really, a mandate, right now, is only reserved if things get bad, or if another outbreak occurs. With Flu season and RSV happening right now, and now COVID moving up, easy precautions are still recommended. Wash hands, cough into your elbow, things like that.”

“I know by saying ‘mask mandate’ I make a lot of people get on edge because of how hated it was, but just remember it is something healthcare officials don’t take lightly. We don’t want to do this unless we have to as well.”

More info on possible indoor masking recommendations are expected with new case rate reports from LA County and others looking at possible action.

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Evan Symon
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18 thoughts on “LA County Department of Public Health Pushing Indoor Masking With Increase in COVID Cases

  1. Masks do NOT stop the spread and can cause significant medical problems for wearers. NO ONE has a right to require anyone else to cover their God-given breathing apparatus

  2. Masks are the problem – we are supposed to breath on each other in order to build up our immune system. Are people honestly this dumb????

  3. Never any transparency in the numbers they share to create hysteria.

    How many of these people went tot the hospital because of Covid vs testing positive with Covid once at the hospital?

  4. Good luck making this muzzling happen, L.A. County tin-pot dictators, when there are THOUSANDS of knowledgeable, informed, and determined county residents who actually made the effort and took the time to weigh in on public comment about this very subject at the end of July of 2022 when you all floated that you were going to pull this absurd B.S. AGAIN. You know darn well that EACH of the THOUSANDS who participated in that written public comment represent THOUSANDS more who agree and please realize that they are ready to metaphorically storm your jackboot-crammed castle hideout. Sick, twisted a-hole dictators. Unbelievable.

    1. Also notice L.A. County is not trotting out the universally-loathed Fake Doctor Barbara Ferrer for this one (yet), but “Dr. Muntu Davis” instead. I guess they imagine the rarely-seen bureaucrat’s diktat preview will cloak what they are up to. Keep in mind that soon to be installed is a 5-4 radical County Board of Supervisors with only one possible wild card. Newly-“elected” Lindsay Horvath replaces embarrassing commie Sheila Kuehl so it seems like trading like for like but believe it or not things could be even worse with Horvath.
      Be on high alert for what is coming, folks. Unless a monkey wrench is thrown in, citizens are (finally) now able to show up to the Board of Supervisors IN PERSON with their (metaphorical) torches and pitchforks. But the board will switch to Zoom (virtual) without a flicker of embarrassment if threatened —- ironically and almost comically claiming that “Covid” makes it impossible to meet in person. What a clown show. But these are the sort of clowns who are not only scary but dangerous. Like a bad horror movie.

      1. Horvath is actually, somehow WORSE than Kuehl, on Covid issues, which is kind of hard to imagine. Perhaps she was just ‘Tyrant-Signaling’ to the Powers-that-be, in Davos and Geneva, but when she was in West Hollywood, she pushed some of the most extreme mandates in the County. They were ALL based in “Science” – The Science of Coercion, and CIA experiments like the Stanford Prison Experiment, and the Milgram Experiment.

  5. The Chicom have shut down whole cities with tens of millions of residents, because of their own virus infections, WITH ONLY 3 hospitalizations, NOT DEATHS. Control is the answer. And HELL NO, I’m NOT wearing masks again. That ship has sailed and sunk.

  6. Los Angeles is looking more like Dante’s 8th circle of Hell.
    Fraudulent acts.
    If Los Angeles is set on fire you will know that Satan is lurking.
    To suggest the return of masking for an uptick in cases is ludicrous! The science does not support this and it never has.
    Just Breathe!
    Just say no!

  7. Do NOT comply …

    It’s beyond time to end this clown-world and stand up to these fear-mongers…

    If people want to run around with their virtue-signaler on, that’s their prerogative and personal liberty, but we’re not taking any more forced compliance…

  8. Masks do one thing well – they keep people from sticking their own dirty fingers into their own noses, when they are wearing them. Most upper respiratory infection is caused by self-inoculation.

    Much like a conical dog collar keeps dogs from licking their surgical wounds.

  9. Aside from the dubious nature of the inaccurate PCR tests, which generate the numbers, and the demonstrated inability of masks to stop transmission or infection…the real story here, is the one that ISN’T even being mentioned. That is the demonstrated NEGATIVE EFFECTIVENESS of the Experimental Synthetic mRNA Gene Therapy injections. As data shows from highly injected places like Scotland, England, Canada, Israel, etc. – the injected are MORE LIKELY to get sick, go into the hospital, and even die. The Washington Post just ran a story that admits this. Antibody Dependant Enhancement (ADE) and “Original Antigenic Sin” are likely causes – in addition to the likelihood that mass “vaccination” during a “pandemic” – creates evolutionary pressure for mutation of the virus. The specificity of the spike proteins made inside people who took the injections means that they lack the more durable, broad spectrum, and lasting immunity delivered by previous infection and recovery. And the virus is easily treated (see Fareed/Tyson protocol, Flccc.net, etc.) and highly survivable, at least amongst those who are not immune compromised, by the injections, though even they survive it at high rates. It’s the “Died Suddenly” – of myocarditis, heart attacks, blood clots/thrombosis, cancers and auto-immune disorders, that pose the greatest threat to the injected, still.

    1. Yes, this is true, and thank you for refreshing us on it. Much of this information was covered here at The Globe extensively early on and all through the so-called pandemic, including the Drs. Fareed/Tyson public service video very early on that was all but blacked out by YouTube, as well as ineffectiveness of masks and immunity and all the rest of it covered in The Globe and further discussed as well by commenters here. But the straight dope on this subject cannot be repeated enough, so thanks again.

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