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LA County Feels Blowback on Statement by Docs Refuting Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations

County Health Dept. letter claims by challenging their hype, we are ‘promoting baseless political arguments’

By Katy Grimes, July 18, 2022 3:09 pm

It appears there must have been some significant blowback against Los Angeles County over the information provided by the two surprisingly forthright LA County+USC physicians on Sunday, as the Globe reported Monday in LA County Chief Medical Officer Rejects COVID-19 ‘Media Hype’. We reported that the two LA doctors rejected Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer’s statements about another wave of COVID-19 hitting the region as “media hype.”

The L.A. County Department of Health issued a statement Monday, clearly indignant that people shared the video on social media and in news articles of the two doctors rejecting the claims that hospitalizations are up, and that Covid is still very serious.

Ferrer has been teasing that with the impending “high” level of COVID-19 transmission,” indoor mask mandates will likely come back. But as is her way, she never offered any details about whether or not people who were hospitalized were sick with Covid or from Covid – or if they were not sick much at all.

The letter is almost funny claiming that it is because of the vaccines that people aren’t hospitalized. Sure. “Importantly, one of the reasons we are seeing low rates of ICU admission currently is due to high rates of vaccination across Los Angeles County,” the unsigned letter from LA County Health Services says.

It’s almost as if these two doctors may have exposed the Los Angeles County Medical Industrial Complex.

The Globe reported Monday morning:

“In a news conference on July 13, Brad Spellberg, the chief medical officer of Los Angeles County and University of Southern California Medical Center, and epidemiologist Paul Holtom, said that there have been no changes in the transmission levels of COVID-19.”

“Our Covid situation – it’s just the same. It has not changed,” Spellberg said. He showed a graph and said, “it’s plateaued and has not gone down.”

Dr. Spellberg said they are seeing thousands of people with Covid, “but it is mild, and they go home,” he said.

He said of the patients who are admitted to the hospital, “90% of the time it is not due to Covid. Only 10% of our Covid-positive admissions are due to Covid.”

“None of them go to the ICU, and when they do, it is not for pneumonia,” he added. “They are not intibated. We have not seen one of those since February.”

“A lot of people have really bad colds is what we are seeing, Spellberg said.

His epidemiologist colleague added:

“So many people are testing at home and not reporting that in,” Epidemiologist Dr. Paul Holtom said. “No one has any idea how many are actually testing positive.”

The two doctors dismissed L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer’s claims that masking will likely be necessary by the end of the month, and said the Public Health Officer’s assessment doesn’t match the data and actual numbers.

“We’re just seeing nobody with severe Covid symptoms,’ Holtom added.

The LA County letter reiterated what Drs. Spellberg and Holtom said – that of the patients who are admitted to the hospital, “90% of the time it is not due to Covid. Only 10% of our Covid-positive admissions are due to Covid.”

My favorite line in the LA County letter: “These facts should not negate the importance of vaccination and other COVID-19 safety measures, nor should they be used to promote baseless political arguments against such measures.”

“Baseless political arguments?” Ahem, we-the-people didn’t make this virus political. But it appears LA County is attempting to do so.

Every physician I have spoken with about the now-Covid endemic recommends that we all assess our own risk and act accordingly – surprisingly refreshing common sense medical advise.

Perhaps the best summation of the LA County/USC letter is from Houman David Hemmati, MD, PhD on Twitter:

Former LAC+USC doc here. So you’re agreeing with the objective facts your own doctors said which refute @lapublichealth & Ferrer and make it clear mask mandates are UNNECESSARY. RIGHT? Please just admit it. Putting spin on it based on fear is unethical at best, criminal at worst.

You can read the LA County/USC letter on Twitter.

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25 thoughts on “LA County Feels Blowback on Statement by Docs Refuting Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations

  1. This IS comical and a sign of their fright and desperation. I’m sure no one except the County Dept of Public Health thinks they are fooling anyone with the statement they issued today. Everyone who has seen the plainspoken doctors’ on video knows what’s what now. Why? Because they knew it before and this was only confirmation!

    To accuse others of politics when this whole thing has been political on their end from the beginning is really rich. Two and a half YEARS of politicizing the public’s health. And the most recent mask mandate threat from Fake Doctor Ferrer appears to be — at bottom — all about keeping up the vaccine-nagging and injecting. The vaccine and mask PSAs on the radio are still there and constant; thanks a lot Gov Gav! All to keep the high fright level going and the high control level going and to be used politically when necessary. And of course there must also be money in it —– lots and lots and lots of money. Sigh.

  2. Does this mean that iHeart media will PLEASE STOP RUNNING THE INCESSANT RADIO SPOTS PLEADING people to line up and take their clot-shots like good little frightened sheep???

    This is the best news I’ve heard since March of 2020!!!

  3. It’s great that the doctors referenced aren’t seeing a wave of severe Covid-19 cases right now, but that’s thanks to the vaccination levels achieved in California. Unvaccinated Covid-19 exposure can and does still lead to both pulmonary compromise and/or heart failure. There’s no reason to believe the virus suddenly won’t kill unvaccinated fools.

    1. Hey Dog Skipper, can you site your source that only unvaccinated exposed individuals leads to heart failure or pulmonary disease? Show me the analytical data you found on this not “what Dr Fauci says.” Show me the severity of illness data of vaccinated vs unvaccinated. If you are vaccinated and you feel safe, then why worry about the unvaccinated? Who is the real fool here?

    2. Hey, an old troll from the Calwatchdog days! We’re talking 10-12 years ago or so. Nice try, but so many high profile people such as celebrities and politicians (e.g. Biden and Harris) have been vaccinated, boosted, etc., but have contracted Covid nonetheless, even multiple times, and as you know there are many reports of unusually young people dying from what the press has dubbed “sudden death syndrome.” In addition to other damage from the vaccine, it appears this vaccine irreparably damages one’s immune system creating more vulnerability to all pathogens. But you don’t care about that, you just care about trolling. Good luck to ya!

    3. Sorry……..natural immunity has PROVEN to be far superior to the Clot Shot. Hospitalizations and deaths around the world are highest in the CV19 injected crowd, and the triple jabbed are dying at even higher rates. The only fools here are people who allowed themselves to be injected with an unproven, experimental, unknown ingredients, skipped over animal studies jab that is now destroying immune systems leading to a rapid increases in heart attacks, sudden death, strokes, autoimmune diseases, blood clots, MORE covid influenza and deaths.

      1. You make excellent points, Randy Ice. Stacy also made an excellent point. Vaccine-believers and vaccine-takers shouldn’t worry, right? So the nasty commenters here should boost themselves endlessly with the clot-shot, slap on that mask (indoors, outdoors, alone in the car and everywhere), socially distance, lock themselves down, and have no cares about what anyone else does or doesn’t do.

    4. except the facts as expressed by actual doctors at USC County Hospital, which indicated that they have not seen a serious respiratory case of Covid since FEBRUARY, and that 90% of all hospitalizations were with COVID, not for COVID. Aren’t we supposed to be trusting the science, instead of trusting social workers masquerading as public health officials. Ferrer should be fired.

  4. This was all a big lie to isolate the voters at home. They would then have to use drop boxes to cast a vote or allow a harvester to collect it for them. Abracadabra, Joe & the Ho win!
    ‘The truth will set you free”
    Thanks, Katy

    1. Katy
      Sorry to hear how benighted your are. Joe and the Ho, how clever. I guess we know what side you are on politically. Enjoying the Jan6 hearings? Trump will look good in the orange prison suit. And that’s a real possibility unlike your fantasy that VP Harris is a prostitute.
      Thanks back at you.

  5. Showandtell
    Yes people get covid even if vaccinated but they are much less likely to be hospitalized or die. But fail on adding that truth to your statement. Then you try to imply that young people suddenly dying are doing so due to being vaccinated. Saying that does not prove it. Where is some data like a link? Why be so misleading? Who’s the troll now?

  6. The California Globe is a subsidiary of Sea of Reeds, LLC, a company founded by Ken Kurson. Kurson is the former editor of the New York Observer, a publication owned by the family of Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of former President Donald Trump. The Observer endorsed Trump for president in 2016, and before he left office, Trump pardoned Kurson for interstate stalking and harassment charges.

    1. The only thing your multiple posts demonstrate is that what the LAC+USC physicians have revealed is somehow threatening to your interests. Why are you only popping up for this item? Would you mind very much sharing with us what is your stake in the continuing “Mask/Vaccine Industrial Complex”?

  7. Glider Bee: impressed I was with Mount Sinai credentials. I am still searching for their source of funding.
    Is a mega hospital like this funded by the government (aka taxpayer)?
    Help me out here!

  8. So this COVID bug must not like L.A. County and California because it is so much worse there than Texas, Florida, and other states that have been open with no masks, not pushing the boosters, and no mandated vaccines. Perhaps it’s no the bug that hates L.A. County and California, it is your corrupt politicians and Health Services leaders. They will keep you under mandates and masks until you die because they don’t want you to realize the lies they are telling.

  9. I refuse to live my life in FEAR !
    When omicron came out ,
    the radio station with traffic and weather every ten minutes
    said the word omicron 27 times in 30 seconds.
    That is a problem.
    Fear mongering.

  10. Finally real and true Americans stood up to the long inaccurate reports about Covid19. Real public servants who swear by their job ethics and never be bought by the media and politicians with their own agendas.

  11. I wonder what tricks and evil deeds the “Liberal world order” is scheming up right now (they never stop). Trump to them is like sunshine to Nosferatu.

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