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San Francisco Mayor London Breed. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Maskless S.F. Mayor London Breed Caught at Indoor Jazz Club with Maskless Fans

Here’s a list of California politicians failing at their own political theater

By Katy Grimes, September 17, 2021 9:12 am

Yet another elected politician who has issued mask wearing and vaccination mandates has violated her own policy. “Music fans at San Francisco’s Black Cat nightclub in the Tenderloin, many of them maskless — including Mayor London Breed — were treated to a surprise reunion by one of the Bay Area’s most popular R&B acts on Wednesday, Sept. 15,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Yet another politician is failing at her own political theater. Mayor Breed has mandated “the wearing of well-fitted masks for all individuals, including fully vaccinated persons, Proof of full vaccination at restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters, and entertainment venues, gyms, recreation facilities, yoga studios, dance studios, and large indoor events and indoor mega events.”

Who can forget Salongate in September 2020 when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on security cameras visiting a San Francisco hair salon for a wash and blow-out, despite Gov. Gavin Newsom’s statewide business lockdown orders, and strict local ordinances specifically targeting hair and nail salon closures, as well as other “non-essential” businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom still has not lived down being caught mask-less attending a birthday dinner in November 2020 at the famed Michelin-starred restaurant, The French Laundry in Yountville, while he locked the state down, ordered businesses and schools closed, social distancing and mask mandates, California Globe reported.

Proving just how arbitrary his lock downs were, the governor allowed strip clubs and bath houses to remain open.

More recently, former President Barack Obama threw himself a huge 60th birthday bash at his Martha’s Vineyard estate, entertaining 300-400 guests, despite haranguing Americans to mask-up, get the vaccine and stay away from large events. The Daily Mail reported 74 people on Martha’s Vineyard tested positive for COVID-19 following the former President’s bash, which some have nicknamed “the Obama variant.”

A viral video was shared thousands of times in Late August of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a large Napa Valley Democrat fundraiser. Only the servers and waiters were wearing masks. “The footage appeared to show dozens of unmasked people seated elbow to elbow at long luncheon tables as Pelosi (D-Calif.) gave a speech and masked waiters ambled between the listeners,” the New York Post reported. Guests wined and dined while Pelosi spoke. They sat mask-less at long tables close to each other as masked waiters served them.

Stay home. Close your business. Avoid family and friends. Keep your kids home. No socializing. Wear a mask at all times. Those were the orders from California’s political class to the state’s residents last year. And keep your “non-essential” business closed.

London Breed also dined at the French Laundry, but it was the night after Newsom’s infamous, ill-advised, mid-pandemic soiree at the three-star Michelin restaurant in Yountville, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton last year violated state and county COVID-19 regulations when she hosted a wedding at her home. The dozens of people from different households violated local and state gathering laws, especially since Contra Costa County was being specifically monitored for higher COVID-19 rates in early August 2020.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo broke similar restrictions in November 2020 over a Thanksgiving meal when he spent Thanksgiving with 7 relatives from 5 households at an outdoor gathering in Saratoga, despite California Department of Public Health mandates prohibiting all gatherings with more than three households. “This is a private event – not public,” said Jim Reed, Liccardo’s Chief of Staff.  “We are going to redraw the line between what is personal and what is public because that line has become blurred.”

Even the strict total indoor and outdoor restaurant dining ban that stretched from November 2020 until January 2021 caught some notable violators like Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. The former Senator had no problem fear mongering earlier in the day: “This is a serious health emergency and we must take it seriously,” Kuehl said. “The servers are not protected from us, and they’re not protected from their other tables that they’re serving at that particular time, plus all the hours in which they’re working.” Keuhl was dining at a Santa Monica restraunt.

We learned last year gyms located inside of government buildings in San Francisco were kept open for months early in the lockdown, despite privately owned gyms and fitness centers ordered closed because of Gov. Newsom’s business lockdown over coronavirus.

Central Coast Congressional Candidate Andy Caldwell reported to the Globe during the same period of time in 2020, that the Santa Barbara Unified School District allowed the children of teachers and district employees to return to in-class learning, in a secret carve-out exemption at Franklin, McKinley, and other elementary schools in the district.

None of the politicians telling you to worry about coronavirus are actually worried about coronavirus; their actions tell us so. It is evident that politicians aren’t that concerned with COVID, but are interested in returning to life before lockdowns, masks and social distancing. But not for the people.

Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, after demanding people wear two masks, admitted in an interview recently with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos “even being a fully vaccinated person, the chances of my getting infected in an indoor setting is extremely low, and that’s the reason why in indoor settings now I feel comfortable about not wearing a mask because I’m fully vaccinated.”

“You’ve been vaccinated and you parade around in two masks for show. You can’t get it again,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said in a hearing to Fauci, calling Fauci’s masking and double masking “theater.”

“There’s virtually 0% percent chance you’re going to get it, and you’re telling people that have had the vaccine who have immunity — you’re defying everything we know about immunity by telling people to wear masks who have been vaccinated,” Paul said.

As for Mayor Breed, she “emphasized, however, that she tests for COVID-19 often and said ‘at the end of the day, everyone who comes in here has to show proof of vaccination. That gives me a lot of reassurance,’” the Chronicle reported.

“I’ve been very careful, not just because I want to set an example but because I don’t want to get COVID. I also want to make sure that I’m not someone transmitting COVID to other people,” she said. “This entire pandemic has been focused on keeping people safe.”

Never mind that her own orders require “well-fitted masks for all individuals, including fully vaccinated persons.”

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19 thoughts on “Maskless S.F. Mayor London Breed Caught at Indoor Jazz Club with Maskless Fans

  1. The list will continue to go on! I wonder if I could get away with the excuse of “I am very careful”? Do ya think the clerk at Trader Joes will go for that?????
    These are the very people who push the theory of asymptomatic spread!
    There is a virus going around alright, the elite mindset of “ I am better than you, I am smarter than you”, it seems to be real catchy!

    While everyone is focused on her outward hypocrisy, we should be focused on who she is socializing with. While SF is turning to sh*t, she is out with a self described marxist, Alicia Garza, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter. She trained under Hugo Chavez of Valenzuela. Garza is loud and proud about her marxist connections.
    I bet they have a lot to discuss and celebrate, masked or unmasked.

  2. Another great article Katy. Problem is the voters of this state keep electing and reelecting these DEMOCRATIC HYPOCRITES! Just look at Tuesday.

  3. A Modest Proposal: We need to start seeing some “stealth candidates” if no “Repub/Conservative can get elected in this state. Since the Dem/Marxists consistently only care about what something is CALLED, we need a candidate who calls himself a Democrat, a progressive, a “reformer,” someone who speaks the language of the left. Then the CA Dem/Leftists can vote him in, using all their bags of tricks and their election fraud and other nonsense to accomplish it, after which the new governor can start “reforming” for real: Cleaning up crime and homeless/vagrancy, managing the forests, shepherding reasonable energy and water policy, introducing “smart regulation-stripping,” etc. And if no one wants to try to pull this off, or thinks it can’t possibly be done, then I think at least it would make a great screenplay. In a parallel universe, that is. 🙂

    1. Perfect, thank you for posting the update. I had hoped Reiner Fullmich would soon have an update and here it is.
      Let’s hope this opens hearts and minds. He has been working hard to get to the truth.

  4. Articles like this don’t surprise me anymore. They no longer shock me. It is what the people voted for. Rules for thee and not for me is good for most people as long as they keep getting to live a life with free rent, free food, free healthcare, free everything, no work. There are far more free loaders than hard working middle class! How do you beat Democrats when they pay for votes, they pay for people to not work, be sheep just vote Democrat. It is frustrating for me because I was raised as an American you grow up, work hard, move up the ladder you chose! If you fail, you pick up and try again until you get it right. I am not familiar with turn 18, not work, get free healthcare, free rent, money to not shoot a gun, money to stay sober, money to go to therapy. I had no idea all my hard work would end up paying for the next generation to do nothing!

    1. Like Richard Hoard who seems to be visiting here far too often. The idiot doesn’t realize most people commenting/reading on Ca Globe HAVE A JOB or have retired from one!

  5. As with Climate Change, they don’t believe their own BS.

    Climate Change and Covid are about seizing money and power, citizen obedience training, transforming America into a one party state.

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