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In California’s major cities, homicides rose by roughly 17 percent in the last year. Homicides in Los Angeles reached their highest total in 15 years. (Photo: Eva Carre/Shutterstock)

Mayor and Governor Blame Gun Violence When 6 are Killed, 10 Injured in Downtown Sacramento Shooting

DA says she ‘will aggressively prosecute those responsible for these horrific crimes’

By Katy Grimes, April 3, 2022 10:21 am

Six people were killed and 10 were wounded in a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento late Saturday night/early Sunday, turning several blocks of the Capitol city into a massive crime scene, CBS 13 reported. Sacramento police spent the early hours of Sunday searching for the gunman.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s reaction was to blame guns.

“Rising gun violence is the scourge of our city, state and nation, and I support all actions to reduce it,” he said on Twitter.

If the driver of a Chevy Suburban ran down these 16 people, the media would report “SUV kills 6, injures 10.” Would Mayor Steinberg blame SUV violence?

Governor Gavin Newsom wasn’t any better: “Sadly, we once again mourn the lives lost and for those injured in yet another horrendous act of gun violence. Jennifer and I send our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and to the wider community impacted by this terrible tragedy.”

Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s statement was more appropriate: “This is a shocking tragedy in our community. We are in contact with the Sacramento Police Department and monitoring the investigation closely. We will aggressively prosecute those responsible for these horrific crimes.”

The guns didn’t shoot 16 people, the perpetrators did, and I’m willing to bet this isn’t their first brush with the law. DA Anne Marie Schubert gets that, and plans on prosecuting them.

One astute Twitter follower said this in response to Steinberg’s statement: “There’s a reason violent crime & gun violence rises in the City of Sacramento but NOT the County. Sheriff don’t play & thugs know they can do whatever in Steinberg’s Sacramento. #BackTheBlue #StopSoftonCrimeLiberals.

Another response pointed to soft-on-criminals policies: “Automatic weapons are already illegal, it’s called enforcement. Time to refund the traffic division as they were getting felons and illegal guns off the streets. Early release doesn’t appear to be working.”

The Globe has been reporting that California’s alarming cocktail of criminal justice “reforms” are responsible for the state’s ongoing crime wave. And the politicians ignore that they are responsible for these phony “reforms.” They are far from reforms and are instead unraveling California’s criminal justice laws, passed to keep the citizenry safe from criminals.

“California has implemented an alarming cocktail of criminal justice ‘reforms’ that are likely to lead to a major crime wave into 2016,” I wrote in the chapter on crime in James Lacy‘s Taxifornia 2016, for which I interviewed Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. She was instrumental in providing confirmation about the rising crime rate in Sacramento and California. I wrote:

“In 2014, California voters were sold on reforming the state’s drug laws with Proposition 47. However, the measure covered more crimes than non-violent drug offenders. Moreover, drug addicts are likely to get less treatment in the state’s drug courts because prosecutors have lost a bargaining chip in the plea process. Add to it the court-ordered prisoner releases as a part of the state’s prison realignment under the 2011 AB 109 law, and you have a state ripe for a surge in crime; such as what is already underway in Oakland, which even after Jerry Brown’s eight years on-the-scene as Mayor, the FBI still considers one of the most dangerous cities in America.”

This violent mass murder was preventable: Allow police to police and enforce. Stop the early releases from prison. Repeal Proposition 47, passed by misinformed voters in 2014, flagrantly titled “The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” which decriminalized drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor, removing law enforcement’s ability to make an arrest in most circumstances, as well as removing judges’ ability to order drug rehabilitation programs rather than incarceration. And perhaps the most obvious aspect of Prop. 47 on display today raised the theft threshold to $950 per location, per day, and bumped theft down to a misdemeanor from a felony.

And never forget these politicians who all have a recent hand in destabilizing California with their felonious legislation and policies: Gov. Gavin Newsom, former Senate President and current Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, former Oakland Mayor, California Attorney General and Gov. Jerry Brown, former Sen. President Don Perata, former Sen. President Kevin de Leon, former Senator and current Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, former Assembly Speaker John Perez, former Assembly Speaker and current Rep. Karen Bass, former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, Sen. President Toni Atkins, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Sen. Nancy Skinner, Sen. Scott Wiener, former Sen. Mark Leno, and former California Attorney General, former U.S. Senator and current Vice President Kamala Harris.

How can any of these politicians claim their criminal justice “reforms” are successful, unless today’s violent crime and anarchy was always the end goal? The horrific crime scene in downtown Sacramento this Sunday morning is evidence.

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21 thoughts on “Mayor and Governor Blame Gun Violence When 6 are Killed, 10 Injured in Downtown Sacramento Shooting

  1. GREAT, another horrific and wholly-preventable crime further devastating a city whose mayor absurdly tweets “thoughts and prayers against gun violence,” before merrily going on with his day, la la la la LA! Have a happy Sunday, Mayor Steinberg! Are you really that deaf, dumb, and blind? We desperately need new leadership in Sacramento and our other devastated cities, and FAST. We simply can’t go on like this.

    1. Showandtell, this is what continuously happens when voters keep electing democraps. Get rid of them and start with getting rid of Governor Climate Change.

      1. Oh I know it, John. Sigh. Today’s Dems ruin everything they touch. California’s seem even worse than the rest of the crowd. From your lips to God’s ears that we can vote out as many of them as possible. Maybe even this year, if we’re lucky.

  2. I watched a short video of people fighting before gunshots rang out and it appears this shooting may be gang related but we should not come to conclusions like some politicians are doing. Governor Climate Change never blames criminals for their actions. With all the thousands of felons he released from prison it would be interesting to know how many victims were created by those felons. Democraps support early release of criminals and by doing so support lawlessness and when the results are increases in crime they call for more gun control. Our state has the most strict gun laws in the country so if gun laws worked there would be no gun violence.

  3. It appears to be a gang-related shooting, and this happens when leftist politicians coddle criminals, embrace lawlessness, and blame firearms but not the perpetrators.

  4. This is hardly “shocking” as Mayor Steinberg asserts. It is 100% predictable given the tendency for violence among some groups. This is what happens (and will continue to happen) as long as:
    1) criminals get lenient sentencing, zero bail required, and get-out-of-jail early passes; and
    2) there is a pervasive (media & politically driven) disrespect and diminishing attitude towards law enforcement.

  5. This kind of violence has little to do with the type of weapon used. If not guns, the perpetrators would be using knives, bats, pick axes, or anything else that could be used to maim or kill, including vehicles.

  6. Another opportunity for the legislature to enact more ineffective gun laws that never prevent gun crime. To stop gun violence, criminals need to be prosecuted and incarcerated. Dems are soft on crime.

  7. No opinions required from those who have layers of taxpayer-funded protection. As Katy pointed out, it is the erosion of our laws, justice system, and defunding law enforcement. Time to increase concealed carry or enact open carry, so citizens have a fighting chance in dystopian California. I’m betting it wasn’t a registered legal gun, possibly gang-related, or even another orchestrated event to disarm Californians.

    1. Marilyn Midura, Fox News is reporting that one of the recovered weapons is a stolen gun. No way that any gun law would prevent illegal guns from being used.

  8. Never figured my reverse alchemist joke name for ze Peeples Republik, “The Leaden State,” meant bullets on a scale like this. Our political “leadership” is useless. As said above, thugs don’t go into the rural areas. They know where the picking are easy.

  9. My sister-in-law purchased a Glock for self-protection. I would advise her and anyone else who is thinking about it, to consider THIS before doing so: Be 100% SURE that you are WILLING to pull the trigger to shoot and possible kill someone. Otherwise, let law enforcement handle the situation. If you are not 100% sure, then you are placing yourself and anyone around you in mortal danger if confronted with a do-or-die situation. In a confrontation, the one who hesitates often loses. You can’t know what the other person is thinking. Just showing your weapon could trigger a violent response. In the military there are rules of engagement. On the streets, no such rules apply. Training is key but, again, the burden falls on the shoulders of the law-abiding gun owner. The criminals don’t care.

  10. End law enforcement, let criminals out of jail and then use the resulting chaos to demand that law abiding people give up their only protection.

    The real arch criminal is Noisome.

  11. Guns don’t kill, people do. Gun laws only restrict the responsible gun owner, they have no effect on illegal, stolen guns held by criminals out on bail. What will it take for politicians to realize criminals don’t buy guns or register them? Soft on crime DA’s should be ashamed. I bet if they lost a loved one due to a freed criminal from their policies, things would be different.

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