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Downed tree in Wm. Land Park, Jan. 2023. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

More ‘Bomb Cyclones’ Hit Northern California, Record Rain, Snow

Gov. Newsom and his appointees call this ‘extreme weather’ and the obvious result of ‘climate change’

By Katy Grimes, January 9, 2023 6:02 pm

As we wrote last week, the California Sierra snowpack is already at 177% of normal, thanks to recent storms and the “Bomb Cyclone” hitting Northern California. Statewide, the average snow-water equivalent is 17.1 inches — 174% of the historical average.

California has been hit by several more storms – “bomb cyclones” – and it’s chaos in the Capitol City and Northern California. KCRA 3 reports, “Tens of thousands of people across Northern California are dealing with continued power outages on Monday, as heavy rain and strong winds caused issues on roadways but spared the region from widespread devastation.”

Winds gusted near 50 mph in the morning – not as bad as the 65 mph winds last week, but enough to keep most residents up all night worried about falling trees and limbs.

Of course, Gov. Newsom and his appointees call this “extreme weather” and the obvious result of “climate change.” Most know that even in California, this is winter weather, albeit a lot of winter weather at one concentrated time.

SacBee weather report, Jan. 9, 2023.

This is all part of an atmospheric river event that’s bringing more heavy rain and snow to the state and Sierra Nevada Mountains over the next week. Meteorologists say there are several more storms coming in the days and week ahead.

However, media and state officials can’t let a crisis go to waste and keep warning that we aren’t out of the drought yet – even with 20 inches of rain in only a couple of weeks. “While we see a terrific snowpack and that in and of itself is an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief, we are by no means out of the woods when it comes to the drought,” Karla Nemeth, the state Department of Water Resources Director said last week.

With more reports of flash flooding in creeks and rivers, and ongoing heavy rain, Nemeth’s statement seems patently ridiculous.

Remember, droughts are naturally occurring; water shortages are created by government.

What has made this storm event different is the amount of wind – 65 miles per hour registered at Sacramento International Airport.

Power outages have lasted days, and Sunday 350,000 Sacramento region residents were without power.

William Land Park, Sacramento’s large regional park within the city looks as if a cat 5 hurricane blasted through. The 9-hole gold course has lost so many trees, it isn’t playable at the moment. However, golfers are tickled to see some of their nemeses gone on certain holes.

Downed tree in Wm. Land Park, Jan. 2023. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

And the State is still letting water out of our partially filled reservoirs. Folsom Lake is 47% of capacity, Oroville is 40%, Shasta is 37% and Nimbus is 82%. The state reservoirs are designed to hold and supply water to the state for last 7 years, but not if the state drains the reservoirs.

Wade Crowfoot, California Natural Resources Secretary, posted a video on Twitter with safety recommendations for dealing with the storms. But he also claimed “these atmospheric rivers are supercharged by climate change.”

Only a couple of years ago California state bureaucrats were warning of global warming – despite that more crops are grown in warmer climates because scientists say increased carbon dioxide levels likely help vegetation to flourish; and there are far less cold weather-induced deaths.

Now it’s atmospheric rivers and bomb cyclones (phrases created in California universities I am told).

We know that weather patterns change, sometimes for many years. We know there was an ice age. But as Copenhagen Consensus Centre President Bjorn Lomborg notes in a Twitter post, when telling stories of past climate change, almost the entire focus is on catastrophe, even though most cultures tackled their problems and were resilient. Lomborg, an environmentalist, says the reality is we are being “misled” on climate change because they want to “scare us” into spending “trillions of dollars.”

“In the long run we should find a way to avoid fossil fuels and find cheaper green energy, but we’re not there yet,” Mr Lomborg told Sky News host Andrew Bolt, Watts Up With That recently posted.

Lomborg also said while global warming is a real issue, scaring kids and adults witless isn’t good, nor is it fixing anything. Lomborg said the scare tactics are paving the way for forced reparations – a redistribution of wealth of trillions annually from wealthier individuals and countries to undeveloped countries – rich countries giving handouts to poorer developing countries.

Lomborg also says the only way developing countries will develop is not with handouts of cash, but with “lots and lots of fossil fuels – lots of cheap energy, just as we did.”

Instead, the Western World including the United States, led by California, is driving oil and gas energy right out of business without having a viable replacement. Lomborg says we need to ramp up the use of abundant energy sources while we further develop greener alternatives. And he is a nuclear power proponent.

Remember when all of the city buses advertised “Clean Natural Gas Powered?” I sure do.

Someone operating on YouTube under Metro Transit Archives even posted this 2008 video of a Sacramento Regional Transit Orion 07.501 Next Generation CNG #2832. The author notes 2832 is one of 100 Orion VII NGs purchased by Regional Transit in 2008.

Sacramento Regional Transit made a big deal out of the CNG buses, and they did indeed burn much cleaner.

Most of us accept that clean air solutions are ever evolving. And as Bjorn Lomborg says, there is climate change and the goal is to find cleaner fuels, but we aren’t there yet.

Calling our weather by dangerous sounding names to scare the people, and then claiming because of climate change we have these storms is just wicked.


Downed trees in Wm. Land Park, Jan. 2023. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)
Downed tree in Wm. Land Park, Jan. 2023. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)
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22 thoughts on “More ‘Bomb Cyclones’ Hit Northern California, Record Rain, Snow

  1. Newsom and Democrats will blame the climate change scam that was previously known as global warming scam? They will ignore history that these types of storm systems have happened regularly to CA for thousands of years? They’ll claim that higher taxes and more laws are needed to control the weather? No doubt they’ll allow almost all of that potable H20 to run out into the Pacific ocean?

  2. Wow, with all those “bomb cyclone” storm systems (aka rain storms) hitting California, maybe someone should build an ark? But because it’s California, Democrats will demand that it be filled with same sex animals?

  3. I think it is unconscionable that water is STILL being released into the ocean. The central valley will need the water for farming and ranching. I guess this summer we will be guilted into 3 minute showers, minimal lawn watering and no swimming.
    Again, one can only conclude the water shortage is purposeful.

  4. “Bomb cyclones” and “atmospheric rivers” ! But the biggest prediction of the climate alarmists and climate dooms dayers is the year 2013! Yes 2013 all you “climate deniers”! 2013 is the year when all the Arctic ice will melt and never come back flooding coastal cities like Miami, San Francisco with their streets flooded with fifteen feet of water or more! Long Island NY will be completely submerged! This is predicted by more than 98% of all scientists WORLDWIDE in 2013! They also predict a “MEGA FLOOD” in the Central Valley of California that will run from the Oregon border to the Mexican border with twenty feet of water from border to border! I hope the Arctic ice melt and the MEGA FLOOD don’t both happen in 2013 or we will see the new West Coast in Reno Nevada and the peak of Mount Whitney in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! We need to get to higher ground before 2013! We are doomed!

      1. Thanks Cali Girl, I have not checked out that site in a while. They have a lot of good reading there with a lot of facts on the climate change hoax.

          1. Jack Hellner has a good article on the climate hoax in today’s American Thinker.

      2. P.S. Cali Girl and John: We have to remember in all of this that the bad guys have NEVER been willing to engage in a debate about the “science” of so-called man-made global warming or man-made climate change. They have ALWAYS relied on scare tactics and propaganda in elementary schools and elsewhere to exaggerate, dramatize, and push this stuff. So we have to keep that in mind when pushing back on it. Facts don’t matter to them. As you know……

  5. When you let the Green Weenies start messing with the climate, you never know what side effects they may cause.
    Stop playing with the climate as if you understand it. You don’t!

  6. BTW, Folsom and Nimbus dams (near Sacramento) are flood control reservoirs, not water storage. The North Fork and South Fork of the American rivers must handle all of the snowmelt from the central Sierras. So they measure the water content of the snow vs the “size” of the snowpack and then decide the storage capacity needed to keep control during the spring thaw.
    That is why in the olden days Sacramento and large parts of the Sacramento Valley flooded.

  7. The effort by our “ruling class” to politicize the weather in order to weaken us IS wicked. We know “climate change” and “global warming” are being expanded as the next wave of scaremongering in hopes of further weakening not only California but the U.S. Perhaps the damage done by all-things-Covid didn’t do the trick to the extent these people had hoped. We’ll see, but if so, that is good news and should be regarded as a victory. Recognizing that all of this has been purposeful is half the battle, or so it seems. Most apparently do not recognize it. But those who do see it must continue to speak up about what we see, in as persuasive a way as we can manage to do.

    1. Showandtell, H.L. Mencken had all of this figured out in the 1930’s:

      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

      and –

      “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it …”

  8. It’s sad to see that some of the old growth trees have fallen in William Land Park? Many of us native Sacramentans have fond memories of visiting the park with our families before Democrats allowed criminals and the homeless to take it over.

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