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Sen. Dave Min. (Photo: sd37.sen.ca.gov)

More Details Emerge From Senator Dave Min’s DUI Arrest

Min was driving without headlights on, ran through a red light before his arrest

By Evan Symon, May 3, 2023 5:57 pm

More details on Senator Dave Min’s Tuesday night DUI emerged Wednesday afternoon, revealing that he had, amongst other things, gone through red lights before his arrest.

According to the Capitol Protection Section of the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Senator Min (D-Orange County) was driving a Toyota Camry through Sacramento after 10 P.M. At 10:23 P.M., the CHP observed Min go south on Ninth Street just north of S Street without headlights on. Following him, they then witnessed him go past a red light at 9th Street and Broadway before finally pulling him over at Riverside and Broadway.

“The officers followed the vehicle to 9th St. at Broadway where they observed the vehicle stop at a red light momentarily but then proceed into the intersection while the light remained red,” the CHP said in a statement.

The officers proceeded to conduct a DUI test on Min. However, he failed, and he was arrested on suspicion of driving with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit of 0.08%. This was later confirmed, with Min then being formally charged with a DUI misdemeanor, arrested, and sent to Sacramento County Jail. On Wednesday morning the Senator was then subsequently released.

“Officers pulled over Min and noticed signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication,” the CHP said. “He was placed under arrest after officers determined that he was over the legal limit.”

Min’s actions brought forth much scrutiny on Wednesday, with reactions ranging from “disappointed” to wanting him to either resign and/or drop out of the Congressional 2024 race.

Senate Democrats expressed disappointment on Wednesday, but would not say if Min would be dropped from party backing or if he would be facing disciplinary measures for his DUI.

Statements on Min’s DUI

“Like Senator Min, we’re disappointed in his actions, but pleased that he’s taken responsibility and apologized,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) in a statement.

Republicans lambasted the Senator’s action on Tuesday night, calling into question Min’s judgement and if Democrats in the state will do anything about it.

“Voters will rightfully question David Min’s judgement after this incident, but will California Democrats?,” asked National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokesman Ben Petersen in a statement on Wednesday.

Many also pointed out that Min is now a hypocrite, after previously chiding drunk driving incidents in his District, such as one tragic incident from December 2020. He has now removed these Tweets.

Many constituents, meanwhile, were outraged by Senator Min’s actions, especially those who have been a victim, or had loved ones who were victims, of DUI incidents.

“I’ve been a Democrat forever and I’ve voted for Porter here since she first ran for the House,” said Maria, a constituent in Min’s District who lost her brother in a drunk driving incident several years ago. “I was even planning on voting for Min. But I just can’t now. I’d rather see some Republican [candidate] win than him representing me. I know how they always say that it’s a mistake and their human, but those words mean nothing when you’ve lost someone.”

“I lost my brother when a drunk driver, just over the legal limit, went into the oncoming lane and hit him head on. You never forget that and a part of you dies when that happens. I hope Min drops out now and someone better takes his place on the Democratic ticket. Because if he runs, every Democrat in his District who have been affected by DUIs will not be backing him at the very least. How dare he run after this.”

Malik Griffin, a Los Angeles polling analyst, added, “Min’s over under in the race just dropped sharply. It will be hard for him to recover after this. A lot of people in his district, Democrat and Republican, are really upset over this.”

More details of the DUI, as well as further statements by Min, are expected soon.

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20 thoughts on “More Details Emerge From Senator Dave Min’s DUI Arrest

  1. Hmmm, sounds like he is now qualified for the Biden Administration in the Transportation Department.

    1. Absolutely! And if you drive sober, with your lights on, and stop at red lights you are probably a RACIST! Just ask Mayor Pete!

      1. It’s not just racist, but white privilege. Only whitey can afford to have working lights on his car, and have the extra free time to actually stop at a red light. And being sober means that life is so good that you don’t need to drink drive, and that’s because you have free time to sober up at home and not rush rush to your numerous non-living wage jobs

  2. Democrat Senator Dave Min previously announced that he’ll run for Katie Porter’s 47th District congressional seat in Orange County. He’s a lawyer with a law degree from Harvard and he was the Senate Banking Committee Counsel for New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer. He’s more than likely a deep-state CCP and WEF minion who will push the globalist agenda? He’s another one of those Democrats that go from one political office to another while enriching themselves and being a burden on taxpayers? Maybe this DUI will prevent him from running for office again, but don’t count on it with him being a lawless Democrat?

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