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Jenin Younes and Adam Creighton at NCLA conference. (Photo: screen capture, youtube)

NCLA Explains Why ‘Voluntary’ Vaccine Passport Programs Are Coercive

‘The mandate itself completely undermines trust in public health’

By Katy Grimes, July 2, 2021 11:59 am

The Globe this week attended a panel discussion by the New Civil Liberties Alliance and a panel of experts to discuss vaccine passports. With California Gov. Gavin Newsom continuing to claim he isn’t requiring vaccine passports in the state, he has instituted a Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record at a state website called “MyVaccineRecord.ca.gov. This is a serious topic with private sector and public sector employers, and public schools and universities.

The NCLA asked the experts two questions:

(1) may the government lawfully compel citizens to take a new, experimental vaccine? and;

(2) does New York’s vaccine passport program, which purports to be voluntary, constitute government compulsion?

The second question pertains to any city or state considering imposing a vaccine passport program.

The discussion covered the legality of vaccine passports, impacts on public health, privacy, and economic implications of such programs, as well as the variety of legitimate reasons a citizen might have for rejecting this attempt at government-sponsored coercion.

NCLA Litigation Counsel Jenin Younes was joined by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, epidemiologist and professor of medicine at Stanford University, and director of Stanford’s Center for Demography and Economics of Health and Aging; Phil Magness, Director of Research & Education at the American Institute for Economic Research; Naomi Wolfe, journalist and author of the book “The Beauty Myth”; and Adam Creighton, former economics editor and current Washington correspondent for The Australian.

What are vaccine passports? 

This is both a public and private policy issue since the rollout of the vaccine, Phil Magness said. A vaccine passport is a pass to access the daily life we knew before the pandemic, he explained. He likened it to airport security prior to the terrorist attacks on the U.S. September 11, 2001, and the rollout of the Transportation Security Association’s takeover of airports. “Are airports more secure since 9/11?” he asked. Not necessarily, but it was government overreaching into a previously more private sector function.

“This [vaccine passports] may be a way to calm down the hysterics,” Magness added.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya addressed it differently. “One relevant point is the fear drummed up by the CDC,” he said, noting that fear is not just a response to the vaccine but a policy response by government to a problem that doesn’t exist.”It’s a balance of risks.”

“For children, COVID is much much less deadly,”  Bhattacharya said. He asked rhetorically, “Does it [vaccine] stop the spread of the disease? We don’t know yet. But it’s not a tool to bring the [COVID] numbers to zero. And a vaccine passport is not a guarantee you won’t get COVID.”

“If the goal of the passport is to reduce fear in people, I don’t think it serves that purpose entirely,” Bhattacharya added.

NCLA Litigation Counsel Jenin Younes said as for our Constitutional rights being set aside, they have to show “compelling government interest.”

“Legal balance has to be struck,” Phil Magness said. “And the spector of government overreach needs to be addressed.”

Bhattacharya said the COVID vaccine does not benefit children. And he added that the government cannot use the same argument to mandate the COVID vaccine as the Small Pox vaccine, which was deadly. “What intent does the state have in mandating in older people?” he asked. “Health intervention,” he said, but added that this vaccine needs a distinction from the MMR or Small Pox vaccines.

“The mandate itself completely undermines trust in public health,” Bhattacharya said. “Like ‘if the government is forcing me, then what’s wrong with it?'”

“It’s perverse,” Bhattacharya added. “Why not just trust the public like adults? Tell them ‘here are the benefits and risks, here’s what it will do.’ That is the best way to get people to vaccinate when it makes sense.”

“In the past with Small Pox and Polio and horrible diseases, you haven’t had to make vaccines mandatory,” Adam Creighton said. “People volunteered to get them. The mandate is for those 30% who just don’t want to take the vaccine. Why bother forcing 30% if 60% to 70% take the vaccine? That’s herd immunity.”

Younes brought up the legal perspective of coercing people into getting a vaccine for the benefit of other people, when a disease doesn’t pose a risk to them. “You have the right to refuse the vaccine without having your Constitutional rights restricted because you didn’t want to get the vaccine.”

As for mandating that children must be vaccinated in the fall before going back to school, Bhattacharya said “this is deeply, deeply unethical. My calculation is that the vaccine is not that good for children. There’s almost no benefit to children. And Everybody agrees with that,” he added. “…Maybe the CDC Director might disagree.”

“In that context, you’re just denying children the right to go to school,” he said. “Why would you do that? It’s much more harmful for them to skip school, like the last year and a half in California.”

“Are we going to compound that with another year of missed school for kids whose parents say rationally ‘my kids are not going to benefit from this [vaccine]. Why force them to take it?'” Bhattacharya asked.

“It’s a deeply unethical thing to do,” Bhattacharya said. “We’ve already undermined trust in public education in the country with the policies many of the states have adopted. This will just further that problem.”

There was additional discussion about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s disturbing role, flip flopping on policy, as well as his involvement in the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980’s, which was handled very differently. While Fauci and some in public health wanted to order the closure of nightclubs and gay bars, restrict travel and issue passports for people to prove they didn’t have HIV in the 1980’s, it did not happen. “But the impulse was there,” Adam Creighton said. “It seems we had greater respect for individual rights in the 1980’s than we do now.”

Creighton noted, “Some of the same public health officials pushing this alarmism today were front and center pushing it back in 1983. It’s a retrograde slide we’ve taken in our concern for civil liberties.”

The entire very interesting panel discussion is on the New Civil Liberties Alliance youtube channel, and below:


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16 thoughts on “NCLA Explains Why ‘Voluntary’ Vaccine Passport Programs Are Coercive

  1. “Fauci and some in public health wanted to order the closure of nightclubs and gay bars, restrict travel and issue passports for people to prove they didn’t have HIV in the 1980’s, it did not happen. “But the impulse was there,” ”

    Exactly! The collective memory is so short.
    People don’t remember that Fauci was in the lead on the HIV issue back in the 1980s and he is using the same play book today. Confine and coerce. He rejected therapeutics back then for AIDS in favor of a vaccine and recommended that everyone prove they didn’t have it in order to be able to enjoy their lives. The vaccine never materialized. People have been leading happy productive lives ever since.
    Fauci was benched back then but since federal employees are next to immortal, he managed to hang around until the Covid scare when he was able to get traction on his draconian perspective.
    Fauci has been living his public health dream – shutting people down unless they can prove they aren’t sick or vaccinated – or better yet – both! Stay home even if you are vaccinated. Wear two masks even if you are vaccinated. The world will never be safe enough for Fauci. There will never be a population he doesn’t want to confine and coerce.
    And just a quick on line Google search about mRNA technology reveals that the side effects with heart enlargement and other migrating effects that we are seeing now are the same as back when it was originally trotted out. You can inject the mRNA but you can’t control what it does once it gets in the body. The technology was shelved back then because the side effects were untenable and it lost its funding. But now for some reason its ok to haul that faulty experimental technology back out and mandate that the general public be your testing pool.
    What kind of world have we become when we would allow this modern Mengele to spring his rejected ideology and dangerous treatments on our families for a virus that has been shown to be a danger to only a fraction of the population and the rest of us have little to do with the spread of it and nothing to fear from it.
    This insanity must stop.

      1. Mainly Democrats take vaccines.
        But people should keep far away from vaccinated people until they die in 2-3 years, as with the test animals They are walking bioweapons factories spreading spike proteins of death.

  2. Remaining California Serfs
    The medical passport is a glide path to implementation of digital currency….which…..will take your money privacy and use choices away while life saving medical care access will be kaput.

  3. Covid isn’t: Small Pox, Malaria, Bubonic Plague, 1918 Spanish Flu or AIDS. Those were real pandemics. Regulations and government reaction to Covid are social engineering, period. The infection rate data are lies because the testing methodology is flawed. Covid death rates are much bigger lies. As I previously posted on CG, the second Covid “death” in my county was a 96 year-old woman who was ALREADY in Hospice. The third Covid “death” was a 77 year old man who had a massive heart attack and died in the emergency room. Someone posted that on one day in New York City ALL reported deaths were attributed to Covid. That information conveniently disappeared from the internet. I still see brainwashed idiots driving alone with masks on, or having their 5 year-olds wear masks. Children that age are 99.997% immune from Covid. Joseph Goebbels is laughing his ass off in his grave.

    1. ……. until you personally know someone close to you that had a tube down their throat for a week. Two months later, she is still recovering. However, she was lucky she didn’t have to have a lung transplant.

      1. I’m sorry for the person you know who became seriously ill. I don’t know anything about that person or their general health, etc. My girlfriend and I collectively know hundreds of people, friends, relatives, business and political acquaintances. Out of all those people I know one person who tested positive and was moderately sick for three days. My girlfriend knows one person with the same outcome. I refuse to take the untested protein spike for reasons articulated below and I am appalled at the devastating effects the restrictions have inflicted on our society. I have multiple college degrees, two of them in scientific fields. I’m also old enough to have honorary degrees in skepticism and BS detection. It’s almost impossible at this point in history to find any information that isn’t biased, tainted or outright lies.

  4. If you don’t want the vaccine, great. Good for you. However, I’ve had the Moderna vaccine and I choose to be around people that have also had the vaccine. I feel safer that way because there is still a 5% chance I could catch Covid 19. I have the right to take those actions I deem necessary to protect my own safety. Don’t take away my right to safety because you don’t want to take the vaccine.

    1. Exactly
      You are responsible for your own safety
      That is whats missing from this discussion
      Personal responsibility
      I choose my risk
      You choose yours

  5. There is evidence that vaccinated people are dangerous to pregnant women. The design of the vaccine promotes miscarriage’s and people that have had the so-called vaccine shed spike proteins that are know to cause spontaneous miscarriages!

    1. CW ….. if that’s a possibility then women who believe they are pregnant or about to be, shouldn’t probably get the vaccine. Of course they shouldn’t be exposing themselves to Covid in public either. Just quarantine and everything will be OK.

  6. Would you mind checking OPENVAERS.COM for the latest data on the experimental mRNA vaccinations? As of June 25, there have been 6,985 deaths in the USA from C19 injections, representing about 1% of reported deaths. Then you have the thousands temporarily and permanently injured from the C19 injections. These so-called COVID 19 “vaccinations” received suspicious emergency FDA authorization and are NOT FDA approved. In my opinion, the FDA is bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry and has no credibility. It’s well known that it takes years for a traditional vaccine to be developed to make sure humans are safe. These mRNA C19 “vaccines” only had a few months of study before it was allowed to be used on humans with no prior animal studies to ensure it was safe for children, adults, pregnant women, people with diseases, and the list goes on. If you read the C19 informed consent forms and liability waivers you must sign to receive the experimental injections, it clearly states that it MAY prevent C19 but fail to provide a risk assessment.

    1. Yes, younger children are 99.997% immune from Covid because of extremely high T-cell counts and other factors. Nevertheless, non-scientific elected officials deemed it necessary for every one of them to miss an entire year of education. Again, I can’t help but think of Joseph Goebbels.

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