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George Gascón. (Photo: Youtube)

Newly Elected DA George Gascón Promises to Oppress LA’s Law Abiding Citizens

‘Expect that there will be a change in our organizational structure’

By Katy Grimes, December 8, 2020 2:10 am

Newly elected Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón is the architect of Proposition 47 which largely decriminalized theft and drug crimes by reducing those crimes and a number of other “non-violent” felonies to misdemeanors; and Prop. 57, which allows early release for “non-violent offenders,” including rape by intoxication of an unconscious person, human trafficking involving a sex act with minors, arson causing great bodily harm, drive-by shooting, assault with a deadly weapon, and hostage taking.

These are so-called criminal justice reforms according to Gascón.

Billionaire oligarch George Soros funded more than $2.5 million of George Gascón’s race for Los Angeles District Attorney. And that funding guaranteed his win against incumbent DA Jackie Lacey.

Gascón was also endorsed by Gov. Gavin Newsom who appointed Gascón San Francisco District Attorney, even with no prosecutorial experience. Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris was also a supporter.

In a statement on his first day, newly elected and freshly sworn-in District Attorney George Gascón said this:

“The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office will advance an effective, ethical and racially equitable system of justice that protects the community, restores victims of crime, and honors the rights of the accused.  We are a learning organization that believes in reduced incarceration and punishment except in circumstances in which it is proportional, in the community’s interest, and serves a rehabilitative or restorative purpose.” 

Gascón is wasting no time implementing the same processes and procedures which turned San Francisco into a sh*thole city, whose residents and businesses are now fleeing in droves.

Didn’t California voters just reject eliminating cash bail in the November election? Yes.  And Gascón says the revolving door in LA County jails is because those convicted criminals need mental health and drug treatment… so letting them out is the answer? They may certainly need mental health and drug treatment, but Gascon doesn’t say how or where this will take place.

He speaks in platitudes, mostly talking about “what-ifs.” The inmates and criminals in LA are jumping for joy.

Aren’t most of LA’s (and the state’s) homeless these very people, who weren’t and still aren’t receiving any drug, alcohol and mental health treatment?

Am I missing something here?

A law enforcement friend jokingly suggested, “you’re missing insanity from your view.”

“How about enhancements?  SO, when a woman gets raped at gun point and suffers great bodily injury, current law rightfully gives extra punishment.”

“This is why blanket rules really don’t work…every case is different.”

“Last week, a guy decapitated two of his children…so, what if that murderer was only 17 and did that?  You are going to call him a “Kid” and not prosecute him as an adult and let him out at 25?”

Here is everything Gascon said:

“I want to reiterate that we are a learning organization.  To facilitate communication and the free exchange of ideas we will be instituting mechanisms so that–in an office as large as ours–our standing and evolution as a learning organization isn’t just dictated by those in leadership, but also by those on the line doing this work. 

For those interested, I wanted to offer an optional reading list that I believe provides insight into my approach. It’s not a complete list but the following are books I believe to be particularly helpful and compelling: 

  1. “Charged.” Written by Emily Bazalon. Discusses the role of prosecutors in relation to mass incarceration, and where we go from here.  
  2. “Punishment Without Crime.” Written by Alexandra Natapoff. Highlights ways in which the misdemeanor system perpetuates an unequal justice system.  
  3. “Bleeding Out.” Written by Thomas Abt. Discusses the seriousness of urban violence, what we are able to do about it, and why we must. 
  4. “Just Mercy.” Written by Bryan Stevenson. The most famous book on this list, one that tells the intimate story of a wrongful conviction, and one man’s resolve to fight the case.  
  5. “Bedlam.” By Kenneth Paul Rosenberg. Traces the decline of State Mental Institutions and the disastrous impact on the modern criminal justice system.  

Gascón continued:

Importantly, I have also attached to this email seven special directives that go into effect tomorrow, December 8, 2020.  They are as follows: 

  • SD 20-06: Pretrial Release  
  • SD 20-07: Misdemeanor Reform  
  • SD 20-08: Sentence Enhancements/Allegations 
  • SD 20-09: Youth Justice  
  • SD 20-10: HABLIT 
  • SD 20-11: Death Penalty  
  • SD 20-12: Victim Services  
  • SD 20-13: Conviction Integrity Unit 
  • SD 20-14: Resentencing

“These policies are, by any measure, major departures from how this office has approached this work previously. We are, at least in part, in the business of gauging future human risk.  It is not an exact science, but the available science, data and research tells us that excessive sentences exacerbate recidivism and claim more victims in the future. I know there is pressure in our profession to seek the maximum sentence possible in order to ensure you will not be blamed if a defendant recidivates in the future.  Know that I will never blame you for seeking appropriate alternatives to incarceration, even if an intervention fails.   

Finally, I know many of you are wondering what these changes mean for you personally and professionally.  You can expect that there will be a change in our organizational structure but that will not happen until some time early next year.  In the days ahead we will be sending out a survey to more fully understand our strengths and weaknesses, and to get a sense of your personal interests.”

Once all of the election anomalies are worked out, it will be interesting to see just how many Los Angelinos voted for Gascon.

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13 thoughts on “Newly Elected DA George Gascón Promises to Oppress LA’s Law Abiding Citizens

  1. Are our elections in California a complete farce? There is no way a majority of the voters in LA county want what this guy is selling. Was it vote harvesting, or something more sinister that made him DA. Job one for any and all of my elected officials is keeping my family safe. I don’t see that anywhere on his list of priorities.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly with PDR and John Dibble. Even in L.A. County voters did not legitimately vote for this guy. This D.A.’s race in 2020 was different from past races in that it was highly publicized and Gascon came right out and said what he wanted and was going to do. He didn’t hide behind a “moderate” mask.

    Don’t forget that, in an unusual move, the San Francisco Police Union went so far as to CONTRIBUTE to Jackie Lacey’s campaign fund and went out of their way to warn us what was in store for us should Gascon be elected, and it was from their own experience with that maniac D.A. Chesa Boudin. There is no way that real voters in L.A. County voted themselves a hellscape under a brutal dictatorship. This has the stink of BLM-and-related cheating all over it.

    So yes, we all look forward to seeing what actually happened when (if) voting anomalies are sorted out. The problem is what percentage of the voter rolls have “legitimate” registered voters on them, courtesy of how much of what used to be cheating is now legal in CA? E.g., same-day registration without I.D., Dem ballot harvesting, and of course the list goes on. Yes, L.A. County uses Dominion machines (which was also well-publicized before the election), a.k.a. Smartmatic, but it probably wasn’t just the crooked machines that won it for this Gascon character.

  3. Voting for initiatives do not matter unless it agrees with the state — FASCISM is here already — California only does what the gov’t dictates — what people vote for does not matter look at newsom he suspended death penalty as it was voted on by the people!!! wake up! CA is not a “democracy” nor part of the “republic” its operating like its own country with deals with China, remember Gov Brown called China cities CA sisters. Newsom struck a deal for billions with china…..its time to realize politicians are selling out to foreign countries led by China

  4. No more enhancements.

    Does that mean no more charging people by using hate crime laws? Those laws only purpose is for enhancements.

  5. Soros is joined at the hip with the voter fraud people. His whole evil plan for world domination hinges on voter fraud and fixed elections. I think Trump is going to take him out in his next term.

  6. And that my friends is why I’m leaving California. Should be gone by the end of March when my new home in Nevada will be completed.

    A 9.3% pay increase since I won’t be paying California Income Tax, electricity is cheap where we are moving that required solar is not needed.

    With being retired and owning a RV, we plan on traveling around the Country but with all of these stupid DAs, Board of Supervisors, and City Councils, our places to visit list has been replaced with a “PLACES TO AVOID” list.

  7. This is how the dirty DNC machine works, and has worked for decades. When the DNC gets you elected you do what they say. They own you, and you will obey them and not the voters, since the voters are not the ones who get them elected. If you do not obey they will replace you with someone who does what they say regardless of how society is affected. With soros, china and others involved, their list of evil masters holding their chain is even greater.

  8. Gascon has proven himself to be an out of touch Moron. He ruined San Francisco and now vows to ruin Los Angeles. What stupid Voters in Los Angeles County voted for this clown? I blame the voters in this city and this state. They are reason this state is now in the Toilet bowl. Shame on the ignorant voters of California who continue to vote in the imbeciles who ruin our once beautiful state. …. these are the same Voters who have so much money they actually Leave California in Ruin and then bring their stupid voter record to other states only to ruin those states. They are so ignorant they can’t even connect the dots that they are responsible for our demise & residents of other states do NOT want them moving into their state. We are all planning on how to get the hell out of here… We Can’t stand it anymore… The House of Cards will fall and I don’t want to be here anymore to watch the absolute destruction of one of the most beautiful states there ever was to Live in until the Liberal Progressives took over and burned the house down. Gascon will be the Demise of an already compromised Los Angeles. The City of
    Angels just sold their Soul to the DEVIL!!

  9. This is more evidence, if you need any, that the #DemParty favors criminals over law abiding American citizens.

    I was going to say LA County voters did this to themselves, but with the total lack of election integrity in CA, that may not be so.

  10. In agreement with everyone here.
    One more thing I despise about gascon : every media outlet spells his name with that stupid apostrophe over the “o”

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