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Newsom out-of-state abortion ad (Photo: Gavin Newsom Twitter page)

Newsom Places Ads For New California Abortion Website in Seven Red States

‘This is the action of a politician playing up the divisions of the country, and that’s not right’

By Evan Symon, September 16, 2022 2:30 am

Governor Gavin Newsom continued his out of state advertising on Thursday by placing billboards promoting California’s new abortion care website for non-Californians in seven states.

In the last few months, Newsom had directly gone after other states based on their policies, but only one or two at the same time. During the July 4th weekend, Newsom bought cable ads in Florida promoting California while noting non-friendly LGBT, abortion, and other subjects in the Sunshine state. While many Floridian politicians immediately went after Newsom, the Governor received a lot of media attention for the ad stunt. Later that month, Newsom bought full-page ads in some of the largest newspapers in Texas going after their heartbeat abortion law and their gun safety record, specifically following the then-recent Uvalde school shooting. Again, while widely decried, it garnered Newsom a lot of press.

Last month Newsom then switched gears and went after both Georgia and Oklahoma in Variety, making the case to bring back TV and movie productions to California from those states by highlighting new credits while also putting down states for numerous troubling laws, with abortion being the main one.

Thursday’s unveiling of billboards continued on this trend. Billboards in Indiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas feature a woman in handcuffs next to text saying “[State] doesn’t own your body. You do.” followed by the new Californian abortion website abortion.CA.gov. Variants include billboards with the same wording but with text only and ads featuring a worried looking woman next to text saying “Need an abortion? California is ready to help. Learn more at abortion.CA.gov” followed by a bible verse from Mark 12:31.

Newsom noted on Thursday in a tweet that the ads were to explain how women could get abortion care in “anti-freedom” states.

“Just launched billboards in 7 of the most restrictive anti-abortion states that explain how women can access care–no matter where they live,” said Newsom. “To any woman seeking an abortion in these anti-freedom states: CA will defend your right to make decisions about your own health.”

The Governor added in a later statement that “The idea that these Republican politicians are seeking to ‘protect life’ is a total farce. They are seeking to restrict and control their constituents and take away their freedom.”

In addition, Newsom went after Governor Greg Abbott of Texas even further, as well as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, by asking the Department of Justice to investigate their moving of illegal immigrants out of their states and into more Blue states, such as Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

While many of the respective Governors of the seven states, all of whom were tagged in Governor Newsom’s post, did not respond immediately on Thursday, some did, noting that the majority of their citizens did not care for Newsom or these ads.

“It is very interesting to see Governor Newsom’s 2024 primary campaign extend to Mississippi,” said Cory Custer, a deputy chief of staff for Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves on Thursday. “But we do suspect that most Mississippians will not be interested in what he is selling.”

However, Newsom’s billboards, which only cost $100,000 for 18 across the seven states, will make more of an impact through local and national media coverage rather than through those simply seeing them.

“It’s actually quite ingenious,” explained political consultant Michele Tyler, who has worked in multiple states, including California and Texas, to the Globe on Thursday. “He has been getting relatively inexpensive ad space in a bunch of red states, and then letting the media amplify it so that a lot more people can see it. These are still stunts he’s puling, but he’s bringing California’s new abortion site designed to help women who want abortions but now can’t due to new state laws get one in California. And here it is plastered on TV and the internet now, just from a few billboards.”

“Unfortunately for him, all these ads are going to do is have both sides of the issue dig in harder. This is not the unifying force of, say, a president. This is the action of a politician playing up the divisions of the country, and that’s not right. That’s not a presidential thing to do. And it’s just going to piss a lot of people off as a result. On both sides. So it’s ingenious at the same time it’s being incredibly rash and naive. The majority of Californians and those in several other states agree that abortion should be open to those who want one. And, you know, fine. Roe is gone now though, and Newsom is not winning over many people who didn’t already like him with this. He’s trying to be a Roosevelt or Lincoln, but really he’s coming off more, and will likely end up, like a Buchanan or Harding.”

Other state-level ads sponsored by Newsom are expected as election day draws nearer.

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Evan Symon
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18 thoughts on “Newsom Places Ads For New California Abortion Website in Seven Red States

  1. Thanks Governor Dumbass! You’re helping us disenfranchised Californians identify our short-listed “sanctuary” states where SANE legislation is the rule of the day, unlike THIS dumpster-fire of a state, where you and your Bay Area cabal make stupid laws…

  2. So here is an idea: How about we send all the convicted murderers sentenced to death in California to Texas for execution? Many of these have murdered Police Officers, children, and women. Governor Climate Change ended the death penalty in this state because he believes it is wrong and immoral to execute someone but he is OK with killing babies. Texas has no problem executing murderers. The voters in California approved the death penalty in two consecutive elections.

  3. The Democrat Party is counting on “abortion” being more important to voters than “inflation”, “crime” and “illegal immigration”. This is clearly their strategy for November. Democrats believe that they cannot win on any other issue besides killing babies.

  4. “ The Governor added in a later statement that “The idea that these Republican politicians are seeking to ‘protect life’ is a total farce. They are seeking to restrict and control their constituents and take away their freedom.””
    What an absolute and utter disingenuous man of evil the Governor is. This is beyond reprehensible. What he is saying is “come to California to kill your children….we will even pay you to do it”. I mean, seriously, this is a terrible look all around. And then he has the audacity to call these states “anti-freedom” when it was HIM that ordered all of us here to be locked down in our homes for nearly two years, kept kids out of school and tried to force them all to take a vaccine that has negative efficacy for children.

  5. “Dr Levantino destroys abortion in two minutes” (video) This is a DOCTOR that has performed over 1,200 abortions, and is now Pro-Life. In California, what Newsom calls ‘The Freedom State’ his license would be stripped for opposing the narrative. Some of the billboards have Bible quotes (mocking God now too?) How about this for a Bible quote… Luke 17:2 “It would be better for him to have a millstone around his neck and to be thrown in the sea than to have one of these little ones to stumble” Abortions to save the life of the mother are
    statistically rare, and don’t even register making it less than 1%, so his claims of following ‘science’ and reproductive health is about power and $$$$, not health.

  6. This makes Newsom look like the real narcissistic idiot we all know and hate. Maybe CA taxpayers will decide they are tired of paying for abortions, travel and lodging to women who refuse to use birth control or an ounce of prevention by voting Newsom OUT OF OFFICE. Enough already.

    1. Stacy, I believe in my heart that we DID vote Newsom out of office, but the ballots were rigged to require them to be “adjudicated” by the Dom_inion voting machines, where the votes were switched or else there was a algorithmic issue in the tabulation…
      Unfortunately, with the Democrat hammerlock, it’s going to be difficult to peel back the layers of corruption in the California political onion… maybe Project Veritas can launch an investigation or file a FOIA request to inspect the log files before they get wiped in the “Trusted Build” process… (Do you notice the way they even gaslight the NAMES of the modules?? “Trusted Build” – the one that modifies the auditable data… the name of the company/system itself…
      Control or the exercise of control; sovereignty.
      A territory or sphere of influence or control; a realm.

      Texas had it right when they told them to go pound sand….

  7. This is so over the top on Newsom’s part and will likely be perceived as crossing a line even amongst the more “liberal-minded.” We know “keeping abortion safe and legal” has been one of the Dems’ few planks in their almost non-existent platform to retain voters and also to raise funds. In the past, threatening that Repubs would “take away that ‘right'” has WORKED on Dem voters. But there is a difference between “keep abortion available” and the “go-go abortion!” – “shout your abortion!” mantra we are seeing now. Can’t help but think that what Newsom is doing will be so distasteful and abhorrent to even the “pro-choice” Dem crowd that the more on-the-fence members will turn away. Newsom’s pounding of this as a positive might have the effect of shoving in Dems face that they are on board with murdering babies with impunity and without conscience. And that awareness could be dangerous for Newsom. Let’s hope…

  8. Yes, in the future Newsom will have to answer to the one he mocks so openly.
    Newsolini, you will not need your fleece sweater where you will spend eternity.

  9. Is Newsom ordering or expecting drug stores to ship to non-abortion and modified* abortion states? Newsom throws it out there, and then walks away.
    *Up to six weeks or so, but not up to nine months like California.

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