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Pandemic Recovery Rankings in The U.S. – California… Not So Good Yet

Major states like New York and California are still struggling to recover

By Katy Grimes, May 9, 2022 10:35 am

While the majority of the 50 United States are fully opened, back to work and school, mask mandates and social distancing restrictions lifted, California and New York continue to struggle with the concept of relinquishing the emergency controls for a full return to normal.

California is still playing round-the-clock public health service announcements on radio and television telling residents of all ages to get vaccinated, boosted, and to wear a mask when leaving the house. The California Department of Public Health is already hawking the flu shot.

CDPH vaccinate promo. (Photo: cdph.ca.gov)
CDPH mask promo. (Photo: cdph.ca.gov)
CDPH vaccine booster promo. (Photo: cdph.ca.gov)

In Sacramento, it appears that a majority of residents are still wearing masks everywhere – even along driving a car. And many businesses ask for social distancing, and have store clerks behind thick plexiglass.

So how does California compare to other states on the recovery – on Consumer Confidence, Job Market Strength and Health Safety?

“Research by TOP Data indicates that some states are fairing much better than others, with the Pandemic Recovery Index revealing that Vermont is recovering best overall, with major states like New York and California struggling in comparison,” TOP Data reported Monday.

TOP Data compared 48 states across 23 key indicators to determine the states that are leading the way in COVID recovery. The data set considers a depth of topics, ranging from the number of visits to bars to social distancing rate, all the way through to the number of businesses being created during the pandemic.

According to TOP Data, California ranks 30th overall. However breaking down the rankings further, California is yet recovered from COVID:

California ranks 38th for consumer confidence, 45th in job market strength, and 5th in health safety.

TOP Data COVID recovery map. (Photo: topagency.com/report/best-worst-state-economies/#methodology)

California ranks 48th in highest unemployment, 45th for least jobs available, and 2nd in most continued social distancing.

TOP Data unemployment. (Photo: topagency.com/report/best-worst-state-economies/#methodology)
TOP Data COVID social distancing. (Photo: topagency.com/report/best-worst-state-economies/#methodology)

TOP Data gave Consumer Confidence 50 points for visits to malls, restaurants car dealerships and personal care visits, as well as other markers.

They gave Job Market Strength 25 Points for the Unemployment Rate, Available Jobs Per Capita, Increase in Jobs 2022, Change in State GDP, and Number of Business Created in 2021.

A state’s Health Safety received 25 Points for issues like Share of Fully Vaccinated Population, Social Distancing Rate, Current # of COVID-19 Cases Per Capita, as well as Stress Levels.

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3 thoughts on “Pandemic Recovery Rankings in The U.S. – California… Not So Good Yet

  1. This whole farce is wearing thin, you know? Or is that the understatement of the year? As a prime example of how screwed up we still are in California —– or maybe I should say SOUTHERN California —- one of the main engineers of our misery and exploding stress levels, L.A. County Public Health Officer and Extremely Overpaid Fake Doctor Barbara Ferrer, was CELEBRATED today at a huge, fancy Board of Supervisors luncheon, having been named “Woman of the Year.” (!!!)
    “President’s Award: Dr. Barbara Ferrer”
    I know these politicians and bureaucrats love to pat themselves on the back while talking about what an excellent job they’ve done (after they’ve ruined everyone and everything), but this is RIDICULOUS.

  2. Listening to iHeart Radio streaming this morning and EVERY…SINGLE…COMMERCIAL…BREAK was a propaganda piece from BionTech/Pifzer pitching Comirnaty (which isn’t commercially available in the United States)

    The propaganda campaign continues…

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