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Placer County Board of Supervisors. (Photo: Placer.ca.gov)

Placer County Board of Supervisors Votes to Re-Open

Stanford infectious disease doctor says Placer is well positioned to begin this process

By Katy Grimes, May 9, 2020 8:07 am

Tuesday, the Placer County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution telling Gov. Gavin Newsom it was time to reopen.

In a formal resolution, the supervisors wrote that as of April 30, 2020, Placer County reported 145 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with only 8 deaths. Hospitalizations are decreasing in the County and 85% of the cases are located in the more developed South Placer portion of the County.

This led the Board of Supervisors to decide that the current State of Emergency is no longer in order. They formally requested that the Governor immediately adhere to state law and proclaim the termination of the State of Emergency.

KCRA News reported:

“It is not up to the governor at this point to say what the rules are. We are not in a state of emergency. Get out of our way,” said supervisor Kirk Uhler.

Uhler said Newsom is overstepping his authority by continuing to hold counties to the statewide order as businesses suffer.

“In Placer County we’ve lost two people for every 100,000 residents. We’ve lost 7,000 jobs for every 100,00 residents. This can not go on,” Uhler said.

The Board’s memorandum explained their decision:

On April 27, 2020 Supervisor Weygandt had a conversation with Dr. Julie Parsonnet, a Stanford University professor who specializes in adult infectious diseases, and who is currently conducting COVID-19 seroprevalence studies. Dr. Parsonnet referred to a recent Miami-Dade County study on infection rates, and the outcomes of that study concluded that researchers were “95% certain that the true proportion of people who have been infected lies between 4.4% and 7.9% of the population” which is 16.5 times the number of those captured through testing sites and local hospitals alone in Miami-Dade.

“I’m making the point to the governor: You are overstepping your authority. You’re acting outside of the bounds of state law clearly defined. And I also call on the Attorney General Xavier Becerra and enforce state law,” he said.

Uhler is referring to the state code that reads: “The governor shall proclaim the termination of a state of emergency at the earliest possible date that conditions warrant.”

Since Placer County is not a hot spot for the coronavirus like Los Angeles County, Uhler said it should be allowed to reopen.

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25 thoughts on “Placer County Board of Supervisors Votes to Re-Open

  1. This is BS. I live in north lake tahoe and I highly disagree with this decision. “We’re” used to it though. Such a ridiculously large county that we should not be a part of. All you want is our taxes and you don’t give a rats ass about what happens here. Trump lovers. Disgusting.

      1. No kidding. If you are going to live out the rest of your life as a troll, you might want to think up something a little more original than the “Trump lovers” nonsense.

    1. A bit of an ignorant statement and that is shown when you bring the presidents name into your statement! Here is a bit of news, if the county opens up, you are not forced to go out there, if you are not comfortable!

    2. Solution is simple – stay in your dwelling. No one is forcing you to go outside. The rest of us want to stop destroying the village in order to save it.

    3. To the person in north Lake Tahoe , Why are you so hateful and negative? Don’t label people . How about you give specifics on why you feel it’s unnecessary to reopen placer county ? I am a Self employed single mother unable to work due to these stringent laws. I own a small business I’m loomis and need to get back to work. Please advise with factual reasoning why you disagree ?

    4. Unlike you, most people are not in fear over this and for you to demand that we all stay at home and hide under our beds like you chose to do is just selfish and stupid. You stay home and hide in fear if you like. This is America, land of the free..

    5. If that’s your belief, then stay your ass home and hide like the coward you are. This has nothing to do with Trump. He didn’t create this nor close one business! So since you mentioned it, Trump 2020!

  2. Not surprised. You people don’t give a sh*t about us in north lake tahoe. We should not be a part of the ridiculously large county b/c you forget about us anyway and only care about the tourism tax. You’re a bunch of Trump lovers who are putting $ over human lives.

    1. To the north Lake Tahoe residents, who are leaving what seem to be angry comments – all of the residents of Placer County matter. If you want to keep your business closed , you can. If you want to stay in – you can, if you want to believe that this is a horrific epidemic then you can . If you actually have a business – The county is working with all businesses. They are not just concerned about taxes – you are wrong – they voted provisions to delay taxes and work with businesses. If you don’t have revenue – you don’t have taxes. Taxes are paid by your patrons, not by you . That is how a business works . Maybe you run yours differently ????

  3. Placer County businesses should be allowed to open ASAP. Some restrictions should be in place like the 6 feet social distancing and face masks worn in enclosed conditions. Otherwise let’s open business and let individuals get back to work.

  4. Thank you! Finally a voice of reason. And I’m not saying I’m a Trump lover but why is it that if someone expresses on opinion opposite to someone else’s they automatically blame it on being a Trump supporter. How about it has absolutely nothing to do with Trump and EVERYTHING to do with trying to get back to work to be able to continue to feed, shelter, etc ones family!

  5. Kudos to placer county officials that understand the need to open up. Wish our county would do the same. Don’t want the virus, but don’t want my family die on the vine. Need to work. Need to live. Didn’t know the folks in Tahoe were so soft. Stay inside. It’s a scary world.

  6. What a smart move by Placer County! The poverty the governor is causing with his overreach is way out of proportion.

  7. What a sane move by Placer County! The poverty the governor is causing with his overreach is way out of proportion.

  8. Newsom has CONTINUALLY overstepped his bounds in his handling of this flu outbreak…

    The entire Democratic party is using this situation as cover to enact their Communist central command policies…

    Wake up people – you’re being played, and their cure is worse than the disease.

    Think about it “Ang” or “Ashb” or whoever you “North Lake Tahoe” chapter of the Trump Derangement Syndrome chapter are… If you have successfully navigated trips to the grocery store for the last two months and haven’t fallen I’ll, then shut up about extending the draconian lockdown measures.

    We are not first-graders who need to be told to get in line…

    1. I won’t propose any “Trump Lover” labels, but I will offer the opportunity to check out Trump’s March 23rd declaration that the cure shouldn’t be worse than the disease. And, to be clear, whether someone is a Republican or Democrat, Trump-lover or not, it is clear, if we are to be honest, that we would NOT have been in this situation had Trump paid attention to the warnings he got and responsibly addressed the coming pandemic. And, IF he would put forth the necessary testing to allow those with the virus to quarantine while the rest of us open up, things would also be different. Those who don’t understand that have had their head in the sand for too long. BTW, there are much more effective ways to communicate with the Governor than the snarkiness Mr. Uhler approached him with. Perhaps THAT’s why nothing’s changed up here. Thank his righteous attitude. If you haven’t seen his video, you can probably find it.

  9. Thank you, placer County board of Supervisors for standing up and fighting for the people who elected you! There are so many of us who are standing with you to get our county and our state reopened. Gavin Newsom, you are the example of government overreach and you have caused the cure to be so much worse than the disease. The numbers do not support the action by the Governor. THANK YOU, PC SUPERVISORS! ~STAY STRONG~KEEP FIGHTING~WE NEED YOU!

  10. Ya, and now the crazy Democrats just introduced a bill H.R. 6666 to the House that would allow, if passed, contact tracing of EVERY person who may or may not have Rona. They’ll be able to send someone IN YOUR HOME, and take away anyone they want to a location TBD.

    We have to contact House and Senate Republicans to make sure this gets voted down FAST and NEVER sees the light of day. Our liberties are at stake now more than ever!

  11. Thank you Place County Bouard of Supervisors for showing courage and wisdom. Get us and the economy going again.

  12. Wooohoooo!! It’s about damn time! This is so good to read! Open up northern Cali we have no reason to just be sitting around twiddling our thumbs so glad to hear we are pushing forward! Proud of our local leaders. As for the Tahoe peeps that commented those 2 comments sounded way to similar I’m pretty sure they are the same person or family lol???? but honestly instead of being so hateful JUST STAY HOME. Nobody is forcing you to go back to work.

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