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Sacramento Sets the Rules, Now They Own the Outcome

Closures and mandates did not stop the virus

By Jim Desmond, December 1, 2020 6:40 am

Has shuttering businesses and crushing livelihoods worked to control the virus, in California?  Obviously not.

If businesses aren’t spreading the virus, what is?  Dr. Ghaly, the head of the California’s Health and Human Service Agency, response to where people are getting the virus; his answer is, “everywhere”.

Clearly, the State was missing the mark. Focusing on business sectors provides a false sense of security and is not a solution to the spread.  Many of the closed and prohibited activities are still taking place, hidden from public view, without the proper safety protocols.

People are on their best behavior when they are out of the house and in public. It is outside in businesses where people are using best practices including social distancing, sanitation, masks and limiting capacities.

The closures and mandates did not stop the virus. The closures are driving small businesses into the ground, driving youth sports (and professional sports) to Arizona, and causing church closures in a time of high anxiety when religious and spiritual guidance are needed most.

My push for balance of safe practices and open businesses has fallen on deaf ears in San Diego. I’ve always believed we can open businesses and protect people, it’s not a choice. The spread is still happening and it’s not the fault of gyms, restaurants, churches or schools.  It’s everywhere.

I believe the rising case numbers are a direct result of the apathy of state residents due to the governor not allowing people to keep their livelihoods, the governor not allowing safely operating schools and businesses to stay open, the governors mixed and confusing messages, and the governor setting a terrible example of not following his own rules.

The focus should be on hospitalizations not case rates. I said it 8 months ago, I’ll say it again.

Today, less that 11% of San Diego county’s hospital bed capacity are COVID-19 patients, and we still have over 1,600 empty beds. While not overwhelming, these are not great numbers.  We can and should improve them over time.

We must continue to follow the basic safety protocols, let’s continue to wear masks, continue to wash our hands and continue to maintain social distancing. We’ve exercised the basic best practices that prevent spread and will continue to do it, but let’s also allow people to maintain their livelihoods.

Sacramento has set the rules, now they own the outcome.

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16 thoughts on “Sacramento Sets the Rules, Now They Own the Outcome

  1. Praying for Mr. Desmond to read the thousands of REAL science studies, by REAL docs and scientists, to prove how masks/lock downs make people sicker, sometimes causing death, and not blame the people (apathy!) for this evil gov plandemic spreading. It’s ALL about money and control. Praying for all! Revelation 6:15-17, “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
    And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”

    1. You made valid point. But you cannot have your cake and eat it when it comes to the issue of masks. Wearing mask is what will help us end the lock downs. I wear a mask 12hr shifts in the hospital. That’s how we can stay safe. Plus all the personal hygiene activities like washing hands, using hand sanitizers and so on. Do not clump masks with lockdowns. I am a devout Christian and I recognize that we must use our common sense. You cannot say no masks, no lockdowns and yet expect to have a normal life in the midst of a pandemic.

      1. If your approach be valid then why in years past has the annual flu twice yearly not caused the same response. Statistics prove similar outcomes for decades for flu viruses, loss of life and infectious spread. This is all about controlling a population for the purposes not fully explained to a uneducated populace by nefarious public officials who are violating their oath of office.

  2. Here what our “smart” politicians in Sacramento, who think they’re our betters and rulers, don’t seem to grasp due to it’s simplicity. When the cure is worse than the illness, YOU’RE MAKING THE WRONG DECISION. It’s high time that the PEOPLE decree that Sacramento is a NON-ESSENTIAL entity and send everyone home without pay until ALL businesses are open again. They MUST feel the consequence of their decisions.

  3. “ I believe the rising case numbers are a direct result of the apathy of state residents due to the governor not allowing people to keep their livelihoods, …”

    Actually, I’m attributing it more to the season. At the height of summer, the ‘rona and other germs cannot survive long on outdoor surfaces exposed to the maximum level of solar ultraviolet radiation. As the sun drops lower in the sky through fall and winter, UV irradiation drops to zero, hence allowing the ‘rona and other germs to survive longer on outdoor surfaces, be in contact hands hence greater chance of being brought indoors to the warmer, humid environments get on the pets, furniture, etc, and infect the residents therein.

    This surge doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  4. at the end of January media will slowly fade away from negative COVID stories…..turn it into more positive outlook. We should all know the party playbooks by now. GOVT will come out of this with much more CONTROL over the people.

  5. Unfortunate this self-interest ‘writer’ will influence un-analytical readers, by not mentioning that closing or restricting businesses was NEVER a way to “stop” COVID, but a solution to help in slowing down the spread.

    Obviously it DID slow down the spread otherwise it would’ve been a lot worse. Safety is not more important than money. Unless you’re a sell-out.

  6. Oh look a bunch of chuds acting like they didn’t cause the spread of a virus by not masking up like the rest of us. Note how every spike is after a trump idiot rally in sac or it’s after a holiday or when bars open that you morons go running out to spread disease. Go fuck yourself you San Diego republicuck ghouls.

  7. Thank you Sir for stating the facts, I find it funny how small business has suffered while the biggest transfer in the history of the world has transpired during covid. The say bars, gyms, restaurants are the cause of the spread and yet you can pack 3 ppl in the back of a Sedan during an Uber ride and that is ok. Newsome is a fucking joke, MAGA has nothing to do with his stupidity and failure as a leader.

  8. I just read those comments that say it’s everyone else’s fault and they are doing the right thing by wearing mask and washing hands ect. When people finally open their eyes it will be to late and this whole country will be in the dumper. Those Democrat’s are self serving and don’t give a shit about you and I. This is going to all change come January 20,2021.
    The worst is yet to come.
    This is not only a pandemic it’s a ” plan-demic” to control the heard. This is the worst time to be alive because it’s going to be the starting of a new world order that will be taking all of our liberties away from us. And “We the people” will not stand for anything. The big picture is a blur today and thats how they want it so you don’t stand up and fight for your rights to be an American! The media is a joke. The world leaders are the biggest bag of fouls ever assembled. Our government is so far out of touch with reality. If history repeats itself prepare for the stone ages. If you can survive.

  9. If there so worried about the spread of the virus why isn’t there temperature checking at supermarket stores were everyone goes once a week at least. Or why is public transportation operating with no temperature check when boarding a bus. Also how many people have recovered from this virus alot so its not a death sentence if you catch it. If the politician are shutting down the economy because hospitals are getting full do what they did in china and build a new freaking hospital morons.

  10. 12/7/20
    LA City Attorney culpability LA City Hall Pay for Play Culture as he takes money from luxury developers..
    I’m Ed Ryan and I’m Running for Mayor of LA in 2022. The “The Committee to Elect Ed Ryan Mayor of LA Election” is being organized. Our Campaign takes no donations whatsoever from any business interest period. We are allowing Emporium Productions to film a Documentary by following my “Outsider” bid for the 2022 LA Mayor seat. Is this considered an in-kind donation. If so, I will file per guidelines of your office. However, because of corruption conflicts on two levels., is there an independent County or State ethics Commission that can be utilized so this campaign can operate free from the LA City Hall corruption. I am concerned about LA City Hall corruption
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    Ed Ryan, 12/7/20

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