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San Diego. (Photo: Sandiego.gov)

San Diego County is Being Taken Advantage of by Federal Government

State and Federal Government are refusing to test those entering the United States for COVID-19

By Jim Desmond, May 26, 2021 11:34 am

The Federal Government is taking advantage of San Diego County and it shows no sign of stopping. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been briefed on the situation at our Southern Border. After seeing the heartbreaking pictures of kids in cramped quarters and the increased risk of being sexually trafficked, I’ve been deeply troubled by many aspects. After learning that the State and the Federal Government are also refusing to test those entering the United States for COVID-19, I’m worried for the safety of our entire region.

San Diegans have worked so hard to get into the Orange tier, we have put businesses and livelihoods on hold for this pandemic. But in order to get into the yellow tier we need less than 2 people per 100,000 testing positive. With hundreds of untested migrants entering San Diego, it’s inevitable that our numbers will rise. At a recent Board meeting, I made the motion that the County Board of Supervisors write a letter to our federal delegation, and to the White House stating that before any migrants are released into our community, they need to be tested and quarantined if positive or exposed.

Also, at a May Board meeting, I voted against the County using local tax dollars to provide legal representation to detained immigrants at our border. My reasoning, we don’t provide legal representation to American Citizens when it comes to complex issues like the US Tax Court, Medicare hearings, and Social Security hearings. Plus, I believe that the $5 million that is being used for the program could be better spent addressing homelessness, behavioral health, fixing roads or other local issues.

My heart breaks for all of the kids and immigrants trying to enter the United States and I believe we should help where we can. But we also must protect our citizens and keep them safe from COVID-19. The border is a Federal issue and compassionate San Diegans are once again are having to step up and stop gap a much bigger issue.

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11 thoughts on “San Diego County is Being Taken Advantage of by Federal Government

  1. Good luck Jim Desmond on getting help from the Federal government with this issue. Joe Biden puts immigrants first and US taxpayers last. 3 1/2 more years…

  2. Good, they need to ban these unvalidated tests. Why would you weep for immigrants then wish an evil meaningless always-misused medical test on them?

  3. It is because the mayor of San Diego is a republican and is in the race fir Newsoms recall, not to mention getting national recognition as a top notch city manager.

    1. Faulconer used to be mayor but the new mayor of San Diego is Todd Gloria, a hard-left Democrat. He used to be in the CA legislature. San Diego is in the news a lot more now than it used to be, and not in a good way, now that it is under the odious leadership of Mayor Todd Gloria with a big assist from County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, husband of Lorena (“AB5 the Job Killer”) Gonzalez.

      1. Negative. Todd’s doing an excellent job and has governed from the middle. CoVID and the economy perceptions go hand in hand and are symptoms of a horrible job by Trump.

        1. Where do u get your news? Todd Gloria kicked out hundreds of homeless Americans from the convention center only to put in hundreds of ILLEGAL immigrants who have not been tested for COVID or vetted to see who they are. Bad for us citizens.

    2. Correction: The current mayor of San Diego is Todd Gloria-a dim who won’t buck the system .Kevin Falconer is the ex mayor .

    3. Kevin ain’t NO Repub folks. He’s saying this to try to bolster his failing run.. He’s a democrat and wears an R for convenience

  4. All areas across the southern border that are being utilized to house immigrants and illegal aliens coming over the border in droves (including our convention center) should be classified as exemption zones from these types of statistics. Unfortunately we have both a governor and a sitting lame duck “president” that are neither looking out after the best interest of Californians (or Americans) for that matter. We the people need to unite in opposition to the lack of action on the important matters to bring back safety, security and economic stability to our region. Jim you are doing an outstanding job of identifying and addressing these matters and we need more outstanding public servants as well as our community getting involved. Please let us know how we can specifically support you.

  5. What a crock. Anybody entering the US gets tested. If positive they are sent to medical facilities for treatment. Stop trying to stir the zhit pot and clock a Democrat . Your obviously a Trump happy Republican . Gloria’s done more in a few months than Falcouner did in 8 years When did the GOP turn into the party of liars?

  6. What a crock. All immigrants at the border are tested. Anyone with symptoms are referred to a medical facility for evaluation and treatment. Sounds like the typical GOP conspiracy theory to be filed with the others like Benghazi, pedophile rings, and stolen elections. When did the Republicans become the party of liars?

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