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Mark Meuser. (Photo: Meuser for Senate Facebook)

U.S. Senate Candidate Stumbles on Hornets Nest over Facebook Post

19,000 comments later on meme intended to spark conversation

By Katy Grimes, September 22, 2021 3:57 pm

California Attorney Mark Meuser is running for U.S. Senate. Many Californians recognize Meuser for his work with attorney Harmeet Dhillon and the Center for American Liberty, and the civil rights representation they have provided.

Recently Meuser announced on Facebook he was running for one of California’s two U. S. Senate seats. His Mark Meuser for U.S. Senate page on Facebook grew steadily. Then, last Thursday, Meuser posted a meme on his Facebook page, and the hornets attacked. Meuser didn’t comment one way or another on the meme. All he said is “I’m just leaving this right here.”

Meme. (Photo: Mark Meuser’s Facebook page)

Meuser told the Globe he thought it was just a way of opening up debate and conversation, like a lot of funny or ironic memes on social media.

The meme certainly did open a debate, and most of it quite unpleasant. A few thousand comments over the weekend turned into 19,000 comments by Monday… and a lot of them from mean girls.

Meuser said his Facebook page views doubled. “I have 686,500 page views, 11,000 reactions, 19,000 comments and 7,200 shares,” Meuser said. “I now have 1.2 million unique viewers on my Facebook page.”

Some comments were written out of fear of COVID:

“And people keep dying needlessly because they fall into the trap of thinking this is correct. Mark Mueser and all the other Conservatives who put forth these stupid statements should be ashamed of themselves. I’m quite sure that the majority of them know that this is bullshit and that people will die because of their posts, but they keep on pandering to anything that gets them a vote. When all your voters die because of your actions you’ll be out in the cold. This shouldn’t even be political, we should have all been behind it from the start and we’d be in much better shape and there would be several hundred thousand more of us.”



Others tried to debate commenters with facts:

“stupid needs a response so I’m happy to oblige. Size.
Bacteria are giants when compared to viruses. The smallest bacteria are about 0.4 micron (one millionth of a meter) in diameter while viruses range in size from 0.02 to 0.25 micron. This makes most viruses submicroscopic, unable to be seen in an ordinary light microscope.
Virus =Masks have the same effect as someone throwing sand through a metal octagonal fence.
Bacteria = masks would be a softball thrown at the same fence.
And 2ndly masks trap bacteria that you breath in. Not good.”

Some of those commenters need their mouths washed out with a bar of soap:

“I sincerely wish your parents had used a ‘genital umbrella’ so we could all have been spared your presence. Another fantastic case for birth control.”


“The Pinhead Theory of mask function … of course, Mark Meuser is a Slave – oops, ‘Republican’ Party candidate. Whatta f*ckin’ maroon.”

Still others injected humor:

“Please wear your sunscreen. I burn easy.”

There were many insults directed at Meuser:

“California will put him in his place. This is NOT Trumpistan. We take covid seriously here. Just ask Larry Elder.”

“Well, when you’re talking to trump supporters, you need to speak slowly and use very small words.”

“We have to feel sorry for him. He got a poor education and doesn’t get science. Sad!”

When Mark spoke with the Globe, he said he’s worked on several huge legal cases involving legal issues surrounding COVID mandates, and in doing so, he’s worked closely with many epidemiologists whose expertise was used in the legal cases.

This comment doesn’t fit a category yet it got over 500 replies:

“People who compare rain and umbrellas to deadly pandemics, vaccinations and herd immunity do not get to call anyone stupid.”

But she was called a “Karen:”

“you got vaccinated though, what are you so worried about everyone else for? It’s pretty stupid to tell people what to do Mrs Karen or however you prefer spelling it.”

Or this:

“The death rate is not 0.2%, It’s 2%. That means 1 in 50 people who catch the disease will die from it. Right now it’s spreading rampantly through unvaccinated populations. Vaccinated people are less likely to catch the disease, less likely to spread the disease, and less likely to die from the disease. Nearly all the people filling up hospitals in the south right now are unvaccinated.”

Meuser said he just thought the meme was funny. Turns out he says, he struck a nerve… the sciatica nerve of California. “These are the same people who complained incessantly about President Donald Trump’s ‘mean Tweets,” Meuser said laughing.

And for the record, Meuser said he didn’t design the meme, he just posted it. “I’m not that creative.”

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22 thoughts on “U.S. Senate Candidate Stumbles on Hornets Nest over Facebook Post

  1. LOL “ Some of those commenters need their mouths washed out with a bar of soap”

    So “genitals” is now an unacceptable term? OMG what other medical/legal terms can’t be used any more because they offend you, Katy? What a prudish thing to say.

    1. You missed the point. It is cruel to tell someone you wish they had never been born, because you wish their parents had used birth control to stop you from ever being conceived. One does not have to use cuss words in order to have their “mouth washed out with soap.” My parents did not wash our mouths out with soap as part of their parenting, but they did make sure to teach us to speak with decency when addressing others, especially those with whom we disagree.

  2. I pray for the children wearing masks, being denied oxygen.
    I pray for the vaxxed that haven’t learned about spike proteins, graphene oxide, and ADE
    I pray for the unvaxxed, and what they’re forced to endure.
    I pray for those in hospitals that haven’t learned of the deadly combination of Remdisivir and ventilators.
    I’m glad Nicki Minaj unwittingly opened the conversation, and the Texas Carmine’s incident activated BLM to make a stand. Mark Meuser will be okay, he has the right attitude. The world is waking up.

  3. I thought he was a moron when I saw the meme he chose to post and I now think he and the author of this article are both morons.

    1. Quite honestly, I’m surprised that you didn’t misuse the word “maroon” like the quoted poster from the article… gotta give you credit for that, at least…

      The covidiots in this state are just amazing….

  4. How many of those Facebook posts responding to the meme were actually troll bots from Democrat’s troll bot farms? Probably 99%?

  5. Troll lefties ’till they drop! This is a textbook example on how-to. Can’t wait for more! LOVING IT!!! To all the Karens: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! MEUSER FOR SENATE!

  6. Leftists are the bigoted, thuggish, lying, self-aggrandizing racist thieves of our lives, our liberties, our freedoms, our vote and our country.

    And they have no sense of humor either…..

  7. I like the fart analogy. If you can smell the fart you can smell the virus. In other words it gets into your lungs regardless. You can Build up your immunity by taking daily Vit c Vit d & zinc. No vaccine needed.

  8. I thought the Covid-19 survival rate was something like 99.7%? I also heard the California Covid-19 testing was inconclusive or skewed, so how do the stats suffer as a result? There was so much flip-flopping when this Covid-19 started with regard to source, responsibility, drug effectiveness and of course, mask-wearing, that it is confusing to know who to believe.

    Why is this viewed as Trump’s fault? He was as confused and confounded as anyone when the outbreak started.

  9. My mother was fine. 2 Pfizer clot shots! Coma. ICU. Profuse Bleeding around Brain. Near Death. Lived. Must now live in Nursing Home forever confused. My friend’s dad had heart issue and they jabbed him and he died 3 weeks later of a Heart Attack. Another friend’s mom was active and happy. 2 shots. Stroke. Can’t walk. Can’t Speak living in nursing home wheelchair bound. This is a death sentence.

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