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Four Congressional Races Remain Uncalled

California’s 10th, 25th, 45th and 48th still Offer Hope to Stragglers

By Sean Brown, November 9, 2018 2:56 pm

Although most of the hype surrounding Tuesday’s elections has simmered down, four California Congressional races including 10th, 25th, 45th and 48th district have yet to be officially called.

In the 10th district, incumbent Republican Jeff Denham leads Democratic challenger Josh Harder. The line stands at 50.6 percent (56,701 votes) to 49.4 percent (55,414 votes). If confirmed, this will be his fifth term in Congress.

In the 25th district, Democratic challenger Katie Hill leads Republican incumbent Steve Knight. The line stands at 51.3 percent (83,662 votes) to 48.7 percent (79,549 votes). If elected, Hill, the moderate-leaning Democrat will oust the two term incumbent.

In the 45th district, incumbent Republican Mimi Walters leads Democratic challenger Katie Porter. The line stands at 51.0 percent (99,639 votes) to 49.0 percent (95,602 votes). If elected, this will be her third term in Congress.

In the 48th district, Democratic challenger Harley Rouda leads Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher. The line stands at 51.2 percent (98,259 votes) to 48.8 percent (93,503 votes). If elected, Rouda, the Democrat will oust the 30-year incumbent, proving issues such as health care and taxes are becoming more important within Orange County.

Given the outcomes stay the way they are, out of the 53 Congressional seats representing California, Democrats have successfully grabbed control of 39.

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