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San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge from above, misty weather. (Photo: Stefano Termanini/Shutterstock)

Build the Wall! …Around San Francisco for Asian-Pacific Economic Summit

‘These Democrats are essentially locking the dignitaries up to keep them from discovering just how bad and dangerous the town is – and they say that border fencing doesn’t work’

By Katy Grimes, November 12, 2023 8:42 am

This surely must be from the “you can’t make this stuff up” department: San Francisco is building walls around the area where the the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit is going in – for security.

“The sidewalks in the APEC zone, including sticky and urine-perfumed Van Ness Avenue, have been silver polished on the Eve of APEC,” Sebastian, a San Francisco resident and friend to the Globe told us. “Walking along Van Ness Ave today was like walking along twice-a-day-mobbed Orchard Road in Singapore.”

Oh the injustice of the walls… how inhumane… walls are ineffective… the wall is bigoted… the wall is creating an humanitarian crisis… the wall is destroying ecosystems… the wall is unethical…

We’ve watched all of the insincere hand wringing and heard all of the reasons walls don’t work – until Democrats need a wall to keep the riff-raff out.

Sebastian takes photos daily of his city – this is what it usually looks like:

San Francisco. (Photo: by Sebastian)

The City of San Francisco even posted rules for residents on its website: Prepare for APEC if you live in a security zone.

“They are essentially locking the dignitaries up to keep them from discovering just how bad and dangerous the town is. And these are the Democrats who say that border fencing doesn’t work,” he said. “The same leftists that claim that fences and walls do not work and are inhumane are the same leftists that live behind fences and walls.”

San Francisco prepares for APEC Summit. (Photo: Sebastian for the Globe)

“Now these same leftists are erecting fencing and walls to keep law abiding people out of an area; but somehow don’t claim that these fences and walls don’t work or are inhumane.”

Fences have been installed around the Fairmont Hotel where President Joe Biden will stay during APEC.

San Francisco prepares for APEC Summit. (Photo: Sebastian for the Globe)

“My Democrat and Republican friends who live in the Brocklebank Apartments featured in the movie Vertigo and my late SF Chronicle columnist, Herb Caen lived which is next to the Fairmont Hotel, are upset about the fencing as they have to go through security checks from Nov.14-18,” Sebastian said. “They weren’t informed about the ‘walls’ ahead of time.”

Preparation for APEC is hardly being executed with military precision if residents were not prepared in advance.

San Francisco prepares for APEC Summit. (Photo: Sebastian for the Globe)

The San Francisco Standard reports the logistical details:

Where exactly is the main security perimeter for the event, and how long will it be in place? 

The main venue is the Moscone Center in the South of Market neighborhood.

From 10 p.m. Nov. 14 to Nov. 18, local traffic into the security perimeter—for those who live or work in the area bounded by Second, Market, Fifth and Harrison streets—will be allowed only through specific paths after a security sweep and inspection.

Pedestrians and bicycles not heading into the security perimeter will be routed around the area. Vehicles that do not need to enter the perimeter for residential or business purposes will not be allowed in.

Most vehicles traveling south from Nob Hill and Chinatown will be rerouted to either Mason Street to the west or Bush Street to First Street to the east. Drivers traveling south of Market Street from the Embarcadero will be pushed north at Fremont Street or south at First Street to avoid the security zone. Southwest of the perimeter, vehicles will be routed onto Sixth Street for north-south travel and Harrison Street for east-west travel.

Be wary of driving and parking in San Francisco: “On-street parking will be barred within all security zones. Emergency no parking signs will go up around the city. Vehicles that are parked in violation of emergency no parking signs will be ticketed and towed.” Parking garages will also be closed.

So San Francisco has essentially locked down the city for APEC – businesses and residents can just shut up.

San Francisco officials have even announced the Muni transit system will be blowing past “exclusion zones:”

ATTN: Muni is no longer able to serve stops in exclusion zones. Muni service is passing blocked stops. For safety, riders should not stand in the street as Muni buses will not stop. Conditions are changing rapidly due to street impacts.

They’ve even arranged to shut down some freeway access:

On the Bay Bridge, the rightmost lane of I-80 westbound and the leftmost lane of I-80 eastbound will shut down from Nov. 14 at 5 a.m.

The I-80 eastbound off-ramp at Fourth Street will be closed from Nov. 15 to Nov. 17 from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. The last eastbound San Francisco exit before the Bay Bridge will be at Seventh Street instead of Fourth Street. The I-80 westbound off-ramp at Fifth Street will be closed from Nov. 15 to Nov. 17 from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Drivers planning to get on the eastbound freeway near the Moscone Center should use the Eight Street on-ramp. Drivers planning to get off the freeway should use the Fremont Street off-ramp.

Additionally, the northbound U.S. 101 Dana Bowers Vista Point off-ramp north of the Golden Gate Bridge will be closed from Nov. 14 to Nov. 18.

Next week may be a good time to take a vacation – out of California.

UPDATE from Sebastian, 11/12/2023, 12:30pm:

Union Square almost didn’t get their annual Macy’s Christmas tree this year due to the security measures around Union Square during APEC.
I broke the news:
“If that’s not sad enough, I heard from Union Square merchants that there may not be a Christmas tree in Union Square this year.

Union Square will be blocked off during the APEC Summit in November.

Therefore, the truck which will carry Union Square’s Christmas tree won’t be able to drive through Union Square.”
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14 thoughts on “Build the Wall! …Around San Francisco for Asian-Pacific Economic Summit

  1. So the radical leftist Democrats who control San Francisco had the capability to clean up the city and enforce law and order before the APEC Summit but chose not to? Maybe a majority of San Francisco voters will wake up and stop voting them into office? Maybe it doesn’t matter who San Franciscans vote for because elections there are hopelessly rigged like they are in most Democrat controlled cities?

  2. This incredibly cartoonish move, walls and all, has Gov Gruesome’s fingerprints all over it, so I hope this item goes national to emphasize again what a jumbo-size PHONY he is.
    Yeah, TJ, all of this exclusionary “security” activity will be right in the faces of the S.F. wealthy and privileged, inconveniencing and maddening them —- thus it’s hard to imagine there won’t be SOME kind of fallout from it. “Exclusion Zones?” Seriously? What are these people thinking? Will such contempt and disdain aimed at S.F. residents from city and state leadership be the beginning of a sea change in San Francisco thinking? Guess we’ll see!
    By the way, didn’t the Fairmont Hotel roll out the red carpet (Project Roomkey or similar?) and host all the local homeless/vagrant addicts not that long ago? The ones who had room service privileges, never mind drugs, alcohol, and smokes hand-delivered to their rooms? And all they had to do was pick up the phone? Are they still there? Or am I thinking of a different five-star hotel?

  3. It’s good to see that the SFPD still has its priorities straight. I see the female sergeant on the right is delivering a box of doughnuts to Mobile Command One. Or maybe Mobile Command One is running a Takeout Taco Truck on the side. Whatever.

    At the inflated salaries of the San Francisco cops can you imagine what that little confab of officers shooting the breeze is costing the taxpayers? No worrries. The City is probably making a killing with what Joe’s Fed will be reimbursing them for ‘security costs’.

    I imagine this is just a preview of the scene of after Gavie become Preezy and invites his old buddy President Xi in a few years from now. It will be so special. And presidential!

  4. Before the Russian Revolution the Czar’s advisors would order that the buildings be repainted and the villages and towns cleaned up for the Czar’s visit to make it appear that there was no suffering and the people were prosperous, as the czar’s carriage rolled through town. We refer to it today as building a “Potemkin Village.” It’s all fake.

    But that was to “fool” the Czar and keep him in denial. Now they try to fool the general public with the help of the press. No one who lives in the Bay Area or SF is fooled.

  5. I lived in San Francisco for 20 years, and for all its flaws, it is an amazingly beautiful city and showcase of some of the best California has to offer. I’m proud the city can host an international event like this, and I’m even prouder the Bay Area can protest it.

    1. You can only protest if you’re supporting the communist regime! AKA Antifa, BLM, etc. Try wearing a MAGA hat and protest. You’ll be thrown in the gulag! Sorry I mean you’ll be re-educated!

    1. Wow, look at that. Cleaned up for company but it won’t last long, will it.
      One YT commenter pointed out how MANY businesses would have been saved if London Breed et al had only done this earlier.
      Thanks so much for posting, TJ.

  6. yes, by all means, build the wall. Something along the lines of the one around New York City in that well known Kurt Russell movie – making sure the city council and mayor remain inside. Then extend it to enclose Sacramento (herd the current state legislature inside) and build another around Los Angeles (same caveats). We can then empty the nation’s prisons into the enclosure and forget about them.

    This isn’t a serious suggestion, of course, but most here will agree with the sentiment. In reality, you can’t wall off the Progressive Left, or (as residents of Texas, Florida, etc. are learning the hard way) move away from it. It spreads, like a virus. The only option is to defeat it. If we are to save our lives, let alone our state, we are going to have to learn to be just as dirty and underhanded as the Left has been. This is a street fight, not a college debate. That’s how the Left rolls. We all need to get that through our heads, and act accordingly.

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