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Richard Grenell speaking young Americans, hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Ric Grenell on ‘Verdict’ Podcast Discusses Intel with Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Cruz says Grenell ‘Did an extraordinary job’ as DNI

By Katy Grimes, November 13, 2023 8:24 am

Richard “Ric” Grenell, former Ambassador to Germany, Acting Director of National Intelligence, Special Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo peace negotiations in the Trump Administration, just spent a hour on the Verdict with Ted Cruz podcast discussing U.S. Intelligence failures with Hamas and Russia.

They talked about California as well, noting that California has the most elected Republicans of any state. Cruz even said that without California’s Republican congressional delegation, Republicans would not have the majority in the U.S. House.

Ric Grenell discussed his Fix California, which is “doing the unsexy work of registering people to vote, “to get them off the sidelines. Mass irregularities in California’s registration and voting numbers continue to erode voter confidence, which is why Ric Grenell and his team at Fix California launched a statewide legal survey analyzing the current status of voter rolls throughout the state in 2021. They then invested in and completed a deep dive into California consumer and voter data. They contacted 26 of the largest counties in California, and put them on notice that they plan to inspect records related to county voter list maintenance obligations, through California Public Records Act requests.

Grenell told Cruz that some of the “Sacramento types are doing the hard work,” and Fix California is helping them. “If we can start changing the numbers every month, it will give them [California Republicans] hope,” Grenell said.

I’m a Verdict fan, and listen to each podcast as Senator Cruz gets into the weeds while remaining compelling and offers plenty of details, analysis and legal opinions on current issues.

Senator Cruz volunteered that even though Grenell was DNI a short amount of time, he had the most impact of any DNI, and said Grenell “did am extraordinary job at it.”

Cruz’s podcast with Grenell was particularly interesting as he and Verdict co-host Ben Ferguson peppered Grenell with questions of current import: Ukraine/Russia, U.S. Border crisis, Iran, China and the Hamas attack on Israel.

Ferguson asked Grenell how the U.S. and Israel missed the intelligence ahead of the Hamas attack.

“It was an intelligence failure,” Grenell said. “I don’t believe we didn’t know what Hamas and Iran up to.” He said that the U.S. has great intel people, but too much of the intel is over classified. He described the over classification as a public relations strategy by intel operatives when they didn’t want something to get out.

Sen. Cruz agreed and noted, “95% of what they tell you in a briefing isn’t classified  – they are just embarrassed” about something.

Grenell said another problem the intel community has is when they got to brief Congress, they are not getting enough of the raw intelligence. And the issue of being able to trust members of Congress came up.

He added that he believes intel officials had the Israeli intelligence.

In October, Sen. Cruz accused three individuals working in Joe Biden’s inner circle of being Iranian spies. Cruz brought up the three Iranian operatives in his discussion with Grenell: Nejwa Ali, hired in 2019, who worked for the PLO in 2016 and 2017 and was later employed by the DHS; Rob Malley, President Joe Biden’s chief negotiator for Iran and described as an Iran sympathizer.

“But we now know also that, among other things, three of Rob Malley’s top advisers, his inner circle that he relied on, were Iranian operatives,” Cruz added. “They were recruited by the government of Iran. They were directed by the Iranian foreign minister. They reported to the Iranian foreign minister,” American Insider reported.

Grenell pointed out that current Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines hasn’t made a statement about it, and the media isn’t pushing her to. “We were under constant scrutiny – she needs to answer ‘what did we know and why didn’t we act.'” She needs more media pressure – Avril Haines needs to be hounded. The media is copping out.”

Grenell said she wakes up every day realizing that she didn’t have to answer for this.

Sen. Cruz brought up the Biden Administration’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the lack of accountability for the disaster. He also said there is no accountability for the Ukraine War decisions. Grenell asked why the Secretary of State Antony Blinken didn’t get on a plane and go the Ukraine and Russia to find a peaceful solution.

“I believe they have shoved Blinken off the stage – he is diminished,” Grenell said. “Friends at State [Department] are horrified. They were pushed off the stage in Afghanistan.”

Sen. Cruz addressed that Ronald Reagan was President for 8 years, and only invaded Grenada.

You can listen to the entire interview with Ric Grenell:

Verdict with Ted Cruz | iHeart

‎Verdict with Ted Cruz on Apple Podcasts

Verdict with Ted Cruz | Podcast on Spotify

It’s well worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Ric Grenell on ‘Verdict’ Podcast Discusses Intel with Sen. Ted Cruz

  1. Katy, I appreciate the information in your article. The rhetorical question that makes me scratch my head is with more elected Republicans in congress than any other state how is it that the democrats have every statewide seat and majorities in both the state senate and legislature. Obliviously the dems are doing a juggling act with redistricting and cannot cover every seat through this process and chose to impact state politics over national ones, secondly as you have stated the voter rolls not being properly maintained, third the excess vote by mail ballots that are being mailed out because of the improperly maintained voter rolls and lastly digital equipment issues. I see organizations like Fix California and EIP CA taking on the challenge to bring light to these issues. Somehow this process to get to fair elections in California needs to be sped up. That to me is the real question. How do we see substantive change faster.

    1. Yes, Hal. As the co-founder of Home Depot (Bernie Marcus) says in this op-ed, we are experiencing a perfect storm of negativity in America (https://realclearwire.com/articles/2023/11/09/high_stakes_and_a_simple_choice_150037.html). Republicans cannot reform the electoral system on their efforts alone. It will require the help of Independents and Democrats as well – sad, but true. Unfortunately, at the present time, the Democrats are controlled by woke progressives – primarily Marxist ideologues; so no help there. How do we motivate more Independents to vote Republican in California? It will take a lot of work knocking on doors and knocking heads. I agree with Marcus that Donald Trump must be elected POTUS again. I agree with Cruz regarding Grenell. Ben Carson also did a good job in HUD imo. Recall that Cruz and Trump were bitter rivals in 2016 and, despite this, they are the best of friends now. In fact, Trump wanted to appoint Cruz to the SCOTUS. I am afraid that more of California will have to burn down, like the LA freeway, before the Independents and a few Democrats in California realize what you and I already know – that the electoral system stinks.

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