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Richard Grenell speaking young Americans, hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Fix California Says There is a Path to Change California

Grenell and Fix CA team invested in and completed a deep dive into California consumer and voter data

By Katy Grimes, July 29, 2021 4:08 pm

Mass irregularities in California’s registration and voting numbers continue to erode voter confidence, which is why Ric Grenell and his team at Fix California launched a statewide legal survey analyzing the current status of voter rolls throughout the state.

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Fix California  invested in and completed a deep dive into California consumer and voter data. They contacted 26 of the largest counties in California, and put them on notice that they plan to inspect records related to county voter list maintenance obligations, through California Public Records Act requests.

And if necessary, they are prepared to start suing counties.

In their deep dive, Fix California found some very interesting things, besides the 1.8 million more registered voters than California should have. Some California counties have an astoundingly high number of ineligible registrants:

Sacramento County: 36,737, Orange County: 92,014, San Diego County: 247,671, Los Angeles County: 1,138,910, even tiny Alpine County with 924 eligible citizens has 85 ineligible registrants.

Legal residents not registered to vote

Fix California has most recently identified more than 1.3 million legal residents who, according to detailed data modeling, suggest align with conservative ideas, but aren’t registered to vote.

This includes: 34,000 in Fresno County, 113,000 in Los Angeles County, 82,000 in San Diego County, and 37,000 in Sacramento County.

Fix California’s results show just how many discontented right-of-center voters may be in California having drifted from a Party they feel does not represent them or is not as relevant as it once was, said a former California Republican Central Party member who asked not to be named. Engaging more right-of-center and conservative minded voters could substantially change the state. If more of the conservatives vote in targeted races, it could force the Democrat Party to spend where they did not expect to have to campaign and spend.

While Fix California is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, the organization’s efforts could have a significant impact on influencing conservative policies.. With a number of U.S. House and state assembly and senate races decided on tight margins, these voters can make a significant impact on policy if they’re engaged and voting.

As Grenell recently told the Globe, this is exactly the model used by Stacey Abrams in Georgia. Grenell says he watched closely as Stacey Abrams came up with a 4-year plan to “fix” Georgia. “We thought at the time, ‘oh c’mon man,’” Grenell said. “But, we must understand her vision of 4-years… and now we have two Democratic Senators from Georgia – a (formerly) red state,” he said. “I want to do to California what she did to Georgia.”

“We’re not going to cheat like Abrams, but you’ve got to be in awe of what she accomplished.”

Grenell reports they have been strategically and systematically working to address all three pillars of Fix California : (1) Election Integrity, (2) Voter Registration, (3) Education Reform.

As Grenell says on the Fix California website, “Fix California is committed to pursuing longterm solutions that advance conservative ideas and causes through out the state. The left’s stranglehold on our state has decimated industries, families, and our way of life. In order to restore the promise of the Golden State, we must do the hard work now.”

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6 thoughts on “Fix California Says There is a Path to Change California

  1. “Fix California” is what this state needs to correct the progressive slide into oblivion.
    The challenge before us, right this moment aside from cleaning the voter rolls is the use of dominion voting machines which are susceptible to fraud! We have an election in 6 weeks with ballots being printed and mailed out in the next two weeks.

    Right,left, center, voter integrity should be very important to us all.
    Thank You to Fix California for shining the light on voter integrity.

    Newsom and crew will cheat! No doubt.

  2. Our State is much smaller than is shown on a map..Ca. State Govt only has jurisdiction over little more than half the land area within it’s borders..The remainder, about 45%, has been “Nationalized” by the Fed in the form of National Forests, National Seashores and National Monuments…Think of all the wealth locked up in these huge swaths of California !..Think of all the tax revenue the state is missing !


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