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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Twitter)

California Imposes Another Mask Mandate, Threatens Lockdowns, and Gov. Newsom Owns It

‘The stakes in the Recall are higher than ever’

By Katy Grimes, July 30, 2021 2:43 pm

Barely more than 40 days have passed since June 15, 2021 in California when most COVID restrictions were lifted. Californians were almost back to normal, enjoying summer, vacations, beaches and mountains, but it was too good to be true.

Some of us warned that as long as Gov. Gavin Newsom retained his emergency powers, which he has had for 488 days (since March 4, 2020), he could pull the rug out from under all 40 millions residents of the state on a whim if he was feeling cruel… or if polling didn’t look good for his future… or he needed a big diversion for a brewing scandal…

Following the July 28, 2021 State of California Department of Public Health Mandatory Mask ​Order, which adds a “recommendation” for universal masking indoors statewide, it also adds Adult and Senior Care Facilities where all individuals must wear masks indoors, and references new requirements for unvaccinated workers in the State Health Officer July 26 Order, Sacramento County couldn’t have joined the mask mandate any faster.

The July 30, 2021 Sacramento County Health Order directs that face coverings are to be worn, regardless of vaccination status, indoors in all of Sacramento County public settings.

Almost immediately, coffee houses, restaurants, grocery stores, and big box stores complied by dragging out their ill-tempered signs ordering customers that they would not be served unless they wear a face mask… although, you don’t have to wear the mask in the same place if you are eating. Go figure.

One would assume that business owners might have learned a hard lesson or two during the last 17 months of lockdowns, partial re-openings, more lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine shaming and coercion, statewide business lockdowns, school lockdowns, church lockdowns, permanent business closures, bankruptcies, and increased suicides and drug overdoses.

This is the Sacramento County COVID dashboard showing hospitalizations, “cases,” and emergency room visits. Where is the emergency in Sacramento’s 10 big hospitals? There is no basis, no data or science justifying this insane mandate and underlying threat of more lockdowns.

On July 30 2020, there were 90 in the ICU in Sacramento County. Today there are 38. On July 30, 2020, there were 281 hospitalized “cases.” Today there are 197. And remember, many of these then and now are people already in the hospital for another reason, but they also tested positive for COVID.

Sacramento County COVID dashboard. (Photo: saccounty.net/COVID)

This is the Sacramento County COVID dashboard showing demographics of “cases” and deaths, by sex, ethnicity and age. Note that of the “cases,” or those tested and found positive, the 20-29 age group is the highest. But when it escalates to hospitalization and then death, that age group all but drops from the chart and the 80+ age group dominates:

Sacramento County COVID dashboard. (Photo: saccounty.net/COVID)

Sacramento County has a population of 1,578,680. This is the vaccination status (below) of the county with 838,374 individuals vaccinated, and of those, 369,575 age 65+ are vaccinated:

Sacramento County COVID dashboard. (Photo: saccounty.net/COVID)

Some leadership, please?

For an example of leadership, SEIU President Richard Louis Brown, the newly elected head of California’s largest labor union SEIU Local 1000, which represents 100,000 of California’s 246,000 government employees, doesn’t support vaccine passports or masks in the workplace. SacBee.com reported:

The head of the largest union in California state government signaled on Wednesday that he intends to fight Gov. Gavin Newsom’s mandate that all state employees either provide proof of vaccination or else wear masks and submit to regular COVID-19 testing.

“Local 1000 Listens to You! Cease & Desist against GAVIN! Finally a REAL LABOR UNION fighting for ALL of its represented employees!” SEIU Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Brown’s tweet included a copy of a letter his union sent to the California Department of Human Resources, and it’s a doozy.

Most business owners are terrified of being shut down again. However, if they don’t even put up a fight, they will almost guarantee they will be shut down in the future at any time the state and local government tyrants feel like it.

Where does it stop? Not any time soon if Gov. Gavin Newsom has his way. Newsom issued a press statement Friday bragging about his vaccine and mask coercion successes: “Throughout the past week, some of California’s largest employers – both private businesses and local governments – have followed Governor Newsom’s lead in implementing vaccine and testing measures for employees,” Gov. Newsom said. “After California implemented new vaccine verification and testing requirements for state and health care workers on Monday, and with President Biden following suit this past Thursday, employers have implemented similar measures for thousands of employees throughout the state.”

Sacramento’s non-Strong-Mayor Darrell Steinberg complied instantly Tweeting, “I support Gov. @GavinNewsom in requiring #Covid vaccination or regular testing of employees. I believe we should do the same in @TheCityofSac for the sake of our employees and customers.” (Steinberg lost his election attempting to convince Sacramento voters he should be made a “strong Mayor.”)

San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher raced Mayor Steinberg to be first in the compliance line: “SD county will follow the lead of @GavinNewsom and the state of California in requiring vaccine confirmation for our workers.”

One-foot-out-the-door Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council President Nury Martinez “announced today that they would push for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for City employees, beginning with a requirement that workers either submit proof of vaccination or a weekly negative test.”

“The Delta variant is up to 60% more contagious. Now is the time to get vaccinated. It’s safe. It’s effective. And it can save your life,” Tweeted Dr. Gavin Newsom.

California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, who is running for Governor in the recall election, summed all of this up in a Tweet Friday: “The stakes in the Recall are higher than ever.”

As your Globe editor Tweeted Monday, “@GavinNewsom went from promoting herd immunity in CA to ‘We are now dealing with a pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ today. He said last week 76.6% of Californians have had the vaccine, ‘but that’s not good enough!’ How is 23.4% “a pandemic of unvaccinated?”

We’ve never before tested healthy Americans for a flu virus. During any given flu season, only 25%-27% of the population gets the flu shot. And many of those vaccinated still get the flu, as is happening with COVID. That makes 73% – 75% of the population unvaccinated during regular flu season.

We are only 23.4% unvaccinated in California for COVID. That’s pretty amazing… “but not good enough!” for Dr. Gavin Newsom.


This article has been updated to San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. We incorrectly identified him as Mayor. 

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89 thoughts on “California Imposes Another Mask Mandate, Threatens Lockdowns, and Gov. Newsom Owns It

  1. So they push for all to get the shot to prevent the spread of Covid19 and variants and now evidence is coming out that the “vaccinated” are carrying the same viral load and spreading it to the unvaccinated.
    Now how convinced should I be that the shot is safe and effective?? Asking for a friend of course.
    Is natural immunity even a consideration with the CDC, Gov Gavin and the CAPHD?

    Yet they will continue to shame/alienate employees and customers for not showing proof of “vaccination”.

    1. Natural immunity has proven less robust than that provided by the vaccines. Additionally, while vaccinated individuals may transmit the Delta variant of the virus, they suffer far less illness if infected.

      1. We at CA Globe don’t appreciate disinformation or BS. Even the NIH says “The immune systems of more than 95% of people who recovered from COVID-19 had durable memories of the virus up to eight months after infection.”
        And Israeli government data shows natural immunity from infection much stronger than vaccine-induced immunity. With a total of 835,792 Israelis known to have recovered from the virus, the 72 instances of reinfection amount to 0.0086% of people who were already infected with COVID. By contrast, Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection, with over 3,000 of the 5,193,499, or 0.0578%, of Israelis who were vaccinated getting infected in the latest wave.
        Vaccines are important and necessary, but are not the cure all in this virus, of which over 97% recover from COVID.
        NIH studies showed that natural infection induced a strong response, and their recent study now shows that the responses last… which is a good thing.

        1. Well that’s reassuring. I guess my mother really didn’t get the infection weeks after her first shot and then reinfected two months later while waiting the ninety days required by COVID patients before getting the vaccine. How can you look at the 600k deaths and still compare this to the flu? Go meet some long-haulers out there and then tell me “natural immunity” is the solution.

          1. Exactly! My family member is still ill over a year since contracting COVID! People acting like COVID is no big deal are wrong nor are they medical experts!

        2. @Katy: Nobody likes BS. Multiple studies are published comparing immune responses to the Delta variant from earlier (non-Delta) infection and recovery and immune responses in vaccinated people. Most vaxxed Californians received either Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines. People who received these vaccines have significantly stronger immune responses than those who recovered from an earlier infection but are unvaccinated. There are multiple journal articles to cite, here’s on that’s free-to-read: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-021-03777-9_reference.pdf

          I’ve tried to find the article you reference, but without a journal reference it’s hard to track down. When you claim “Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot,” you seem to be committing a common statistical error: You are comparing absolute numbers of infections in a country with far more vaccinated people than people with natural immunity. If, for example, Israel had vaccinated 100 percent of its population (it nearly did…), then 100 percent of infections would be among the vaxxed.

      2. The California Globe with Katy Grimes as editor at the helm has been a major source of truth-telling and myth-busting for Californians and the comments of readers often reflect their gratitude for this source.
        Peruse the archives on subjects such as COVID and homelessness and crime, not to mention water and energy and other such topics of inexplicable controversy and you will see for yourself. You might even learn something you hadn’t heard of or thought of before. Who knows?
        There will come a time in your life, too, when you will desperately need real facts, real science, and the truth, and I hope there will be someone left in California who has the courage to tell it to you. Meanwhile, as long as The Globe staff is on the job, never fear —- you’ll be in good shape.

        1. California Globe is a “Refreshing resource for truth” in uncertain times, and well, pretty much all the time!
          I appreciate their fortitude and fearless journalism.

          1. I second that!
            A couple of years back I was in search for truth and answers on the topic of homelessness.
            I am so grateful for the journalistic integrity found here on this site.
            If you want a different perspective from the 8 second sound bites on your local news station then this is the place. If you want an in depth perspective then this is your place.
            I ask you, what do you learn in 8 seconds?
            It is so important to do your own research and seek out the facts.
            Thank You again Katy and the entire staff.


        1. Knock on the door for what Mr. Brownshirt?
          For having a discussion?
          I think you have been hangin too long on twitter and facebook.
          I must say your comment is creepy and misdirected.

      3. What science is that??? Natural immunity always trumps vax.
        This is NOT a vax – as the numbers are way higher for “breakthroughs”.
        Those who’ve had the flu shoukd NOT be vaxxed – basic science 101.
        Those with breathing problems should NOT Abe wearing masks!!!
        Those with certain underlying conditions should NOT get the shot!!!

      4. Wrong! Research is showing that natural immu ity is just as strong at least 9 months later (that was the time frame if the study) after infection, with no signs of waining. Yet fauci is now talking about boosters because the injected’s immunity is already waining. The injected are just as susceptible to the so called delta garient, but evidence is looking like thise with natural immunity are not. So, stop listening ONLY to msm. The true statustics are out there.

    2. The whole mask or no mask thing is getting out of control, i work for a big box company we were told that we all have to ware mask again, but customer can shop or store with no mask and we can’t ask them if they have had there shots?

      1. Ha, ha, you were not kidding! Bring up masks and lockdowns and they come out of the woodwork. I also get a kick out of their intolerant jabs. Ouch????
        Did Gavin send out the union trolls?

    1. Those of you who have swallowed the line that vaxxed provides stronger protection that naturally acquired immunity are woefully misled. Get out of main stream media, peruse the studies, and get educated.

      Covid is nothing more than a bad flu. 99% recovery rate for those that get it. We had it and influenza was far worse. Even the CDC admitted that a mere 6% of supposed covid deaths were caused by covid only. And long-haulers? Exceedingly rare. The media loves to hype it for click bait and to push the fear agenda. If covid were as dangerous as the media and liberals claim, where are all the sick? Not in hospitals. Where are all the dead? The numbers are way down.

      My god people. Get over it.

  2. No lock downs have been threatened and mask wearing is a recommendation, a smart one in certain settings, and not a mandate. Schools may require them in the fall, looking likely if the surge continues. Your article is very misleading.

    1. Ummmm where have you been? LA county, yolo & now Sacramento have mandated masks again indoors. The state updated where they are continuing to mandate masks, hes threatened lockdowns if more people don’t get vaccinated, the CDPH has said they will be requiring masks for the 21-22 school year for some time

    2. No. MSM is misleading. You say masking up is only a recommendations. Well, try going into places where the establisment enforces it based on newsom’s “recommendation.” A mamdaye is not a law, but i have seen plenty of “store front” signs saying “it’s the law.”
      DROP ALL MANDATES and let us get on with our lives. The statistics don’t support newsom or his illegal mandates (what you are calling “recommendations.”)

  3. I’m disgusted with all Republicans. Do Californians really believe we’d be better off with GOP leadership? If you don’t like it here, leave!

    1. Not everyone can afford to leave? It doesn’t matter what party he’s in, he’s destroyed our state, and will keep us locked down and controlled as long as he’s in office. He’ll never give up his emergency powers because he makes to make whatever rules he wants for us, while he doesn’t follow them

    2. Fascist much? Nice representation of the “party of tolerance”. YOU leave first. Things will get better more quickly.

    3. @Sherry, take a breath and seriously consider the utter failure California has become under super majority democrat leadership. There is no other political party to blame for California’s demise. Your divisive perspective on political affiliation only allows corrupt political leadership to thrive. Honestly assess the decline of California and demand better government regardless of political party.

  4. Ummmm where have you been? LA county, yolo & now Sacramento have mandated masks again indoors. The state updated where they are continuing to mandate masks, hes threatened lockdowns if more people don’t get vaccinated, the CDPH has said they will be requiring masks for the 21-22 school year for some time

  5. A message with hope from Attorney Reiner Fuellmich, on one of the front lines fighting these crimes against humanity:

    Here is “… a story ….a German doctor told us last week. He wanted to withdraw money at an ATM and went to the lobby of a bank for that purpose. There stood an elderly woman wearing a mask, who fearfully backed away from him because he was not wearing a mask. She said he had to wear a mask because otherwise she was afraid of infecting herself and then her husband. The doctor told her ‘no’, she shouldn’t be afraid. And then he went up to her, took off her mask and took her in his arms. The woman began to cry and said that no one had hugged her for more than a year.”

    “That’s what this is all about. It is humanity versus inhumanity. We are human. We can laugh, cry, sing, dance and hug. The other side can’t. Because the other side has no access to the spiritual side.”

    “Therefore, without any doubt, the other — dark side — will lose this inhuman battle against life and creation.”

    Here is the 10 minute video with transcript:

    1. @FaithoverFear,
      Thank you for sharing.
      “Peace I leave you, My peace I give you; not as the world gives, do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, nor fearful.”-John 14:27

  6. Excellent and appropriately fiery piece from Katy Grimes, who continues to distinguish herself as one of the last sane reporters in the State of California. No kidding, where does it stop? Guess it will stop in Nowhere-Never-Land if Gruesome continues to jerk us around the way he has been for, what? 18 months? Is that right? I’ve lost track.

    Oh how I wish that whatever it is in the No-B.S. Leadership Variant that newly-elected SEIU President Richard Louis Brown caught would be as contagious as Delta —– and that it would spread to all the California politicians and bureaucrats and business owners and others who need to be infected with it.

  7. FYI Katy, “San Diego toady Mayor Nathan Fletcher” is really San Diego toady County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. However, actual San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria is also a toady. Either way, San Diego County Marxist Democrat “leaders” are just as bad as the rest of the California and U.S. Marxist Democrats. They’re all controlling communist America-last idiots. Any American citizen who goes along with these dictators is also part of the problem.

    1. I have to say I understand. It’s becoming more and more difficult every day to keep all the toadies straight.

  8. Victor Davis Hanson has written several great articles but this one needs to be re-posted so the lost generations get the true facts about communism.

    Are Americans becoming Sovietized?
    Here are 10 symptoms of Sovietism. Ask yourself whether we are headed down this same road to perdition. I’m going to copy/paste the first three symptoms.

    1. There was no escape from ideological indoctrination — anywhere. A job in the bureaucracy or a military assignment hinged not so much on merit, expertise or past achievement. What mattered was loud enthusiasm for the Soviet system.

    Wokeness is becoming our new Soviet-like state religion. Careerists assert that America was always and still is a systemically racist country, without ever producing proof or a sustained argument.

    2. The Soviets fused their press with the government. Pravda, or “Truth,” was the official megaphone of state-sanctioned lies. Journalists simply regurgitated the talking points of their Communist Party partners.

    In 2017, a Harvard study found that over 90% of the major TV news networks’ coverage of the Trump administration’s first 100 days was negative.

    3. The Soviet surveillance state enlisted apparatchiks and lackeys to ferret out ideological dissidents.

    Recently, we learned that the Department of Defense is reviewing its rosters to spot extremist sentiments. The U.S. Postal Service recently admitted it uses tracking programs to monitor the social media postings of Americans.

    To read the rest of the article here is the link:


    2. I’m Soviet born myself. In the Soviet system government employees even on the lowest level had immense power over the population. The same with store managers (think masks).

      I find that Sovietization is cultural, not just Sovietized institutions. Americans failed to read their own Constitution and believe that whatever TV and government clerks spit out is literally law. I couldn’t reason that CA executive orders can’t override laws and have to be signed by the governor to be valid. But he said it on TV and Twitter, this is an order! We have to obey the laws written by health departments!

  9. You are an idiot Natural immunity is the gold standard and these so called vaccines do not provide any protection as its being proven in Israel and throughout the world.

    1. @MD: Can you quote a journal article or authoritative source for the Israeli data? I haven’t been able to find it.

      1. @Kirk: No, a journal article or a web page reporting actual study results, please. The kind with materials, methods, analysis and results. There are a lot of them. Twitter handles are notorious for misinformation. If you’ve found evidence, why can’t you share it?

          1. @OFUCG: Thank you. However, I don’t see anywhere in that text where it compares natural immunity and vaccine immunity. Instead, it reports extremely high effectiveness of vaccination. If anything, the article you posted concludes *precisely the opposite* of what @MD and other anti-vaxxers claim it says. “A small minority of fully vaccinated BNT162b2 recipients might still develop severe SARS-CoV-2 infection despite the vaccine’s high effectiveness, with need for in-patient care.”

  10. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it:

    This thing is the 55mph all over again, complete with the endless agenda-driven debates, cherry picked and/or falsified data points and the odd emotional appeal. As with the 55, the groups and persons who benefit from it simply do not want to let it go.

    The difference between it and the 55 is that it affects the true basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Deny people access to those unless and until they have a mask, add in the frustrations of a failing economy and diminished livelyhoods, and then top it off with a lack of cultural cohesion, and well it’s Tainter all over again.

    One. Good. Kick. That’s all it will take. A sudden psychological critical mass, a tipping point. And all the stores and other businesses that have mistreated their customers and employees with this mask and vaccine mandate nonsense will find themselves looted and then burned to the ground.

    Think of the maskless protestors roaming through the Trader Joe’s writ very, very large, and you’ll have the right idea. Add to it the realization that they can shoplift anything that they want without consequences. And if the mob is big enough, even the police will leave them alone.

    And all because the clueless elites who dream up this crap then try and enforce it think that they’re immune from it’s consequences.

    Off on a bit of a rant here. Sorry about that.

    Just a thought.


  11. This is the exact misinformation of facts which has kept us and will keep us in crisis. This echo chamber of misinformation and kookiness defies common sense. Our numbers are rising and a few simple steps can be taken to get them back under control.

    1st get vaccinated. 2nd wear a mask indoors when not eating or drinking and out in public. 3rd stop lying. (If you’re not vaccinated and a business says you must wear a mask to enter wear the damn mask!

    This is nothing more than a republican hit piece skewing the numbers to fit the narrative, Republican BS. You had your chance when our liar in chief took office and he left this nation much worse than he got it. That is not a recipe for California nor is Florida and Texas’ pathetic leadership. Republicans will lose here despite your efforts because unfortunately for your party, educated folks realize, logic and common sense has vanished from your leaders. It’s been replaced by a wonton disregard of public health, greed, and all out pandering for votes at any cost (see Trump). This article is the epitome of why social media has hurt our nation.

    1. If you want to see “kookiness,” look around the destroyed State of California under Democrat, really Marxist, rule, then come back and tell us those policies are good or that the devastation doesn’t exist. Then if you continue to defend such destructive policies take a good look at yourself in the mirror and realize your gaslighting isn’t working on Californians anymore.

      1. Showandtell you know better than to try to talk sense to someone with a brainwashed narrow mind! LOL

    2. Feels like a descent of paid trolls today (on taxpayer’s $$?) The article shows government data, straight from the horse’s mouth. There is no crisis. Everybody who failed to notice those graphs either didn’t read the article (paid to write, not to read) or has a crisis in their head.

  12. Surprise surprise you don’t have a real comments section. It’s filtered to allow what you want others to see. Pathetic!

    1. John, what exactly was filtered? What exactly is a “real comments section?” Did you post something that was deleted? I doubt it because I once posted something on this site and thought it was deleted but they responded right away when I mentioned it and Katy Grimes explained what happened immediately and my post did appear! This site prides itself on TRANSPARENCY! You just must be one of those people that think the truth is on such reliable sources such as twitter, tik Tok, or Facebook. Right? That is where the truth is? No filtering/deleting/suspending accounts on those sites, right? We welcome your input, good , bad or ugly!

  13. The radical leftist totalitarian “government” is kept in place through welfare and election fraud. It’s nothing normal people want, who aren’t on the dole in some fashion (i.e. welfare and/or public sector).

    1. Facts don’t matter to you, do they? If they suddenly do it would be the first time. Forgive me for coming to the conclusion after all of this time of scientific observation that all you care about is digging your jackboot into my neck forever.

    2. Gina, why don’t you decide that for yourself? If you don’t like what you read, then don’t visit the site? Leave your comment and on move on to first grade.

  14. The 40% to 60% more infectious numbers and the R0 of 6 to 7 number that keeps getting quoted in the media for the Delta variant are from the UK . From a group of people at Imperial College London who have a very long history going back decades of infectious disease models that have been completely and totally wrong.

    The R0 estimate of 6 to 7 for Delta is based on an R0 value for the Alpha variant of 4 which the leader of the Imperial College group Prof Ferguson pulled out of thin air last year. It had no basis in any published clinical data. He made it up. Because it made his model predictions more dramatic and he got lots of media time. Which is why all Imperial models have been grotesquely wrong in overstating the effects of the COVID.

    Prof Ferguson is a straight up charlatan.

    When you put in the true value R0 value < 1.4, the highest possible Delta variant R0 is around 2.25. About the same as a novel seasonal flu variant. The actual Case Fatality Rate is about the same. As expected with these sort of variants at this stage of endemic spread. Lower IFR, equivalent CFR.

    The CDC panic last week about Delta which was the basic of the new mask mandate was based on a single cluster outbreak a few weeks ago where most of the people diagnosed as "cases" were gay males who participated in a what was little more than a weekend long sex party. Which is about as worse case scenario for an infectious disease as you can get. Zero relevance to real world spread.

    Thats the basic of the Delta story. Charlatans , cover up and total scientific incompetence.

  15. you know this could all be taken care of quickly and easily if Gavin Newsom just left the state…

      1. I bet he sneaks in and out of Montana under cover of darkness using an assumed name. No one in Montana is going to put up with his shit. Imagine ol’ Frat Boy in a Montana winter. He would not last one day.

        1. Yeah, imagine Gruesome trying to get his state-of-the-art pot-bellied stove up and running. And his frozen gelled hair. And the wife and kids whining they miss California. No wineries and no French Laundry. Good luck

  16. SHOW US THE SCIENCE! …Oh wait, he can’t (too complex, we might misinterpret…Ha, ha!)
    We have real scientists too, Friend. Watch Reiner Fuellmich interview with Dr. David Martin; Dr. Rand Paul;
    Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA; Kary Mullis (RIP), inventor of PCR test; Rice University Research on vax…
    Graphene Oxide in conjunction with 5G making you ill, also spike proteins set off heart/lung protein storm; Frontline Doctors Federal lawsuit with Thomas Renz, and many more. Also, Judicial Watch lawsuit, as CA Administration is requesting social media to censor dissent.

    1. Good point Marilyn, the spike proteins also attach to dormant cancer cells and awaken them post chemo and radiation treatment to another rapidly growing tumor. I can say this as my daughters best friend who has been in remission for 25 years got the COVID EUA as her job mandated it and she didn’t want to be on government assistance, she wanted to work. Here we are 4 weeks later, she has been sick since the second EUA COVID shot, tumor now is back and grown at such a rapid pace, she starts the most aggressive chemo and radiation on Monday. It is a long sad story. But she now is undergoing massive medical treatments, no job, no health insurance, all because she wanted to do the right thing.

      1. I have to add if you go on Moderna website you can read that the EUA COVID shot has not been administered or is not included in the lab rat (human) studies for immunosuppressed, transplant, chemo recipients past and present. It says No Information. Their trials are only on “healthy adults.” And those studies are not even complete. And our government wants to mandate people to get this shot or lose their livelihood and request our house to research if it is legal to do so? How is this OK? Our current administration is the pandemic, they are killing America not COVID.

        1. Very sorry to hear about this, Stacy. May your daughter’s friend be well. Will say a prayer..

    2. @Marilyn: Yes, please show us the science. “Dr. David Martin” is by many sources outed as a hoaxer. Has he actually published his information in a peer-reviewed journal? Nature? JAMA? Cell? Science?

  17. I am hopeful that the American people have learned a lesson, and are now ready to stand up, say ’No’, and refuse to comply. We are about to find out.

  18. I made a bet with a colleague when the state opened back up Newsom would shut it all back down by the end of the year. Looks like I will probably win that bet. The majority of Californians don’t have the backbone or fortitude to stand up to the tyranny of this administration. I’m sure I will eventually have to move back to the southern part of the US in order to enjoy the benefits of being American and living in a free country.

    1. Just came back from there, Luke. I felt like I was in another country, America. My stress level dropped immensely! California is far from America, it is no longer a “free” state.

  19. In order to keep anarchy going and the economy collapsing they must impose anther shutdown by the time school starts. Newsom thinks all this destruction will somehow keep him in office. Think again moron.

  20. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. You can manipulate data to show whatever you want it to show. That is why raw data is so important as well as all the assumptions and conditions.

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