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Assemblyman Corey A. Jackson. (Photo: a60.asmdc.org/biography)

AB 657: California Candy Tax

The bill proposes a tax of $0.05 on the distribution of candy in California to be allocated to the Mental Health Services Fund

By Chris Micheli, March 26, 2023 8:19 am

Assembly Bill 657  by Assemblyman Corey Jackson (D-Riverside) was amended to impose a candy tax in California. The tax of $0.05 on the distribution of candy in California would be allocated to the Mental Health Services Fund. AB 657 would add Part 13.8 (commencing with Section 31210) to Division 2 of the Revenue and Taxation Code. It would require a 2/3 vote of both houses of the California Legislature in order to go into effect.

The bill would add Part 13.8, which would be entitled the “Mental Health Services Funding Act.” The bill would define the following terms: “candy” (“a preparation of sugar, honey, or other natural or artificial sweeteners in combination with chocolate, fruits, nuts, or other ingredients or flavorings in the form of bars, drops, or pieces”), “candy tax,” “department,” “distribution,” “distributor,” “in this state,” “retail sale,” and “untaxed candy.”

The bill would require a distributor to pay a tax upon the distributor’s distributions of candy at the rate of five cents ($0.05) for each untaxed candy distributed. All revenues and penalties from the candy tax would be deposited into the newly-created Candy Tax Fund. All of the amounts in the Candy Tax Fund would be continuously appropriated to the Mental Health Services Fund.

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) would be authorized to adopt regulations related to the candy tax. CDTFA would collect the candy tax.

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9 thoughts on “AB 657: California Candy Tax

  1. We already went through this back when Wilson was the boss, they called it the “snack tax”
    Why not tax gouda cheese? It is known to cause gout!
    These arrogant people deciding what is good to eat and what is not!

  2. Assemblyman Corey Jackson is doing what Democrats always do and that’s raise taxes. The taxes raised on candy would supposedly be allocated to the Mental Health Services Fund, but Democrats in the legislature have a long history of raiding funds and using them for purposes other than originally intended? Corey Jackson also pushed the controversial Assembly bill 42 that would ban use of K-9s for arrests and crowd control. Since when were dogs racist? Corey Jackson likes to be addressed as Dr. Corey Jackson because he has a Doctor of Social Work degree. He’s another Democrat who has moved from one government job to another. He’s never run or started a business and would probably starve if he tried? He’s a burden on taxpayers.

    1. Another controversial bill is his AB 1078 that would prohibit local school boards from banning or not adopting curriculums unless they received state approval and it also requires school boards to receive state approval before removing books or other publications from school libraries. He’s a dangerous Marxist ideologue and a racist black supremacist.

    2. Excellent to identify this nutso one-man wanna-be wrecking ball as the ‘get rid of K-9s’ guy.
      That he and whoever is backing him want to get rid of valuable K-9 officers is probably all we need to know about how USELESS he is as a CA legislator.

  3. Candy packaging is already a quarter the size (shrinkflation) it once was, and he’s targeting distributors to get a
    larger chunk up-front, which in turn is passed on to customers. 40% of products in grocery stores contain corn
    syrup, obviously Dems purchase the greatest quantity, their minds are gone! The irony is heroine users going thru withdrawals probably consume the most candy (mental health?). And those K-9 officers are needed, especially with the intentional influx of drugs, they probably fear their govt distributors being bit (LOL). Notice
    they’re not concerned with free and fair elections… ERIC, Dominion, ES&S all still in play.

  4. So it looks like fruit cake would be taxed. That’s appropriate, because the Assembly person introducing this is a fruit cake.

    Thanks to California Globe for giving us the heads up on these ridiculous bills BEFORE they are passed, so we can all complain to our representatives about the stupidity of them.

  5. Corey Jackson AKA The Candy (tax) Man

    🎶Who can take a sunrise (who can take a sunrise)
    Sprinkle it with dew (sprinkle it with dew)
    Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two?

    🎵Who can take away your dollars
    Sprinkle them here and there
    Cover it in sugar coated lies🎶

    The Candy (tax) Man can , that’s who.

    He came for the dogs, he came for the candy, he will come for your toys.

  6. Why not just replace the skittles at Halloween with Prozac and Adderall packages?

    “Mental Health Services” are just drug industry kickbacks.

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