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California Dept. of Public Health ads pushing Covid vaccines and masks. (Photo: cdph.ca.gov)

The Weight of COVID

California’s oppressive system also turned out to not be properly targets at the highest-risk groups

By Thomas Buckley, March 26, 2023 9:09 am

It turns out that around the world, around the nation, and in California itself the severity of the impact of catching COVID was not equally distributed and, like most other diseases, it struck certain groups harder than others.

In COVID’s case, it was the old and the obese.

While it was strongly suspected from early on in the pandemic that the elderly and unhealthy – specifically the obese – were the most vulnerable populations, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his fellow pandemicists downplayed the risk differential in favor of an “Everyone’s Gonna Die!!” public message specifically tailored to enforce the lockdown, masking, social distancing, and vaccination dictates they had created.

While there are many not-at-all flattering theories as to why this happened – money, power, elections, the ability to increase societal surveillance while simultaneously limiting long-sacred personal freedoms, etc. – it cannot be forgotten that Fauci took much the same tack, an “everyone is at similar risk, so bow down before my bureaucratic expertise” strategy, in his handling of the emergence of AIDS.

The “sun rises in the west” denial of the efficacy of natural immunity and the soft-pedaling of the well-established fact that the obese are particularly vulnerable to airborne viruses as they tend to have reduced respiratory capacity and less well-functioning T-cells engendered by such a strategy led to resources being diverted from high-risk populations, causing untold suffering.  

As with nursing homes being forced to accept COVID patients, and not just in New York – this “equity of risk” idea was – from the relatively early stage of the pandemic – clearly not the best way to save lives and limit societal damage; it was, in fact, the opposite.

Three years from the closure of society, the numbers available now are crystal clear – age and weight mattered more than Fauci let on.

(Note – there is much debate over the accuracy of pretty much every number related to the pandemic.  However, for the purposes of this article –  which is to compare similarly obtained statistics – that issue is less relevant.  In other words, while the apples may be bruised and wormy it remains an apples-to-apples comparison.)

Internationally, it is almost assuredly not a coincidence that the countries – mostly Asian nations  that have lower rates of obesity also had lower rate of COVID deaths. The numbers do not track exactly, but the trend is quite clear and it becomes clearer moving closer to home.

Of the five most obese states in the America, three of them also ranked in the highest death rate top five – the other two placed sixth and eleventh.

Looking at the five thinnest states, three of the top six are also in the “six lowest rate of COVID deaths” category.

California and Florida have surprisingly similar – and relatively low – obesity rates and both preformed about the same when comparing death rates, despite the vastly less tyrannical approach Florida took to the pandemic.

In California, the ethnic demographic with the lowest obesity rate – Asian-Americans – had a significantly lower death rate. In fact, the Asian population was the only demographic group whose death rate was lower than its percentage of the state population.

The numbers break out as follows:

  • the Hispanic share of the population is 39%, their obesity rate is 37%, and their death rate (i.e. the percentage of the total number of deaths – about 100,000 –  in the state) was 42% (again, 42% of total deaths, not 42% of all Hispanics.) 
  • For white people, their share of the population is 37%, their obesity rate is 26%, and the death rate was 36%.  The black percentage of state population is 6%, the obesity rate is 40%, and the death rate was 7%.
  • Quite differently, Asians make up 15% of Californians, have an obesity rate of 10%, and a death rate of only 11%, making this demographic group the only one in the state – across all delineated age brackets as well – to have a death rate lower than its share of the state’s population.

The age group statistics show definitively the vastly increased risk of dying from COVID for the elderly.

66% of Californians are under the age of 50; they accounted for 8% of the deaths.  4% of the population is over 80 years old – they accounted for 38% of the deaths (again, the Asian “advantage” holds true for every age group.)

And vaccination rates do not seem to be as accurate as death rate predictors as age and weight.  Asians under 50 were far more likely to be vaccinated than other demographic groups and a bit more likely when aged between 50 and 64. The vaccination rate difference disappears entirely for those over 65, again hinting at the oversized role obesity played.

But – as with the national response – California’s oppressive system also turned out to not be properly targeting the highest-risk groups.  True, vaccinations were made available by age and health status, but little else about the state’s overbearing response actually took into account known elevated risks.

For confirmation of that “once size fits all,” Fauci-esque approach, one only has to look at the public service announcements and other information aired by the state.

Here’s a short public service announcement (PSA) on how art can be used to convince people to get vaccinated:  

And here’s a look at students being happy to be able to graduate and animated lesbians:

And no PSA campaign would be complete with the First Partner feeling the public’s pain urging everyone (unless you’re going to the French Laundry with a bunch of donors) to stay home:

Broadcasting a message that is absolutely wrong was a common theme of California’s public campaigns.  

Here’s one on age doesn’t matter when it comes to risk:

And one on celebrating holidays properly:

And one on how wearing a mask shows you care about other people:

And, finally, an ad telling people to stay home (I think – it’s very odd):

Around the world, COVID was bad for most people, though very very good for others like the Davos crowd, the censorship-industrial complex, and people like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Keeping high-risk elderly people all together was not a wise idea, nor – if you wanted to keep people happier, healthier and thinner –  was immobilizing people in their homes.

You would think – what with the crippling of society for years to come – they could have at least known how to save more lives.

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13 thoughts on “The Weight of COVID

  1. if you couldn’t survive the flu, you couldn’t survive covid. while the IFR for covid was higher in people 65 or older (because of their inherently compromised immune systems) it was flu-like or less for everyone else (except for the obese). Just eat well, get some exercise and most likely you’ll be fine. And you won’t avoid getting it, so being in shape is even more important. btw…if you take steps to avoid dying from covid, you also reduce the number one killer of americans, which is heart disease. it’s a win-win (at least if you’re not a drug company).

  2. More proof that my rule of thumb is 100% accurate. Whatever the Democrats say, it’s exactly the opposite.

  3. The whole point of Covid was to coerce people into taking the clot shot. Australia has seen a 5,000 percent increase in excess deaths due to the shot. Fausti is the worlds worst mass murderer.

  4. This pandemic response will be a stain on our society for years to come.
    I hope future generations will learn from it and never repeat the actions taken by our so called public health leaders.

  5. Back in October of 2021, The Éxposé published a report on data found in the USA’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), which reveals that 100% of COVID-19 vaccine deaths had been caused by just 5% of the batches – batches that can be identified. And these deadly batches were not distributed evenly. The top 8 states with the highest vaccination death rate, Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, Montana, Alaska, North Dakota, Wyoming and Tennessee are all Red States. 19 of the top 24 on the list are Red States and California has been the least affected by the deadly lots of COVID vaccine. “The numbers show that Kentucky has a 1,900% worse vacination death rate than the Democrat-controlled California, suggesting the Republican state received 20 times the amount of deadly batches of COVID-19 vaccine than the Democrat-controlled state received.” Florida, number 20 on the list of most vaccine deaths per vaccination received three times the amount of deadly batches than California, with its vaccination death rate at 200% higher than California’s.

  6. Pfizer in court stated the following: ‘Please dismiss this case, Judge, we did not defraud the government, we
    delivered the fraud the government ordered.’ We also know the severity of the bioweapon varied by demographics due to ‘Lot #s’ intentionally delivered to said demographics. The hospital ‘protocols’ which were paid a handsome profit, especially resulting in Remdisivir (Midalozam) ventilator deaths were horrific genocide. We change our consciousness to defeat it… Psychopaths exist from the absence of love. They lack ‘Empathy’- the inability to put themselves in the experience of others they are affecting (a normal person has a fail-safe mechanism). Psychopaths lack compassion, the words ‘they would never do that’ don’t apply to them, they get
    off on the pain they create. California govt is rife with the ‘evil inversion’. We are the LOVE they can never be, and
    can never destroy! God has already won!

  7. Oh sorry, forgot one of the most important traits of a Psychopath… they lie, and lie, and lie (Liars!) to get what
    they want. Their narratives are not by accident, they want you to accept them as a ‘Conclusion’ without
    processing all available information, hence the ‘fact-checkers’ (the same people providing the narrative) and
    their need for censorship.

  8. Risk for elderly in contrast to non elderly was crystal clear early on. Information of obesity could have been available, too and should have been!

  9. And let’s not EVER forget that the “Covid death” count was a manufactured, inflated number based upon the COMPLETE MISUSE of the PCR test that was administered,OVERLY AGGRESSIVELY, at way too many cycles to be anywhere near accurate, in order to create the hysteria and fear to make the population willing to take their experimental gene-modification concoction.
    Remember when they tried bribing us with free donuts, tickets to events and cash lotteries to line up like cattle to get injected???
    This entire exercise was done with malicious intent, I suspect ultimately to destroy the booming Trump economy and Presidency, usurp traditional personal liberties via draconian lockdowns, and introduce CBDC’s and vaccination passports to track and control people like cattle to be slaughtered….
    And the World Economic Forum organizers and other wealthy, satanic eugenecists (Bill Gates) are largely behind this societal and economic upgeaval, for their own benefit.

  10. Because of related medical factors I fall into the “higher risk” category. I refused from the beginning to get the faux vaccine. About six months ago I caught Covid 19. It was no big deal, As a child various influenzas were much herder on me. I’m the lucky one now. I’m self-immunized. I caught Covid and my natural body response makes me far safer than the rest of the multi-jab population.

  11. Well said in 2023 – but not said in 2020. When ‘covid’ rolled out EVERYONE went along with it. Nobody asked questions or thought critically. I was outspoken from day 1 – organizing protests, contacting experts, speaking at public meetings, sending literature to the home addresses of public health officers. It wasn’t hard to find contrary and cautious views such as John Ioannides at Sanford (here is an article from March 24, 2020: https://off-guardian.org/2020/03/24/12-experts-questioning-the-coronavirus-panic/), and I printed out quotes from them and put them up with fliers and put thousands of them on streetpoles during the lockdown. By May 2020, the German governement leaked a report by a blue ribbon panel of experts Corona was a “global false alarm.” That should have been the end of it. Where was everyone else?

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