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California State Capitol. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California Denies Parents the Right to Raise Their Children – Welcome to 1984

‘The push to have kids permanently change their bodies is the real form of child abuse’

By Ed Brodow, September 8, 2023 7:52 am

A new California law makes it a crime if you don’t accept your child’s choice of gender identity. “The bill could potentially make you guilty of child abuse if you refuse to call your son ‘Jane’ and buy him dresses,” said Bob Hoge in RedState. “Authorities could take away your kid if you don’t bend the knee.”

California’s controversial Assembly Bill 957, which requires parents to affirm their child’s gender identity or lose custody, passed the state Senate. The standard of the well-being of a minor is being changed to “include a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.” Now that it’s passed the Senate, the Assembly will need to agree, which the heavily Democratic legislative body assuredly will. Then it heads to Governor Newsom, who will almost certainly sign it since he endorses gender politics.

A group of dysfunctional people allege that they can change their birth sex and instead of calling them out, our society accepts it and our government uses it as a tool to destroy the nuclear family. California wants to impose sex changes on children who are too young to make an informed decision about their sexuality. Doctors will be forced to treat these children with puberty blockers, hormonal treatments, and sex surgeries. 

“Society has accepted a destructive lie that you can create your own reality and define your own identity,” says author Ben Shapiro. “Children should not be subjected to the whims of politically driven adults when it comes to massive bodily mutilation that impairs function for a lifetime—all before the child has experienced puberty,” says Shapiro. “And society should not be obligated to obey the gender theory nonsense of the radical left, which seeks to confuse as many children as possible in the name of an anti-biological program in service to a political agenda.”

“Transgender isn’t real,” explains Kara Dansky, women’s advocate and author of The Abolition of Sex. “It was simply made up. Words like gender identity don’t have any meaning. Every single human being is either a male person or a female person.” Despite the obvious truth of Dansky’s statement, we have reached a place where to state the obvious gets you attacked as a child abuser. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says what most of us are thinking—the push to have kids permanently change their bodies is the real form of child abuse. 

Transgenderism does not describe a marginalized group of people who need civil rights protection, Dansky says. On the contrary, “The so-called transgender agenda is being fueled by a massive, vicious, and well-funded industry in the guise of a civil rights movement. It is all a lie,” Dansky argues. “The obliteration of the material reality of biological sex should scare everyone.”

There is no “right” that says you can demand whatever you want. If I identify as a rhinoceros, it is not reasonable for me to demand that everyone ought to agree with me. In fact, it would be ludicrous if anyone agreed with me. My mental state would rightly be open to question. Why do our elected representatives ignore reality by glorifying the delusions of people who think they can change their birth sex?

We have the right to disagree. Parents especially have the right to question children who adopt ridiculous notions about their sexuality. Up to the age of puberty, our kids have all sorts of weird ideas about who they are. The function of parents is to decide what is best for their children. The big question is, why would our elected representatives want to deprive parents of their right to function as parents?

The answer lies in the ultimate aim of the Left, which is to impose maximum control over the individual. Our country is based on the notion that individual rights take precedence over unlimited governmental power. We are at a dangerous moment in American history in which individual freedom is under attack. One way for the Left to achieve its objective is by destroying the nuclear family. In California, the family is being crushed by laws supporting false gender theories and denying parents the right to raise their kids.

Should adults be allowed to choose their sexual identity? Yes. The real question is, should their decision be binding on the rest of us? If a man is sufficiently deluded to believe he is a woman, we have the right to disagree without facing government coercion. That is doubly true when it comes to protecting children from making disastrous decisions about their bodies. A distinction must be made between consenting adults and immature children, who are easy marks for destructive leftist ideology.

California politicians want to destroy the family by convicting concerned parents of child abuse. It is time for parents to vote these sick politicians out of office.

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6 thoughts on “California Denies Parents the Right to Raise Their Children – Welcome to 1984

  1. Tranz’ing children is modern day child sacrifice.

    It’s also very profitable. Every tranz child is worth ~$1.5 million to big pharma, “doctors,” and “hospitals.”

  2. Appreciated this piece, which puts the fallout from the shocking passage of AB 957 in a nutshell.
    It remains to be seen if our loathsome governor will sign this horror-show and make it law. Given his undeniable presidential aspirations, it would appear to be an extremely foolish and self-destructive move. But Californians are also well-acquainted with Newsom’s puffed-up arrogance and megalomania, as well as the passes he is endlessly given by most of the press and other institutions, so I doubt it would surprise any of us if he believes he can fast-talk and slither his way around giving a thumbs-up to such a monstrous law. And that’s IF he is even challenged about it.
    I’m confident the vast majority of people are NOT on board with these monstrous lies that are being cemented into law and not only in our state. It seems to me the central problem is that most people simply believe —- because of the many ways elections have been and are being rigged with impunity —- they are no longer ABLE to vote out the creeps responsible for bombarding us with societal and economic destruction and chaos. But whether THAT situation will change for the better also remains to be seen, and of course many of us hope and pray it will. But it’s not looking good at the moment, is it.

  3. This will not be the end – its part of the “community” raised plan and where man thinks they can overrule God’s creation.

  4. When did children become an adult at birth????

    Why did they stop there, hell if my kid does not like the medication I’m giving them for a cold, are they going to call the cops and have me arrested? You could apply this dumbass bill to anything a kid feels!

  5. Instead of referring to it as a “California law,” Ed Brodow should have emphasized in the article two Democrats authored this bill, that’s only Democrats are almost uniformly behind this bill, and it will only be Democrats who pass it.

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