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Assemblywoman Lori Wilson (D-Suisun City), at Sen. Judiciary Committee hearing. (Photo: senate.ca.gov)

Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Bill to Require Parents ‘Affirm’ Trans Children

Senator Wilk warns parents to flee the state

By Katy Grimes, June 13, 2023 4:40 pm

The California Senate Judiciary Committee just heard and passed Assembly Bill 957 by Assemblywoman Lori Wilson (D-Suisun City), in which a parent could lose custody for not “affirming” or agreeing to a child’s claims about gender identity.

The bill, co-authored by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), would require judges adjudicating such disputes over transgender-identifying children to favor the parent who “affirms” the child’s preferred identity in custody cases.

Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Hundreds of parents attended the hearing to oppose the bill, but none of that mattered to the Democrats who voted to pass the bill.

Assemblywoman Wilson said her bill, acknowledging “TGI” kids (transgender, gender diverse, intersex), was needed to address “parents antagonistic to their child’s gender identity.”

Several statistics about trans children and suicide were used in the arguments supportive of AB 957, including 1-in-5 trans/binary youth attempted suicide last year, and fewer than 1-in-3 trans kids have gender affirming homes. There was no supporting documentation to these claims.

So naturally, California wants to mandate “gender affirming” support.

Witnesses in support of AB 957 said “gender affirming” is nothing more than allowing the child to wear the opposite sex clothing and use the opposite sex name they identify with. Except that the bill will allow the courts to be able to accept reports of gender “abuse” of a child from “progressive activist organizations.”

As the Globe reported Monday:

“This bill clarifies that a family court, when determining the best interest of the child in a proceeding to determine custody or visitation for a child, shall consider, as part of the consideration of the health, safety, and welfare of the child, a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity,” the 06/09/23- Senate Judiciary bill analysis says.

So imagine a child of parents going through a contentious divorce, feeling confused, responsible for the breakup, and wanting the parents to get back together, announces that she is really a he. Under Wilson’s and Wiener’s bill, the parents must drop everything and provide “gender affirming care” if they want to see their child.

The opposition to AB 957 was interesting – hundreds of parents, many Latino parents, numerous nurses and some clergy. There were also many who announced they were Democrats from San Francisco and Los Angeles who drove to Sacramento to express their opposition. And parents made sure to tell their elected Senators if they were constituents.

One woman said as she was walking away from the microphone, “Nobody loves my child more than me.”

Sen. Scott Wilk. (Photo: wilkforca.com)

Perhaps the highlight was when Senator Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) addressed the committee, the bill’s author, and parents in the hearing room. He said in his 11 years in the California Legislature there have been many bills protecting children. However he said, “Now we need one to protect parents” if they don’t support positions of the government.

“If you love your child, you need to flee California,” Sen. Wilk added. “I’m going to move to America when I finish in the Legislature.” (that means out of California)

The committee passed AB 957 on a party line vote, 8-1. We will update the vote when all committee members have voted.

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33 thoughts on “Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Bill to Require Parents ‘Affirm’ Trans Children

  1. As Katy pointed out that there were hundreds of parents who attended the hearing to oppose the bill, but none of that mattered to the Democrats who voted to pass the bill. Like most Democrats in the legislature, Assemblywoman Lori Wilson and Sen. Scott Wiener are dangerous radical leftist ideologues with polarizing personalities. Concerned parents need to be made aware of this dangerous legislation and put a stop to it ASAP through social media, parent groups, churches, etc.

    1. That someone who is a Democrat would drive from L.A. to Sacramento to oppose this beyond-outrageous bill is very telling and actually rather heartening as well as indicative of the depth of the distress and bi-partisan blow-back about it. Which makes perfect sense!

      Yes, the Dem/Marxists on the Senate Judiciary Committee (with the exception of Sen Scott Wilk, a Republican) were determined to shove this through in spite of all. Why is that? Why oh why are these Dem/Marxists not shaking in their boots about losing their seats if their Dem constituencies are going to such lengths to oppose this bill — in addition to Repubs and Independents? Hmm…

      And by the way, why the heck is Sen Scott Wiener, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, allowed to vote on a bill that he co-authored? Never mind, that’s the “California Way,” isn’t it.

      This horrible bill still has to pass the Senate. We need to CALL our Senator, whether Dem or Repub, and let them know we oppose this bill and expect them to oppose it too, and Vote NO on it when the time comes. Repub Senators, assuming they will oppose this bill, likely would also be glad to hear from us that we support their opposition to this disgusting slap in the face to Californians.

      Find your senator here, and call their office (Sacramento seems best?) to let them know you oppose AB 957:

      1. Showandtell, it will be interesting to see if this bill lands on Newsom’s desk. If it does his knickers will be in a bind. If he signs it he can kiss his presidential aspirations goodbye. But I suspect the Dem cabal knows that and this whole evil charade is nothing more than genuflecting to the alphabet mob.

        1. Such a good point, Fed Up, and it WILL be interesting to see what the running-for-prez-denier Gavin Newsom will do should this bill pass (God forbid) and end up on his desk.
          And yet —- just a side note —- it remains odd that Dem politicians continue go along with this stuff. It’s suicidal, really. Because one way or another it ultimately won’t work for them. Even though I can think of many explanations for it and I’m sure you can too, from simply conforming to pressure on the spot to money rewards to caving to threats from “the globalists,” in the end why would any politician so readily do the bidding of that tiny percentage of alphabet people when the majority of the state’s citizenry passionately rejects this stuff? But that’s another topic for another time, I think. 🙂

  2. “If you love your child, you need to flee California,” said Republican Sen. Wilk. How about Assemblywoman Lori Wilson, Sen. Scott Wiener and the rest of the authoritarian, totalitarian and dictatorial Democrats leave California instead? The majority of Californians don’t agree with their radical trans agenda? It looks like Assemblywoman Lori Wilson shaved her head because in a previous picture she had long braids? Maybe she’s transitioning too? Maybe she could get more oxygen to her brain and think more clearly if she wasn’t wearing that silly mask?

  3. So if you don’t affirm your child mental illness. Than the mentally ill satanism government can steal your child. I’m not sure if I understand this sick perverted bill is actually possible.
    This Senate government body need to be arrested and taken out of society. I affirm they our crazy Two genders male or female. that’s it anything else is psychotic.. I think first we need to drug test these people.

  4. This would fit as unconstitutional as against religious freedom of the parents.

    Democrats are pulling flashing their fascism card right out in the open on this.

    1. …and that means just about nothing thanks to constitutional avoidance doctrine. The case could be decided on other grounds, like emancipating the minor , giving them a worthless voucher to an apartment that doesn’t exist and then a hotel room, and making sure a Medi-Cal provider will get rich off doing the chopping.

  5. This is horrific. If this stands as law ~ which I truly hope NEVER happens anywhere ~ Your little 10 year old girl, going through a “Tom boy” phase, can be intellectually abducted by the Pride warriors and convinced that they are “male” inside. You, as her parent, would have no rights if she was convinced to take hormones, and have her body forever mutilated ~ and could do nothing but watch it happen. This is absolutely horrific and must be stopped. This nation needs a revolution to stop the insanity. I pray a peaceful revolution ~ but a revolution is needed!

    1. Revolutions are intrinsically left-wing, that’s the last thing we need. We need conservatives with morals and values living lives that are attractive and meaningful.

  6. a parent needs to consent for a minor to get a tattoo but they have no say if the kid is mentally ill and thinks they are anything but their biological sex. if they want to change genders, they can do it at 18 without parental consent, just like a tattoo.

  7. As a Dem. I agree with defeating this bill.
    Didn’t vote for Newscum, and have been voting everything down when I can.
    Leave the children alone, and leave people alone.
    I agree with a former poster.
    The Dem creeps need to move out, not hard working families.
    Good on all the parents, and others who showed up against this insanity!

  8. Can’t we find a lawyer to challenge any bill that excludes parental rights until a child is 18?
    I thought that parents are legally responsible for their child until they are 18.
    So how can a parent lose the rights they have over a child without also ending the financial responsibility
    that is required?
    I wonder if this same group is ok with breast enlargements for 13 year old STRAIGHT girls,
    or is it only for little boys these days.

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