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California State Capitol on March 11, 2022. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe).

California Reparations Task Force Votes For Extension Through 2024

Previous extension plans were vetoed by the Governor last year

By Evan Symon, February 2, 2023 7:12 am

The California Reparations Task Force voted to extend the report deadline from July 2023 to July 2024. The vote was 8-0 to extend the deadline to submit a proposal for African-American reparations in California.

The Task Force was first put together in late 2020 following Gov. Gavin Newsom signing  AB 3121, the bill which created the task force. While initially encompassing all people of African descent, the group of those qualified to receive reparations was significantly narrowed in March 2022 when the task force voted to limit the possible reparations only to those who are an African American descendant of an enslaved person or free Black person living in the U.S. prior to the end of the 19th century.

The slow decision over that singular issue led to other slow decisions, including their first report only coming out in June of 2022 giving vague recommendations of reparations: home buying assistance, free college tuition, and business grants. The report was heavily criticized as a result, with many noting a lack of any monetary figure. By the time the $569 billion estimate was released in December, many questions still lingered, including compensation amounts and eligibility, along with an even greater outcry over the estimate amount.

During the meeting in San Diego over the weekend, those issues continued, as well as making the Californian plan a blueprint for other states in the nation was added. While little progress was made, the Task Force did say yet again, they would support the extension by another year.

“The task force supports, in spirit, the extension of the life of the task force, by another year, July 1, 2024, for implementation purpose only,” said Task Force Chairwoman Kamilah Moore. “We do not authorize or write legislation, but all agreed as a task force the idea of continuing this work to ensure that reparations become a reality in California.”

However, despite the Task Force the year extension, it comes only months after Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed previous legislation that formalize an extension. Last year’s Assembly Bill 2296, authored by Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles), would have specifically removed set terms of office for task force members and would instead remove them whenever the appointing authority deemed fit. The Task Force itself would have also been allowed to set up subcommittees and advisory bodies to help complete their intended duties. Another year would have also been given to allow more time to finish up their respective reports, with a revised Task Force end date of July 1, 2024.

Worry about breaking a set deadline, as well as concerns that an extension would demoralize African-Americans hoping to get reparations led to the veto last year. Other factors included the state having a strict deadline and discussion plan in place. Many in the Capitol noted on Wednesday that should another piece of legislation pushing for an extension be put forward that it would likely be vetoed again.

“The Task Force had a long time to come up with a reparations plan, and many here have begun to be a bit annoyed with it,” “Dana” a State Capitol staffer told the Globe on Wednesday. “Every decision they make seems to have been the wrong one. They are not gaining supporters due to how they have been slowly alienating everyone around this. The half a trillion certainly didn’t help, neither has all the other problems that have come up. Reparations might be passed still in the future, but the fact they are begging for extra time now amid all this is adding to the worry.”

More Reparations Task Force meetings are expected throughout the first half of 2023.

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Evan Symon
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16 thoughts on “California Reparations Task Force Votes For Extension Through 2024

  1. The racist black supremacist Democrats on the California Rape-rations Task Force need more time to calculate the trillions more they plan to extort from California taxpayers for crimes they never committed.

  2. Stop the insanity. No one is owed anything in the land of entitlement. We have already been subjugated to a highly disproportionate number of black america in commercials, voice-overs, broadcast news anchors, game show hosts, sports team coaches et all. People are being put in positions due to the color of their skin. How is this fair to Hispanic, Asian or Native Americans? Staffing ‘reparations’ force with all black Americans shows how grossly racist things are now. Put this PC idea up for popular vote. See if it flys. Oh yes; we are no longer in a democracy. The people no longer have a say in how their
    .money is spent.

  3. Got milk that cow until the polls swing until we can get enough P.R. behind this shake down effort.
    Obviously not doing well with public opinion polls.
    Should be a voter referendum on this.

  4. If aliens are are receiving our TV transmissions they would think black people were 75% of the population instead of 13%. Racial extortion is riding a big wave

  5. Obviously this ridiculous effort is dead. And if it’s dead here it’s dead nationwide, too. CA is always the testing lab for the Dems absurdity and vote-buying nonsense. As you know…

    1. I think this should be addressed this now not in 2024. President election this will get thrown out the window. make the call before you guys spends all that money pay the dependents of the of the slavery. everybody else got paid why haven’t the the black people

  6. You mean this whole thing is a complete farce? Who could have seen this coming? This whole thing is such a joke that if it wasn’t for the fact that the people pushing this stuff are so serious, we should just laugh at them and move on. Not even Hairdo really supports this. He only wants to use it for virtue signaling and points to use towards a future presidential run. The fact that he already vetoed a proposed extension makes this abundantly clear.

  7. I think this should be addressed this now not in 2024. President election this will get thrown out the window. make the call before you guys spends all that money pay the dependents of the of the slavery. everybody else got paid why haven’t the the black people

  8. I agree that there’s still enormous racism in the US that needs to be rooted out, but I’m not a fan of giving money as reparations. The money would be a boost for the economy and some blacks really need it. But why does every reparations plan call for continuing, even increasing, the social services targeted for blacks? If money is the solution, can’t we stop the services? If the services will still be needed, what does the money buy?

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