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California Water Recycling in Landscaping Act

This does not alter any existing rights, remedies, or obligations

By Chris Micheli, August 8, 2022 4:29 pm

California has numerous formal acts in statute. Government Code Title 7, Division 1, Chapter 3, Article 10.9 provides the Water Recycling in Landscaping Act, which is contained in Sections 65601 to 65607. Article 10.9 was added in 2000 by Chapter 510. Section 65601 names the act.

Section 65602 provides five legislative findings and declarations, including it is the policy of the state to promote the efficient use of water through the development of water recycling facilities.

Section 65603 defines the following terms: “designated recycled water use area”; “local agency”; and, “recycled water producer.”

Section 65604 provides that, if a recycled water producer determines that within 10 years the recycled water producer will provide recycled water within the boundaries of a local agency that meets all of the specified conditions, the recycled water producer is required to notify the local agency of that fact and identify in the notice the area that is eligible to receive the recycled water, and the necessary infrastructure that the recycled water producer or retail water supplier will provide to support delivery of the recycled water.

Section 65605 requires, within 180 days of receipt of notification from a recycled water producer, the local agency to adopt and enforce a recycled water ordinance pursuant to this article. The ordinance is required to include a minimum of five specified provisions.

Section 65606 provides that the recycled water ordinance adopted by a local agency does not apply to either a tentative map or a subdivision may application that is complete.

Section 65607 states that this article does not apply to any local agency that adopted a recycled water ordinance or other regulation requiring the use of recycled water in its jurisdiction prior to January 1, 2001. And, this article does not alter any existing rights, remedies, or obligations.

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