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California Secretary of State Alex Padilla. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

DMV’s Six Degrees of Separation From the Truth About Voter Fraud in California

Illegal aliens ‘inadvertently registered’ to vote

By Lloyd Billingsley, August 12, 2019 2:31 am

“Six California residents who were erroneously added onto the voter rolls voted in last year’s midterms, the Secretary of State’s Office confirmed Friday afternoon following a months-long investigation,” reports Bryan Anderson of the Sacramento Bee.

According to Secretary of State Alex Padilla, the six were “inadvertently registered” through the DMV motor voter program due to “DMV errors,” and “none of the people were undocumented immigrants applying for AB 60 licenses.” None was guilty of “fraudulently voting or attempting to vote.” And DMV Communications Deputy Director Anita Gore is on record that “conditions that led to the problems have been addressed.”

Californians familiar with DMV incompetence and Padilla’s tendency to obfuscate might wonder if the six erroneously registered voters falls far short of the real figure.

On January 4, Anderson reported, “California officials still can’t say whether non-citizens voted in the June 2018 primary, “because a confusing government questionnaire about eligibility was created in a way that prevents a direct answer on citizenship.”  In reality, California officials know full well how many non-citizens voted in June and November of 2018, and the ballpark figure of one million is probably low.

California officials also know how many ineligible non-citizens voted in November 2016. After that election, in which Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, and voters swept in a Republican Senate and House, California officials took to stonewalling.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla refused to release any voter information to a federal voter-fraud probe that he claimed “has already inaccurately passed judgment that millions of Californians voted illegally.” California’s participation, Padilla said in a statement, “would only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud made by the president.” Absent any data, Californians would have to take his word for it.

Back in 2015, Padilla told the Los Angeles Times, “At the latest, for the 2018 election cycle, I expect millions of new voters on the rolls in the state of California,” with “new voters” code for ineligible voters. True to form, by March, 2018, more than one million “undocumented” immigrants received driver’s licenses from the state Department of Motor Vehicles, which automatically registered them to vote under the “Motor Voter” program. Padilla said the DMV kept “firewalls” in place but didn’t explain how they worked, or how many ineligible voters the firewalls had blocked.

Last September, the DMV sent out 23,000 “erroneous” voter registrations they blamed on “technical errors.” Padilla proclaimed himself  “extremely disappointed and deeply frustrated” but legitimate voters could believe he was delighted. The odds are strong that false-documented illegals made up most if not all of the newly registered voters but Padilla wasn’t saying how many made it to the polls in November.

As a State Department investigation discovered, false-documented illegals have voted in local, state, and federal elections for decades. In 1996, illegals cast 784 votes against Republican Robert Dornan in a congressional race Democrat Loretta Sanchez won by only 984 votes. That confirmed that illegals are voting in large numbers and it is possible to find out how many illegals voted.

By refusing to cooperate with federal probes of voter fraud, Secretary of State Padilla prevents Californians from learning the true number of illegal votes. That could easily match the one million “new” voters registered by the DMV, a chronically dysfunctional agency not designed to register voters in the first place.

Anderson’s August 9 Bee report implies that that the numbers are miniscule, that no illegals actually voted, and that the DMV has already fixed the problem. California’s legal immigrants and legitimate citizens could be forgiven for seeing that as a coverup. On the other hand, one statement in the report is beyond all dispute.

To register to vote in California, you must be a U.S. citizen, a resident of California and 18 years old or older on Election Day.”

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7 thoughts on “DMV’s Six Degrees of Separation From the Truth About Voter Fraud in California

  1. Thank you for keeping this topic front and center.
    We must clean this up NOW.
    Motor Voter must be abandoned NOW.
    And that is really only the beginning of what’s wrong with election integrity in this state.
    I am absolutely furious that our precious hard-won votes have been compromised.

  2. Padilla should be arrested and jailed for compromising CA election integrity.

    Everything this guy says is a lie….

  3. Out of nowhere, you say “the ballpark figure of one million is probably low.” Wow, time to add some more tinfoil to your hat and revisit Roswell. Are you for real? Fox News and your orange messiah have rotted your brain.

  4. The Ca DMV made an “error” with my voter registration when I switched to a registered Republican. I was sent a non-partisan abesentee ballot without the option to vote for a Republican. Apparently this was not random. When I called the county office the lady told me that she had received many calls from people who also received the wrong ballot who had recently changed their registered party with the DMV. Then when I was at the polls changing my registration there, the polling place workers told me that they have had lots of people throughout the day that had the same problem, they seemed as if they were kinda tired of hearing it over and over again. How is this legal??? Why is this not taken care of? I need answers because I am not going to let this one get by unnoticed.

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