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Governor Gavin Newsom "Vax for the Win" lottery drawing. (Photo: gov.ca.gov)

Gavin Newsom Approves Skittles Ban While Rampant Crime and Drugs Take Over CA Cities

Mario Lopez blasts Gavin Newsom for being tougher on ‘Skittles’ in California than drugs and homelessness

By Katy Grimes, October 11, 2023 2:30 am

While crime, drug abuse, smash-and-grab crimes and homeless vagrants are taking over California’s once beautiful cities, Governor Gavin Newsom deemed banning Skittles more important. California’s politicians just can’t get the big things right.

Skittles bad. Yet, Gov. Newsom forced lockdowns during COVID, forced masking, testing, and the untested and unproven mRNA injections, now shown to damage RNA and immune systems. Think about that, as well as the current human defecation, public drug use, drug stupors, and dying bodies on California’s city streets – the largest drug-addicted homeless vagrant epidemic in the country is in the Golden State.

Even Hollywood took notice. I love it when Hollywood takes notice. Fox News reports:

Mario Lopez is slamming Gov. Gavin Newsom’s, D-Calif., priorities when it comes to making California safer for its residents.

The “Saved By The Bell” actor ripped Newsom and other state lawmakers on X Monday for banning Skittles candy and other products that contain cancer-causing additives, while the drug and homeless problem in California is at an “all time high.”

Lopez posted a status to his X account, writing, “Crime is through the roof, worst drug epidemic ever & homelessness at an all time high in CA… Let’s focus on Skittles.”

Let’s all thank Mario for his refreshing common sense.

As the Globe previously reported, behind the anti-Skittles movement is a bill to ban five common food additives in California, including those commonly found in some candies. Assembly Bill 418, authored by Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel (D-Woodland Hills) prohibits the manufacture, sale, or distribution of any food product in California containing Red Dye No. 3, Titanium Dioxide, Potassium Bromate, Brominated Vegetable Oil, or Propyl Paraben. If passed, the ban would go into effect beginning January 1, 2025, giving foodmakers more than a year to find alternatives.

Banning Skittles – not a very popular idea when human zombies are on living and dying the streets, and street thugs are destroying small, medium and large businesses with smash-and-grab invasion crimes.

FYI – 24-Hour Fitness in San Francisco on California and Sacramento Streets is closing. And Union Square’s Express Clothing is shuttering.

With many news outlets calling it the “Skittles Ban Bill,” Assemblyman Gabriel has had to combat the bad public image over the bill, insisting that AB 418 would not result in a ban on Skittles or other foods using the additives. However, bill opponents have insisted that AB 418 is instead a backdoor method to banning the additives because they had not gotten their way in Washington, the Globe reported.

Perhaps even more important is Lopez’s perspective, and one the Globe has shared as well. AB 418 is low-hanging fruit – an easy bill for Gov. Newsom to sign, while signaling his virtue to the Environmental Working Group.

While California fights unbridled homeless vagrants taking over cities, parks, residential streets, sidewalks and even courthouses, the Skittles bill seems… well… petty, stupid, even ill-advised. Who is advising the governor?

But Gov. Newsom is not known for his big-picture, macro-mind, longterm goal thinking, or prioritizing issues important to the quality of life for all Californians. Remember when Gavin Newsom vowed to end homelessness in San Fransisco in 10 years…in 2008? 


Perhaps the Skittles bill is exemplary of Newsom’s decision making – what’s good for his optics, his image, how he will appear on camera, how his fan base will respond, how the national media will fawn… you get it. Newsom is all optics.

Remember Newsom’s “Vax for the Win” lottery drawing? It was a sideshow during a supposedly deadly pandemic. You get it. Optics.

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25 thoughts on “Gavin Newsom Approves Skittles Ban While Rampant Crime and Drugs Take Over CA Cities

  1. Good for Mario Lopez. He made Gavin look more ridiculous than ever, which is really saying something. I wonder… did he just write the quintessential “Worst-Governor-Ever Gavin Newson Must NEVER Be President” slogan? Let’s just toss out the lengthy Anti-Gavin Arguments and use this. Maybe edit it a bit if possible so it’s short enough for a nationwide rallying cry.

  2. As Katy Grimes pointed out, Hair-gel Hitler Newsom and Democrat clowns in the legislature like Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel have decreed that Skittles are bad, but mRNA injections, which have now shown to damage RNA and immune systems, are still good? Regarding Newsom and his use of optics, does he actually make any decisions or is he just a deep-state puppet who goes along with the dictates of his globalist masters?

  3. We can squawk all we want, but with ballot harvesting, ranked choice voting, and a plethora of clueless dips**ts in urban CA, there is no escape from this except by moving. The best we can do is alert the rest of the nation just how bad this jackass is.

  4. This article needs national attention!
    The rest of the country needs to know what a real clown this pretty boy is.

  5. Cali elected, failed to recall then re-elected Newsom to ultimatrely embolden the maniacial rat b*****d to a degree forever beyoind control.
    Had the sick creep been replaced by Larry Elder we’d be in a much better state today..

    1. Until CA rids itself of a certain electronic voting system designed to Dominate, CA (s)elections will result in Democrats eeking out victories three weeks after (s)election day…
      Newsom is ALL optics and taking orders from his globalist, Communist paymasters, just like the current White House occupant…

  6. Can we see the studies showing the direct link from Skittles to cancer? I mean, after more than 40 yrs of millions of ppl eating this particular candy, surely there have numerous research studies proving this.

    Fun Facts: according to “The Technology of Skittles” website
    “In 1974, Skittles was first commercially made by a British company. In 1979, Skittles were introduced to North America, as an imported confectionery. In 1982, a domestic production in the U.S.. Skittles are the second most popular candy, after Starburst. Skittles popularity went up after, the shooting of Trayvon Martin.”
    How can Newsom ban this iconic candy?

    1. Exactly, Michele1L. I say they don’t have an answer and they can’t prove anything. Just as in past bogus studies the rats probably had to eat 900 Skittles a day and nothing else over a period of three years before one of them sort of developed a tumor, or what seemed to be a tumor.
      But what I think is delicious and funny is that the author of this bill is supposedly having to battle the misperception that Skittles will be banned and he has to keep explaining that’s a wrong perception because the public caught on to the banned thing and wouldn’t let go. I mean who even cares what exactly this stupid trivial bill is about? This is great because no one has more richly deserved any “misunderstanding” about what was immediately dubbed the “Skittles Ban Bill” than these two, the Dem who wrote this stupid bill and Gov Gruesome who signed this stupid bill. Katy Grimes pointed out that Newsom is always all about the optics. So true. This time let’s use what have turned out to be the BAD optics that have emerged here against Newsom to our advantage for once.

  7. How wonderful that our enlightened governor has the wisdom to ban this horrible, life ending candy. He is as much a savior of the CA people as the ban on plastic soda straws has been. And we can easily see what a blessing that has been for all of us.

  8. Meanwhile homelessness rages on with California leading the way. It is interesting how many government leaders were mayors or mistress of the mayor of San Francisco. They all drug the city down to what it is today.

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