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CA vs. HATE state agency Instagram page.

‘In California, Using Someone’s Pronouns Isn’t Just About Respect… There are Protections Under the Law!’

Another reason CA vs. HATE is a laughable State Agency

By Katy Grimes, June 26, 2024 3:00 am

OH. MY. GAWD. I expected to hear at some point during the CA vs. Hate employee man/woman/they/them on the street interviews.

“Hey Sacramento! What are your pronouns?” asks the gender affirming person on the CA vs. HATE Instagram page.

“California’s New Department of Hate for Snitches, Tattletales and Grievance Hustlers” was created last year the Globe reported in May 2023, as “CA vs. Hate.”

What is a hate act? According to California’s new Department of emotional Snitches (CA vs Hate):

“A hate incident is a hostile expression or action that may be motivated by bias against another person’s actual or perceived identity.”

“Some examples of hate incidents can include: derogatory name calling, bullying, hate mail, and refusing service.”

“My pronouns are He/They” answers a woman/female appearing character.

WOW! says the fairy dusted cartoon character.

fairy dusted cartoon character

“Right. You should be able to be called by your preferred pronouns,” the gender affirming person replies.

I know. You are asking “what fresh hell have I stumbled into?”

According to the CA vs. Hate agency Instagram page:

“Sacramento, you sure know your stuff when it comes to pronouns. In California, using someone’s pronouns isn’t just about respect.  There are protections under the law!

Except for a few circumstances like recordkeeping, people have the right to be called by their chosen name and pronouns at work. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been legally changed or not.

If someone is disrespecting your pronouns, we can help, including through CA vs Hate! Our care coordinators can help find the best resource for you, whether it’s mental health counseling or filing a complaint with CRD.”

CA vs. HATE state agency Instagram page.

This guy/they/them (above) says he’s had “they/them in his email signature for three years and no one has ever used them. “What’s my recourse?” he asks, clearly offended at the civil rights level.

The gender affirming employee with the CA vs. Hate agency tells him/they/them:

“Feel free to reach out to the California Civil Rights agency, call CA vs. Hate, and we can connect you with some resources,” she tells him. Then she offers, “you should be able to be called by your preferred pronouns.”

CA vs. HATE state agency Instagram page.

“Pronouns are non-negotiable” says the gender affirming person on the CA vs. HATE Instagram page.

California taxpayers are paying for this drivel.


The claim that by reporting hate acts and hate speech to the California Department of Hate will “put a stop to hate” is patently absurd and merely state-sanctioned grievance hustling – on the taxpayer’s dime – a very big dime. “California awarded $91 million in grants to local organizations that help prevent hate crimes or support survivors, part of an unprecedented effort to combat hate in a state that saw a 20% increase in such crimes in 2022,” CalMatters reported. And we wonder why the governor’s budget has a $73 Billion deficit… 

Read more about CA vs. HATE right HERE at the Globe, and how this absurd agency was legislated into existence.

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16 thoughts on “‘In California, Using Someone’s Pronouns Isn’t Just About Respect… There are Protections Under the Law!’

  1. Talk about hate! If this assault on the eyes and ears isn’t an act of hate, what is? Who is responsible for this? As a taxpayer I demand to know the names of the people who picked out the clothes, specifically who chose the rainbow-colored arm-fishnets (!?) for the guy, never mind the rest of the clothes and props. Who made up those awful slogans? Who painted them? What are those microphones supposed to evoke? Ice cream cones or sex toys? Who is the “art director,” “set designer,” “writer”? Who is in charge of the “props” and “costumes”? CA v. Hate, please provide additional information. We need a “Making Of” Instagram video, a “Behind the Scenes” Instagram video, and a list of “credits.” Use preferred pronouns if you must, but keep in mind that doing so strikes many people as passive-aggressive in the extreme, or also known as “hateful.”

  2. Remember when the country transitioned from “Miss/Mrs” to “Ms.”? Some people never changed. Gradually business leaders adopted it, but no state agency enforced it, and nobody went to jail or got fired.

    1. You’re right Rod — or maybe I should say I definitely agree —- this has no teeth. I mean what do they think they are going to do —- start throwing people in prison for not using pronouns? Sure they might be compiling a “list” for future who-knows-what but since I wouldn’t trust any of them to successfully throw a children’s birthday party I’m not too worried. One thing it probably is, is just ANOTHER gigantic slush fund. $91 million dollars? After you buy the poster board and the rainbow paint, the shockingly ugly clothes (fanny packs? huh?), the provocatively-shaped cheapo microphones, hire some wannabe actors willing to dress stupidly and read a lame script to record an even MORE lame man-on-the-street skit for your ridiculous “spread love, report hate” campaign, where’s the rest of the $91 MILLION? It’s beyond embarrassing

  3. Have you all seen a job application recently.?
    There are 9 choices to choose from when stating your pronouns!
    Not making this stuff up.
    One of them is Hu/Hu
    What on God’s green earth is a Hu/Hu?
    We have crossed the rubicon.
    California is the land of the lost!

    *for laughs, check out a fed government career opportunities application

  4. Hold on a minute, I think I am on board with what I am learning in this Instagram video. Therefore I want my new chosen name to be Well I’ll Be A Monkey’s Uncle. Either that, or You’re Extremely Good Looking. Haven’t decided yet. According to CA vs. Hate and the California Civil Rights Division, I don’t have to change my name legally to demand that I be called by my new chosen name, whatever I decide it will be. So whenever I decide, people had better start calling me by my new chosen name at work or there’s gonna be trouble. P.S. My pronouns are Hu/Hu.

  5. This is what happens when you allow children to vote.
    The pols cow-tow to this contingency.
    Wokeness at its worst!

  6. If one of these freaks pulls this crap on me my pronouns will be “lord and master”. Call me Lord when you address me! 😉

  7. Where are the lawsuits? Ds love Lawfare but the Rs sit on their a@##s and do nothing but complain.

    1. The R’s are the designated bloviators who do nothing. That way people vote for them but get nothing but the D’s agenda.

  8. This insane trans agenda is really about advancing transhumanism with the ultimate goal of fusing human beings with artificial intelligence and robotics. It’s a satanic agenda with Democrats and the Biden regime in the forefront of it.

    Romans 1:25: “They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator…”

  9. When I am asked, which is almost never, I just tell them I am an American and don’t go for that stuff. Ends the discussion. Also, never forget SCOTUS has deemed ‘hate speech’ to be free speech under the First Amendment.

  10. I’m a Trump supporter, and have experienced hate from Democrats. Should I call the CA vs. Hate line?

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