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A homeless encampment along Central Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. (Photo: Matt Gush/Shutterstock)

LA Homeless Report Finds City Has Been Actively Making People Lose Shelter

Homeless experts have said Mayor Bass tried to reduce homelessness in all the wrong ways

By Evan Symon, July 6, 2024 2:25 am

A new report unveiled at the Los Angeles City Council meeting earlier this week found that the city impounded 555 vehicles in which homeless people lived in while only offering shelter to 186 in the pat two years, going directly against recent comments Mayor Karen Bass made about the recent Grants Pass case and wanting to house homeless in the city.

For years, the city of Los Angeles has struggled with homelessness. Until recently, the number of homeless people in the city has skyrocketed, with the 2023 homeless count finding 46,260 homeless people in the city. This number has been compounded by Mayor Bass’ policies. While she did declare a state of emergency in the city over homelessness and push more funding into homelessness endeavors, a majority of homeless experts have said that she tried to reduce homelessness in all the wrong ways. Her Inside Safe initiative, her signature homeless initiative, has  largely been seen as a total failure.

However, in recent weeks, Los Angeles has had some cautiously good news about homeless levels in the city. The 2024 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count specifically found that there were an estimated 75,312 homeless people in Los Angeles County, down from 75,518 last year, with a total of 45,252 homeless people in the city of L.A., down from 46,260 in 2023. However, compared to 2022 numbers, the number of homeless in the county and city are still way up, with 69,144 being counted in L.A. County that year, with 42,000 in the city. Overall the count is 2.2% lower than last year in the city, although homeless experts have said that independent and local homeless shelters and relief services are largely responsible for the change, and not Mayor Bass’ programs.

Despite the situation in L.A. stabilizing, the recent City of Grants Pass v. Johnson Supreme Court ruling is expected to upend things again, with Los Angeles now having more power to remove homeless encampments from city property. While many lawmakers praised the ruling, with Republicans and even Democrats like Governor Gavin Newsom being on board with the decision, Mayor Bass rallied against it.

LA Homeless

“If it’s OK for other cities to ticket and shoo people away, I will be very concerned that the number of people moving into L.A. from other cities will increase,” said Bass last Friday during a press conference. “I also do not believe that it is ultimately a solution to homelessness. How are they supposed to pay for their ticket, and what happens when they don’t pay? Does it go into a warrant and give us an excuse to incarcerate somebody?”

Later she added that “The only way to address this crisis is to bring people indoors with housing and supportive services. In the City of Los Angeles, we will continue leading with this approach, which helped move thousands more Angelenos inside last year than the year before. We cannot go backwards – we must continue innovating and moving with intention and urgency until every person experiencing homelessness is able to access housing, services and support.”

However, the new report brought to the City Council this week made those statements hypocritical.

“Here she is rallying against the court case which will ‘punish people’ by arresting or kicking them out of shelter, when this policy was doing that the entire time. Hundreds by the looks of it,” said Mark Wagner, a Philadelphia-based researcher on homelessness, to the Globe on Friday. “And if it isn’t the L.A. Mayor, then it is the L.A. homeless system. Look, people living out of their cars, that’s a last resort. And the decent thing to do is to make sure they get shelter space or have a place to go to. But apparently that only happens every so often there.”

“Look, L.A. is really trying to solve this. But they need new methods that work. Or else you end up with a system where they say that everyone needs shelter space, then take away people’s cars and send them to the street.”

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64 thoughts on “LA Homeless Report Finds City Has Been Actively Making People Lose Shelter

  1. The LA mayor is unbelievably bad. Isn’t she forgetting the actual tax paying citizens who deal with the squalor, crime, drugs and degeneracy from the homeless every day?

    Why enforce any laws? Fines, warrants and incarcerations is how we change behavior and clean up neighborhoods.

    1. what about the families and the kids that have to live out on the street people always seem to think about the negative not the families that homeless. there’s only 10% of the people that’s come in crimes what about the other 90% of people that lost their jobs or have medical issues have some compassionate.

      1. Darren – The numbers are actually the opposite of what you said. Approx 10% + are those who lost jobs or housing; women and families are a small percentage, too, and the people who make up that percentage are highly motivated to get back on their feet. They do so rather quickly — within months — by seeking the help of faith-based missions and “tough love” organizations such as L.A. Union Rescue Mission (URM.org) or Sacramento’s Union Gospel Mission. Treatment is offered, clean and sober shelter provided when they seek help. In these facilities they are sheltered, fed, given help such as rehabilitation from addiction if needed, taught life skills, given job training and opportunities to help them climb out of what was likely an unfortunate life situation that eventually spiraled out of control.

        It’s the approx 90% on the street who resist and refuse housing, sobriety, rehabilitation, and who can’t seem to get out of their own way and who eventually, by becoming worse and worse, no longer know HOW to get out of their own way. Enabling such resistance helps NO ONE, most especially those living in their filth and fever dreams on the streets. If we, as earnest and truly helping members of our society, were to force the issue and start taking action to clean up the streets, offering a choice of rehab or jail as we used to do not that long ago, many many many more people in that group would be saved from indignity, overdose, disease, and death and the continuation of a tortured dead-end existence. There are many many many who have and continue to testify to having their lives cleaned up and saved by such “tough love” intervention, but you will probably never hear about those success stories because the $$Homeless Industrial Complex$$ would like you to remain in the dark about what is possible when everything seems so hopeless.

    2. the only to fix homelessness is to build more homes for the homeless…it’s actually quite simple……it’s the price of homes and rent as a whole is what makes people homeless….. people just flat out can’t afford it….. building more homes brings down the scarcity thus bringing down the price of home ownership and renting as well

      1. Not true. See my post above yours. The so-called “Housing First” model heralded by phony, money-grubbing politicians and their cronies is not the answer and only makes problems of untreated addiction and etc. worse and likely fatal, by putting such people “out of sight and out of mind.” Some of the very expensive housing — up to $800K in many instances — is in buildings that have been taken over by drug cartels and the homeless are kicked out to the street anyway. This so-called solution is touted by politicians and their friends because it insures a continuation and worsening of the homeless problem and guarantees that the funding and political contributions will never end.
        Most tough individual cases on the street refuse shelters and housing anyway. They prefer life on the street because the street is actually usually safer than what govt and most of their sub-contracted non-profits offer. Govt-run “wet” shelters allow vicious dogs and don’t screen for weapons and thus are downright dangerous

      2. that’s too much like common sense bruh.. obviously..law makers and realtors aren’t interested in any form of compassion..only money ..money they know the homeless don’t have ..so it’s easier for them to leave the homeless at the mercy of the violence of the streets of LA.. and I’ll bet they’re hoping most of them be dead before the next fiscal year count .

    3. So you do realize that you’re going to paying for their incarceration, as a “tax paying citizen”? Look up the UBI programs they’ve tried and how successful and cheap they were. Look up the Denver experiment. There’s never going to be a perfect solution for homelessness but incarceration screws them over for any future they may have otherwise had–should they have been given the opportunity. I think we should be forcing citizens into drug rehabilitation, the ones who are mentally ill especially. Then connect them with a social worker to help them reconnect to society. UBI still costs less, though.

    4. Excuse me, but not all homeless people are there because of drugs and crime. There are people that live in houses that do the same things that you’re talking about. I’m sorry but your stereotyping all homeless people as bad. The truth is there aren’t all bad. I am one of those homeless people that ended up homeless cause I ran away from an abusive relationship and had no one to help me. I had no choice but take myself and my two kids to live on the street. I was out there for ten years. I never committed crimes or did those things you are saying. Jesus was a homeless person and until you personally live on the streets and see what they have to go thru for even just to drink of water.!I’m sorry but you don’t know how lucky you are to be able to use a toilet or even a shower. I’m not gonna listen to someone that hasn’t actually Lavern in my shoes to tell me how I am.

  2. The political future of L.A. Mayor Karen Bass depends upon her putting her shoulder to the wheel to EXPAND homelessness in L.A. The Globe and likely everyone reading it had the whole thing figured out five years ago, thanks to Edward Ring, Katy Grimes and a number of other fine contributors who knew that the failure to fix homelessness was purposeful and explained why.
    After five years of extensive publicity about the real story I think you would now be hard pressed to find a reasonably informed person who DOESN’T know what must be done to address homelessness effectively. Are Karen Bass and her cronies the only ones who DON’T know what must be done? No, they know, but “Housing First,” “Project Roomkey,” wet shelters, handing out meth pipes to addicts on the streets, and so many many many other such insane and obviously wrong “fixes” and failures keep the Homeless Industrial Complex cash faucet gushing full blast to prop up Bass & Co.’s ridiculous political career. In addition to propping up Bass let’s not forget Gov Gavin Newsom, Sac Mayor Darell Steinberg, and actually a cast of thousands, too many to mention:
    “The Homeless Industrial Complex”

    1. can someone please explain to me where the money is going? if the answers or in the pockets of you know who! but now you want to make homeless a problem what happened to the mental hospitals in the 1980s? so now we’re in 2024 that everyday people that works is being affected by shady politicians bottom line

      1. I totally agree the money that is supposed to be spent on homeless issues is going straight into politicians pockets.

      2. I totally agree the money that is supposed to be spent on homeless issues is going straight into politicians pockets. follow the money! politicians, builders,organizers have all benefitted from homeless money. everyone except the homeless people. that’s a fact!!!

      1. Would you mind very much telling us what is your stake in the continuation of the unholy mess on the streets that has not been effectively addressed by govt and most non-profits but only expanded? Are you one of the so-called “homeless advocates” whose very $$rewarding$$ livelihood depends upon the homeless/vagrant situation only getting worse and worse and worse and worse?

    2. the only to fix homelessness is to build more homes for the homeless…it’s actually quite simple……it’s the price of homes and rent as a whole is what makes people homeless….. people just flat out can’t afford it….. building more homes brings down the scarcity thus bringing down the price of home ownership and renting as well

  3. The homeless crisis could be solved overnight, by putting people in jail for drug possession. They get a cot, three meals a day, and a place to get sober. We used to do this, and, surprise, no homeless. The Democrats have turned California into a Third World state.

    1. jails are already full, should they release real criminals to make room for petty drug users? There’s also drugs in jail, so if that’s you’re plan to get them sober it’s not gonna work. CA has always been #1 in homeless population. Always. And the population grew substantially under Ronald Reagan. All the services that prevented homelessness were cut in order to save rich people some money. Liberals love exploiting the problem but Republicans have never, ever offered a different solution. They only complain.

      1. At least learn to spell, Mama… you look like an uneducated, unhinged idiot with your postings on this thread…

        1. CD9 – Looks like with the recent Supreme Court decision all of the govt “housing authority” departments and the gov-connected “homeless non-profits” and “homeless advocates” are freaking out. Also looks like emails were sent out from “management” telling the above-mentioned people to negatively comment, and pretend you are homeless, on the article at the California Globe. Of course we can see there are some honest comments sprinkled in. Others, of course, have no discipline or smarts whatsoever and just call nonsensical names and make pointless “arguments.”
          Kind of interesting though to see so many people suddenly come out and leave ridiculous comments —- of course it’s possible it could all be the work of just ONE person using different “names” —- because their homeless-grinder gravy train is likely threatened.

          1. Showandtell, CriticalDfence9, I have read through the over 50 comments on this thread. There are only a couple of comments that I would classify as “unhinged” – one on each side. The rest seem to be honest opinions about the homeless issue, whether one agrees with them or not. Overall, good discussion and enlightening, imo, for those of us who are not tuned into the situation and are watching from an emotional, psychological and physical distance. I worked in the area near LA’s skid row many years ago. Ten years later I drove through the same area and it seemed worse to me.

    2. what about the people does not do drugs or alcohol or any addictions see me and my wife was homeless going to fix the income you know the rest blah blah blah blah but we’re in our own place now it wasn’t for agency came on a bike path and helped us out we would still be homeless but I do agree with you a lot of people out there wants to do drugs alcohol breaking cars steal from people and communities where they live at then the people of the cops should come down on but unfortunately the cops come down on one they got come down on all you have seniors and people with disabilities and mental problems that do need to help but you’re not going to help out somebody’s on addiction you got a bad drug habit it’s going to be a saint repeat over and over again this I do know me and my wife are seniors we see this stuff every day if you understand how people act and don’t care no more and gave up that’s because all the people turn against them like they’re trash and nobody but once in awhile you stick your hand out there and find out the person’s problem and work through it it makes a big deal and their behalf and yours as a community you got to remember once stay with your neighbors or a family member or some stranger they just gave up of other reasons but then you got taken accounted for our country helps people from other countries but not their own people they got the money to do that when they get the money to help their own people so Karen Beth at least she’s taking some people off the streets that wants to come off other ones you just can’t help this is from Dan and Qualls

    3. for what this worth, every year alcohol kills more people than all drugs combined and every year cigarettes kills more people than all drugs combined and technically alcohol and cigarettes are drugs. what is your response to that?

      1. what about the ones who pocket alot of the money for the homeless problem.
        thousands of dollars. They talk about millions and millions of dollars , but the problem is only worse . Then you want to blame the drugs , it’s not the drugs it’s people in charge who don’t know what they are doing.

  4. All purposeful.
    Keep feeding the Homeless Industrial Complex all the while ruining this state and the people who live in it and pay taxes!

    If they wanted to truly fix it, it would be fixed!

    Where are the audits?

    1. It’s going to take us ALL as a human existence to come to terms with this homeless issue that has been around not only in California but throughout the nation & world. instead of pointing the finger..this is not a 1″ man problem or any 1″ elected officials issue to try to clean up & make better with time. Homelessness is just like anything else..we as a people need to eat, have proper medical, support, guidance & continual imput with this problem. Any problem will continue to be over looked because we live in a time of Me” me..I”i & if an individual isn’t in the same position as a homeless person lining day to day on the streets, weather a car, tent, cardboard box any place that provides shelter to those that are homeless..those talking & those that are in a position to do a little something haven’t stepped into their shoes so at the end of the the day ” talking & debating & all these options are not helping…doesn’t anyone want to continually roll up their sleeves & fight..because they say tomorrow ain’t promised. we don’t know we’re our circumstances will lead us maybe in the same situation as the growing homeless problem..can’t afford to say it’s not me why should I care..because it could very well be YOU! you never know know what’s coming…..

      1. BILLIONS of tax dollars at the state and local level have been poured into govt homeless programs over the years by taxpayers who want something done about this and who want to help. Many are apparently unaware of the Homeless Industrial Complex where politicians, govt, and their selected often-completely-ineffective non-profits are part of a money-making industry that depends upon these dollars and thus they don’t want homelessness to be fixed. Govt and govt-connected non-profits are mostly USELESS and the people incompetent —- they just want their paycheck —- and those on the street understandably become frustrated and are ultimately not helped if they seek it.
        Over my adult life I have often thought about being homeless and what would I do? If I found myself on the street or living in my car with nothing but problems I would head straight to the L.A. Union Rescue Mission. They would help me I know. URM.org
        Govt agencies and politicians would be smart to follow their model —- which has been offered many many times, and it can be done in a secular way if that is actually the problem, which it isn’t —- but they refuse. To me this is proof they don’t want to fix the problem. They are allergic to common-sense solutions and compelled to apply exactly the WRONG ones.

    2. I did my own audit based on what the city spends per unit to house the perennial homeless. It costs ,3000 dollars per square foot to house them or average 685,000 dollars per person at a one time initial cost to house. this does not include and administration or health needs evaulations. I would extrapolate that the mental health needs and associated medications and ongoing care many will need in perpetuity to cost about 500% more than the average cost for a typical consumer. At 70,000 persons( some are family’s) and the amount the city currently spends, it will cost $49,000,000,000 billion dollars +/- six thousand million dollars.( 6 billion)
      The question is, who keeps that change?

  5. Thew homeless count is not correct. I’m homeless in Long Beach and they did not count everyone. They ignored camps that they knew people were in to get the numbers lower to show some progress. The numbers are false.

  6. Everyone needs to look at the whole picture here. Being an homeless individual at one time I understand the real problem. 1) no county or state benefits until you clean up or seek mental health help. Educate yourself my your problem..

    1. the homeless are not really homeless they came to get 3 apartments and rent them out by la family housing black tashnag retaliate against ramgavars from Beirut and get their hands on me , got raped and still powerless got robbed and still the only survivor from a nice educated family, I’m tired of seeing set up to fail and ambushed by black and Turkish where they are living in luxury compared to where they came from and my family and my cash money vanished to support them the ugly and the unsaved from dirt poor and cheap loving places. im really sorry to tell you the corrupted housing authorities poor sick conditions, I have my doubts on the cypriots surveillancers m. e . I. institutes money making schools graduates gay group.

  7. billions and billions of dollars have come into the city of Los Angeles for housing. Where did that money go? it sure didn’t go to building buildings for the chronically homeless. instead they’re putting them in established permanent supportive housing with no rules and no regulations. the people are bringing their encampments to this building. it’s disgusting. setting up encampments in hallways it’s insane. mismanagement of funds

  8. Billions of dollars have come into the city of Los Angeles for housing. Where did that money go? it sure didn’t go to building buildings for the chronically homeless. instead they’re putting them in established permanent supportive housing with no rules and no regulations. the people are bringing their encampments to this building. it’s disgusting . they are setting up encampments in hallways, drugs and drug sales everywhere and the list goes on . it’s insane mismanagement of funds

  9. I’ve been homeless for 8 years in Sunland CA with 2 medical issues my worker the told me I was offered a voucher and I refused it I wasn’t even at the park that day I spent the night with my x boyfriend and he died the next morning once they put in the paperwork you refused a voucher they don’t help you anymore period

  10. I’ve experienced homelessness myself. Statistics are showing numbers going down. Do those numbers include the people that die on the street that were never housed? I lost a dear friend that was homeless that layed there and died in a dried up wash on a hot summer day.

  11. I’ve experienced homelessness in the city of Los Angeles. The article said the number of homeless have gone down. Does that number include the homeless that have died on the street? When I was homeless I had a dear friend that died in a dried up wash on a hot summer day.

  12. i was recently homeless. And i have to say, for a fact, the out reach programs fetch people from camps to “get them house”, and by a person leaving the camp to a accept help from a program, one has to leave there belongings behind. Once your in the program, not one person can tell you what’s going on with your case, and after three months, your kicked out with no one to give you a legitimate reasonable answer to why your case was dropped. Stop the b. s. get them housed, then worry about there mental issue. All the money we get for homeless goes to everything other than the placement. First the program gets funded, then , the outreach program, etc and the last of the penny if any goes to the home construction. Its bs.

  13. Lots of people out there are not drug addicts. All homeless need way more help w mental health, poverty, rules.

  14. what about taking all homeless to a dessert island .. ALL OF THEM.. LEAVE THEM THERE..ANd once a month or when necessary drop food boxes.. take them all to an island..you see a homeless ..pick them up and take/drop them to the island .. please do …there is no solution if they stay here.. you need to take them far.. to an island ..they can not come back

  15. take them to an deserted island.. drop all the homeless there…drop boxes of food once a month.. Stop wasting tax payers money with your useless programs! you will never solve homeless problems by wasting money in useless programs!!! SEND THE TO A DESERTED ISLAND

  16. I work with the homeless and there is an increase in the number of older people who experience it. There are also many reasons for homelessness-alcohol & drugs, domestic violence, a loss of a job and difficulty finding a good paying job when older, a
    having no family or friends to ask for help, mental health issues untreated, and little low income housing available. I have not met one homeless person who wants to be homeless. I have also worked with homeless who are actively trying to get out of the situation as well as those who do not follow through on resources provided to them.for whatever reason . it is a complex situation but we all need to ask more of politicians who want to help end this growing problem and not just ignore it or enact policies that do not help but penalize those who have so little and are just trying to survive. Also churches, civic organizations, volunteer programs, and people in general need to listen to those who work with the homeless, those who are on the street and see the problem up close for realistic solutions. Empathy is a gift but in this life it needs to be a necessary for living our values and not becoming hardened and losing our humanity. I am not a “bleeding heart”,. but I care about this issue and hope one day society can fix this. it can start with each of us doing whatever we can to enact change.

  17. Mandate affordable housing. Provide affordable utilities. Livable wages with humane jobs. Lower profit margins of billionaires and politicians. Stop banks and companies from marginalizing housing to be unaffordable for the majority.

  18. I’m a design/builder hands on for 40 years in SoCal and I watch the city units the city builds very closely and have bid on rehabilitation projects but never got any
    because the price is too cheap and there’s no kick backs. the city needs to spend close to 700k per person as plausible deniability for funneling funds out. For example a study to see how many units are needed cost more than building 100 units themselves. Shipping container units( using free container from the port) cost over 500k each when the city buys them, but on eBay you can buy one from any number of company’s from 15k to 60k per unit, delivered and installed. My price to build a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2000 sq ft home ground up, basic finishes is about 225,000. We calculated we can build three, three bedroom homes complete for what the city spends on one 250 sq ft container house. We did some jobs for Pasadena city but we got the heads up to max the budget or we won’t get the job. I charge 460% more so we could get the job. with that in mine we calculated our minimum bid per square foot based on what the city pays is 3000.00 dollars per square foot on average. I would like to come in at $3,250.00 dollars per square foot to both be in compliance and within established budget guidelines.

  19. With open borders that the Biden regime and Democrats have allowed over the last four years, how many of the millions of illegal migrants from countries around the world are receiving housing assistance at the expense of US citizens? Where is the money for affordable housing going to come from when the State of California has a record budget deficit in the billions of dollars and the US Government has a deficit in the trillions of dollars?

    1. While the U.S. under the Biden regime refuses to defend our borders, the U.S. has almost 200,000 active duty troops stationed in nearly 170 territories, on every continent in the world, and the U.S. military has a budget bigger than most countries’ GDPs. Countries around like Ukraine and Israel receive billions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers. Meanwhile most U.S. cities have become rundown and crime infested 3rd world hellholes with homeless encampments everywhere.

  20. Evan Symon,
    Without a propose “plan” your article is meaningless. I see a million of these. Yes there are problems, yes there are criminals involved. Drugs, mental illness etc…Yes there are actual jobless/homeless who are willing to work but the solutions do NOT exist to deal with the various scenarios. Bass walked into a pile left by Garcetti and Newsom and Gascon. Now she needs to clean the mess. I wish her the best!

  21. You need to get able-bodied homeless folks back into the workforce. In Detroit, Focus Hope trains folks who are willing to work. Yes they have food banks and shelter too but down and out folks do get back into society! Most now assume there is NO future and will not even try. But Habitat for Humanity requires the prospective homeowners to participate in the building of their to-be-homes! Folks need to have a responsible feeling of ownership and pride. Currently, it’s not in the plans. Austin Texas has The Community First Village. Sponsored by a religious concern it nonetheless works very well. We have none of this.

    1. Very true, Funkcity. California is NOT LEADING the NATION regarding the homeless like our silly governor says…..California is LAST in the NATION. Habitat for Humanity is here but I don’t hear anything about that organization getting any State or NGO funds for helping the homeless. I agree 100% with you.

  22. Arrest the drug dealers, cut off the drugs! Treatment/ facilities to the addicted. Hospitalization/ Treatment facilities for the mentally ill! Low income housing or no rent for housing for poor/ unemployed until they can get back on their feet! Government must do this, corporations and private landlords too predatory,!

  23. Make being homeless and commiting a crime a serious issue unless the person agrees to work a job and change.
    Stop giving out EBT or section 8 or cash aid to anyone who tests dirty for drugs. Why, because your enabling them. They’ll wait for that cash to buy a sac and cluck off the food too. Really unless a person is at least trying what point does it serve.

    Stop letting people collect disability without drug testing often. Blood not urine. Everyone knows a urine test especially and even unmonitored is too easy to pass fakely.
    Stop letting people be free to live on side walks . It’s not ok and more and more people will visit these people and think to themselves this ant so bad and next thing is they’ll be f-ing up thinking a tent is their back up like f it. It’s nasty and not fare to the working poor to live where people defecate and urinate everywhere. When someone takes advantage of the laws and pulls what these people are pulling you have to play accordingly. I’m sure the ones who wrote the constitution would think it was a huge social injustice to allow the streets to be treated like a skidrow alley. How many people have to be put thru hell before some change comes. That environment will only breed the kind who’ll take and break and ruin everything you wish they didn’t.
    If you want to stop the drugs, stop the smoke shops. Clearly if one can purchase their dope pipe from the same government who says don’t smoke clearly this isn’t going to be taken with seriousness. Clearly.

    Stop all access to the dark web. Demand that onion browsers be taken off the public smorgus board. Your sending the mesg that we say a thing is bad but don’t mean anything by it besides flapping our gums.

  24. it is more then that I’ve been homeless living sleeping in my van for 7 months an I gotta go cause having to admit this rite now makes me want to cry I clean for a living an can’t even afford to have a bed to sleep in the money I make is barly enough to put gas an eat once a day

  25. All I have to say is I was homeless for over 20 years and it took 10 years to get my housing but all I have to say is no knows anything about unless u been through it there is so much corruption ,so much bs ,lies and the staff that work at the homeless shelters are assholes all they care about is there check they don’t really care about helping people that are homeless it’s all one big lie u should see what goes on behind close doors I m reaching out I want to help so much with this cause it’s so sad and it’s just getting worse . LA FAMILY HOUSING is a joke I mean joke they are a disgrace and I don’t understand how they get away with what they do and think it’s ok it’s sad and all I want to do is tell my story on how bad it really is .

  26. we have housing structure going up daily, and they are for sale. what gives? the city really needs to take a closer look at the apartment complexes and it’s owners. I know people have to make money but think of those who can rent these units a revue would come in instead of waiting for a buyer do to the exact thing. buy low rent high and that’s not hardly going to solve the homeless problem it’s creates a greater problem. in the independent city of Long Beach you can drive down any street and see new apartment complexs (empty units) they are for sale. very few new apartment buildings are being rented, but who can afford to rent them. only 2% of so called homeless situation has been solved. actually not the homeless have been placed in shelters and soon end right back on the street. so where’s the solution?

    1. the money that is actually spent toward housing the homeless has gone towards housing migrants only!!

  27. these are not angelenos being housed these are all out of towners they are the ones in the street making the city look bad

  28. I personally have experienced homelessness with my teenager from 2018-2023. After exhausting all resources from emergency hotel vouchers from LA County, followed by interim housing through LA Family Housing, we were placed wrongfully placed in a project based unit BEFORE HACLA approved our application. Our case has since been neglected and the management of the property is threatening an eviction if I don’t relinquish the unit. I was able to find and maintain a job for over a year. Now we’re at risk of being homeless again and possibly losing my job if this happens. Instead of finding an attorney to defend my case for unlawful detainer, I need an attorney to represent me for a civil matter. It’s not right, and I relied on the housing assistance and supportive services to guide us in the right direction. I’ve complied with all the requirements on my end and see how the programs’ lack of familiarity with the procedures have failed to properly handle my case. Now that my case has been handed to the next housing supportive service provider, they don’t know where to go from here to resolve the error and it’s easier to get rid of the problem by evicting me. I see a possibility for a class action lawsuit in the very near future and I need to know if anyone has any suggestions about how to move forward in my situation.

  29. I totally agree the money that is supposed to be spent on homeless issues is going straight into politicians pockets. follow the money! politicians, builders,organizers have all benefitted from homeless money. everyone except the homeless people. that’s a fact!!!

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