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Power and Control: Democrats are Showing Us Who They Are

It is apparent that Democrats at this point care little who President Figurehead is as long as they beat Donald Trump, and remain in charge

By Katy Grimes, July 6, 2024 8:51 am

Conversations everywhere are all focused on the same topic: should Joe stay or should Joe go?

President Joe Biden is obviously fading – even the untrained eye can see this. However, he’s still the President, which begs the question: who is running the country right now? Dr. Jill? Susan Rice? Ron Klaim? Antony Blinken? Jeff Zients?

Democrats want you to ask not who is running the show, but why it matters. Because the number #1 priority for the Democrat Party is power and control – who is in charge is less important.

And they are ruthless about it.

Columnist Ross Douthat at The New York Times even wrote a column asking, ” Does America Need a President?”

The Globe remembers in 2010 when then-State Senator Patricia Wiggins (D-Santa Rosa), who was suffering from a then-undisclosed illness, was ordered by then-Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) to show up for a crucial vote.

She was brought to Sacramento, and in a wheel chair propped up in the press bay, and told how to vote by her husband, who was also a prominent Democrat consultant as well as her campaign manager. Some months later, after her hometown newspapers called for her to resign, it was revealed that Sen. Wiggins had an invasive disease of the brain which caused significant memory loss, and outbursts.

“Senator Wiggins, D-Santa Rosa, has been witnessed making public outbursts since as far back as 2007, at events in her district and more recently, in Senate hearings,” I reported in 2010. “Both The Napa Valley Register and the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, called for Wiggins to resign.”

More recently, was the aging and failing US Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). For years, the declining health of Senator Feinstein was a recurring issue in California and Washington D.C. “Most notably, Feinstein faced numerous health questions in 2017 following the installation of a pacemaker and in 2020 after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg when many commentators noted health issues between the two,” the Globe reported.

The most intense questions came when recovery from shingles at her home in San Francisco took longer than expected. She temporarily left the Judiciary Committee, hoping to have an interim replacement cover for her. However, Republicans rejected the plan, forcing the Committee to only approve Judges whom members from both parties could agree on. With many potential judges held back, critical Senate votes coming up that were reliant on passage with a vote from Feinstein, and concerns growing about her health, Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) called for Feinstein to resign. At its peak, dozens of Congressional members, Senators, and leftist/liberal groups pressured Feinstein to resign.

See how it goes? Democrats just needed the votes of its loyal lawmakers, clearly too old and/or infirm to participate in the legislative process any longer. They didn’t care if someone had to prop her up for her vote.

Even Politico reported on loyal Democrats who called for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to resign while Obama was still President so he could appoint her successor. All these Democrats cared about was the abortion issue and Roe v. Wade getting overturned.

“With the Supreme Court poised to reverse Roe v Wade, Ginsburg’s decision not to step down during the Obama administration looms large in the estimations of some of her admirers, who see it as enabling the destruction of large parts of Ginsburg’s legacy,” Politico reported in 2022. “The unintended — but not unforeseeable — result was that Donald Trump was able to name Ginsburg’s successor, who may wind up as the fifth vote to overturn the landmark 1973 abortion-rights ruling.”

“It was an extraordinarily self-centered thing to do,” the left said of Ginsburg.

Democrats adored Ginsburg until she became inconvenient. Then they turned on her like vipers on prey. “It’s certainly hard for me, now, to think of her work and of her — and not to, these days, work up a degree of regret and anger,” says Dorothy Samuels, who authored The New York Times’ legal editorials during her 30 years on the paper’s editorial board.

For the Party which marches in lockstep like goose-stepping North Koreans, these three women became impediments to the cause.

As for the President, Democrats aren’t talking about the United States as a whole being vulnerable with Dementia-ridden Joe Biden at the helm. They aren’t concerned that the international community currently sees the U.S. as weak and unstable.

“Non sibi sed patriae,” Latin for “Not self, but country,” the phrase inscribed above the chapel doors of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, never passes the lips of a Democrat in today’s Party because it’s Party control first, then everything else.

The Party that gave the country John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, ignores his most famous words: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

It is apparent that Democrats at this point care little who President Figurehead is as long as they beat Donald Trump, and remain in charge.

Democrats like the way things are going. They want status quo. They believe their bureaucratic administrative state can take care of everything.

The calls for Joe’s ouster is more about the media – they made Joe – they gave the country President Joe Biden – which means in their minds they can take him down. What they are really mad about is the failure of their 3-year long concealment of Joe’s condition. Anyone with two eyes could see the President’s failings, regardless of claims that he was as sharp as a tack, and brilliant behind closed doors.

The leftist media got caught with their pants down. And since they have no ability for self-reflection and introspection, they are lashing out at the feeble president because they know the country is shifting, making the necessary adjustments back toward populism and administrative state upheaval.

Democrats’ egos, their hubris, pretension and vanity are preventing rational thought. The Party of predators is vulnerable and will likely lose because of their falsities and hypocrisy.

Should Joe stay or should Joe go?

Enjoy “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by English punk rock band the Clash from their album Combat Rock:

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14 thoughts on “Power and Control: Democrats are Showing Us Who They Are

  1. For the moment, anyway, it’s looking like no matter WHAT the Dems do they are unable to keep the building from collapsing. Joe stays, Joe goes —- the way things have been going over there in DemMarxistLand it seems like they are screwed either way. I’m sure they have plenty more dirty tricks up their sleeves, but will their dirty tricks work anymore? Guess we’ll see.

    1. Yes, ShowandTell. As our friend Ms. Grimes says in this article, when anyone has outlived their usefullness to the Democrat Party and it’s agenda, then Party over People is the RULE. Joe Biden is suffering from brain desease and people (around him and in the media) have been propping him up knowing full-well that he can barely function on his own. Anyone else would be in a 24-hour care home. The whole affair is pitiful and shameful; and the world is watching. The DemMarxists can start to redeem themselves by getting over their TDS and sitting out the election in November. It’s the LEAST they can do for the country – of course, they won’t because they hate this country.

      1. Raymond, as you know, a big part of why the Dems are panicking is because of the down-ticket Dem candidates. With Grampy Joe staying in place and obstinately digging in his heels many Dems will simply not vote, which wouldn’t be good — to put in lightly —- for the down-ticket national, state, and local Dem candidates on the ballot in whatever region. Don’t want to be counting chickens before they’re hatched, though!
        I have to admit I did enjoy seeing the George Stephanopoulos interview of Crooked Joe and had to smile to hear the 1,001 ways George asked the same question that went something like this: “Don’t you think, President Biden, considering the ever-worsening deterioration of your mental faculties and the very rapid downhill slide of your physical condition you should probably step down now?” Meanwhile Joe stubbornly refused to concede anything or budge an inch. Like a toddler in a high chair shaking his head and pressing his lips together when mother tries to get a spoonful of peas down the hatch.

        1. Ha,Ha, yes. Little Georgie earned his check with that interview. He did somersaults, handstands and cartwheels to coax the answers! Geez, the Dems put this country into one big mess.

        2. Yes, Showandtell. I watched the interview as well. George got exasperated with Joe when Biden kept saying that “Only a message from God would convince me to drop out.” So, that means never, right? Imo, George was talking to the wrong person – he needs to interview Jill. As far as the down-ballot Dem candidates, I’m not sure that Joe will affect those; so I would not count on a Red Wave. Those candidates don’t want to be seen anywhere near Joe. I don’t really see Joe having much of an effect there – but, I hope I’m wrong. I live in a heavily Dem district and I am seeing Trump flags and banners being waved on freeway overpasses during rush hour. This is still really early for those so it seems that most of the enthusiasm is on the Republican side. Not seeing any Biden banners which is understandable I suppose.

  2. This is just the tip of the evil berg. Just wait until people find out what the Democrats and their allies have been up to. The worst horror movie you ever saw or heard of won’t be close.

  3. As Katy Grimes astutely noted, the Democrat Party is the party of predators and they march in lockstep like goose-stepping North Koreans so they’ll make sure old senile Joe is eventually gone–one way or another?

  4. “Who is running the country right now?”

    Barack Obama was left out of the answer list… The last few years have all the hallmarks of BHO’s “fundamental transformation of America”…

    There has been a concerted effort to undermine every pillar of American society, from energy policy (that affects EVERYTHING) to economics and their “transitory” inflation, to social norms and ideals, plus their draconian Covid-1984 plandemic response…
    Looks like Obama’s “fundamental transformation” is to depression (of all types), central/global control and Communism, possibly following the CCP model of social credit scores…
    We are not fans of Trump’s personality or public persona, but we’re damn big fans of his MAGA POLICIES…
    Unfortunately, most Democrats are emotion-driven and devoid or devalued of LOGIC, and cannot differentiate between the two…
    MAGA 2024 #47

  5. After Joe’s NATO speech; he took reporter questions in a too long disconnected rambling everywhere narrative. Appeared that he thought the longer he stayed, the better he would look: FAILED.
    In his talk, he volunteered (without a question) that he has a plan to limit rent increases to 5% (= Federal rent control). If they can do this on rents, why not 5% price increase limits on groceries, restaurants, gas stations, and of course the price you sell your home (which would limit price increases for housing).
    Democrats want to control everything in our lives for their power and as dictators they know best for everyone.

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