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Phil Haney on left. Bill Becker in the middle. (Photo: with permission from Bill Becker)

Obama Admin DHS Whistleblower Found Shot To Death In California

Those who knew Philip Haney said they don’t believe he committed suicide

By Michelle Mears, February 23, 2020 7:56 am

The whistleblower from the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama Administration was found dead near his vehicle outside of Sacramento Friday morning.

Authorities found 66-year old Philip Haney dead by a single gunshot wound. Haney was known for exposing President Obama’s orders to scrub the records of Muslims with terrorist ties.

According to the Amador County Coroner’s Office, deputies and detectives responded to a report of a man shot near Highway 124 and Highway16 in Plymouth, California.

In the report obtained by the California Globe, Haney died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound… A firearm was found near Haney’s body and his vehicle. An investigation is active and ongoing.

Bill Becker, president and chief counsel of Freedom X and friend of Haney’s, posted on Facebook, “I’m in shock this morning to learn that my dear friend Phil Haney, former DHS whistleblower and author of “See Something, Say Nothing,” has died from gunshots in San Francisco. Phil, Trevor Loudon and I are the first recipients of American Freedom Alliance’s American Freedom Award. May he RIP.“

 See Something Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad

Becker told the California Globe he can‘t comment on the cause of Haney’s death but he can comment on who he was, “Phil had firsthand evidence that Obama was secretly advancing Islamic hegemony in the U.S.  He sacrificed his career to expose it. He was a friend and a patriot.“

Others who knew Haney said they don’t believe he committed suicide and he was preparing to go back on the road during the 2020 election season.

Kelly Walton posted on Haney’s Facebook page, “Phil was a hero. No way this is suicide.  While I was running the ACT chapter network, Phil tirelessly worked to get the truth out.  Watch your back everyone.”

Another friend and former Marine Randy McDaniels told the California Globe, “There are a lot of conflicting reports. I knew Phil well enough to say for certain…he would on no way commit suicide.”

Haney is considered a patriot by many. In 2016, he told Sean Hannity, he was ordered to scrub the record of Muslims in the United States with terrorist ties during the Obama administration.

The political correctness during the Obama presidency according to Haney killed an investigation that could have prevented the San Bernardino Christmas party killings in California by terrorists, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. Farook and Tashfeen killed 14 people and wounded another 21.

“Civil Rights and Civil Liberties shut the case down because we were focusing on individuals who belong to Tablighi Jamaat,” said Haney in an interview with Breitbart in 2015. ”Tablighi Jamaat members under the organization structure of the Deoband movement – a Salafi Islamic group – were coming to America, going to mosques all over the country, at the invitation of imams and leaders who were already known to be linked to terrorism.”

Haney founded the Passenger Analysis Unit or PAU under Customs and Border Protection in 2003. The PAU was responsible for vetting, investigating, putting the dots together of persons traveling to the United States who could be a security threat.

In 2018, Haney was working on special assignment to prevent Rep. Keith Ellison from being elected Minnesota’s Attorney General. Friends of Haney reported he was currently working on protecting Americans from progressive leftist socialists.

A lengthy Tweet by Andrew Bostom, Academic MD & author of The Legacy of Jihad, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, Sharia Versus Freedom, gives testimony to Haney’s work.

HERE is an article written by Haney detailing why he became a whistleblower.

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59 thoughts on “Obama Admin DHS Whistleblower Found Shot To Death In California

  1. You are guilty of seriously fake reporting here, Michelle Mears. You could have at least used the correct title of Phil Haney’s book, “Hear Something; Say Nothing.” Worse, and a more pernicious error, was aligning Phil with a DHS slogan 180 degrees opposite of his belief. You can do better.



        1. We are so fortunate to have the highly respected FBI investigating this. IG Horowitz just dropped a report that Comey’s FBI concluded Pulse Nightclub shooter, Boston Marathon bombers, San Bernardino shooters, Ft. Hood shooter were not serious threats while under surveillance. Instead of sending tactical units to raid these islamonazis, they drag Roger Stone out of his house at gun point in front of CNN cameras. There is no justice in this world and there never was. There will come a day when Divine Justice arrives in the clouds of glory and the murderous evil will cry out to the rocks to fall on them.

          1. I wish I had the same confidence in the FBI that you do. Frankly I suspect that the entire FBI has been corrupted and is being used to destroy any who oppose the globalist adgenda.

          1. Well there is a lot of grey here.
            There is watchlist fraud. If you expose watch list fraud then you expose fed pig lowlife terrorist.
            A fed getting his head shot at interstate intersections is a question mark. Maybe he was going bro meet someone he trusted.
            Under Obama could it had been once the names that were linked to terrorism were found to have been removed because of watchlist fraud which the Dept. of Homeland Security, the “prestigious “ fbi and the cia. When it comes to forensics the fed pigs know how to evade when doing a hit especially if fed pigs were going to lose their pension and or go to prison. These so called patriots are the ones doing the gangstalking. To understand go to http://www.targetedjustice.com. you can see the federal law enforcement agencies involved in terrorist watchlist fraud.
            Seek and te shall find.


        2. How’s that follow up coming along?????
          Who else worked in the ‘bomber’ admin, that wouldn’t appreciate any sunshine during 2020 campaigning ????

    1. Justice will prevail over all in time, meanwhile the battle against evil will continue to rage. Karma’s storm will take vengeance at the appointed time and nothing on this Earth will deny it. This nation is at war with demon possessed principles in high places and it’s a election year. Nothing new in this game of thrones. Hitler thought the same way too, right up to he destroyed his country and his family. The thief has one agenda,steal, kill, and destroy, mascurading as the cure. Get ready,gonna see something been never seen aforementioned,when the son comes around.

    2. Your wrong! The name of Philip Haney’s book is
      SEE SOMETHING SAY NOTHING, I have his book right in front of me. And no doubt someone murdered him, he knew his life was in danger because he knew too much and was exposing it. I hope his second book he was working on is published soon! Philip was a brave hero!!

    3. Try reading the book. I have, and it’s one of the 10 most important books you’ll read in your lifetime. It’s called “See Something, Say Nothing . . .” a play on words from the DHS original slogan, “See Something, Say Something,” which they completely abandoned soon after DHS was created.

      1. This won’t be the last time either. More and more of the Obama corruption is being uncovered. Everyone associated with the uncovering, better watch they’re backs.

    1. He did an interview With John b Wells 2017 ( it’s on youtube) he was exposing what he witnessed and went through while working in the Obama cabinet . He also made sure to express in that interview that he is not suicidal . He knew then that his life could be in jeopardy .

    2. Barry should never have been an American president. The people he brought in are still in command is areas. He did NOT commit suicide. He was a Christian, engaged to be married, was looking forward to his next book. Barry is responsible for every Islamic attack on our soil. He was/is the enemy. Do some research.

      1. I’m glad that I am not the only one believe that Obama and Clinton are so dirty and they are still behind the scenes. just saying

    3. Doesnt matter if hes Pres or not. Hes still behind a whole lotta evil from in office, and since hes been out. He ranks right up there with the Clintons when it comes to so many “suicides”. Wake up.

  2. I worked with Philip since 2003. I knew Philip on a personal level and I can say there is no way Philip Haney committed suicide. Absolutely no way. Philip was a deeply spiritual man and committing suicide was not part of his belief system. He did not kill himself. Law enforcement and the FBI need to get to the bottom of WHO MURDERED PHILIP HANEY?
    Thank you for all you taught me. RIP Philip.

    1. Interesting whenever someone has something on these cartels(Clinton and add Obama to the list) they just seem to commit suicide or are murdered everyone remember Vince Foster ?? Now Ep[stein who had a ton of goods I hope Assange is kept safe we will see,

  3. Yet another huge murderous scandal from Obama’s much-touted “scandal-free 8 years”. And it does sound like the mother of all scandals. Didn’t know about him or his book but will surely check out now.

  4. The National Targeting Center (NTC) is a corrupt entity that works above the law and whenever an investigation is begin regarding the existence, actions, spending, etc; they are all squashed under the protection of National Security. From what I understand it was the NTC who forced him to delete records …
    I too tried to proved misspending by the NTC and they worked and found a way to oust me.

  5. How was he shot in San Francisco and in Plymouth? Geez, are you trying to make people ignore this man’s tragic story on suspicion of authenticity? Thanks, but no thanks. This type of reporting is

  6. Suicide my ass. Nobody shoots themselves in the chest to commit suicide.
    Listen, the media would literally be in hysterics if this had been the Ukraine – Trump whistle blower. Somebody better get to the bottom of this, fast.

  7. vince foster, epstein, mary mahoney, and many others how many have to be killed before the facts are exposed???

  8. There is a group that kills for the Government but it ties into the Agency that does the witness protection program. I work for a very old organized crime figure who was under that program and know he kill for a Judge. Sure, he is dead from old age now but the name he used was Jack Dewald. He lived on Florida Street on Lake in Louisiana. This maybe why it is so hard to to track these killers, that is because it is Government protected. I was naive enough to report it to the FBI.

  9. I am convinced that there is a lot of corruption in our government. Anytime money and greed and power are at stake We the People suffer. How long will It take h before we find out the real truth? Too many people covering for each other because their all crooked and on the take. Common sense has told me this for many years.

  10. I am convinced that there is a lot of corruption in our government. Anytime money and greed and power are at stake We the People suffer. How long will It take before we find out the real truth? Too many people covering for each other because their all crooked and on the take. Common sense has told me this for many years.

  11. I am convinced that there is a lot of corruption in our government. Anytime money and greed and power are at stake We the People suffer. How long will It take before we find out the real truth? Too many people covering for each other because their all crooked and on the take. Common sense has told me this for many years.

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