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Senator Scott Wiener. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

PG&E To Become A Public Utility Under Proposed Legislation

Senator Scott Wiener will introduce the new bill early next year.

By Evan Symon, November 12, 2019 3:21 pm

“We are looking at legislation to force PG&E to become a public utility, but that’s still in the early planning stages and we haven’t settled on the exact details yet,” Senator Wiener told Bloomberg News on Tuesday. “[I plan to introduce] some sort of legislation forcing them to become a public utility.”

Senator Wiener is planning to introduce the new bill by February and has said that it’s “desirable” to give the public control of PG&E.

This isn’t Senator Wiener’s first time trying to send a message to the utility company. Earlier this year he introduced Senate Bill 378. SB 378 would have placed the burden of outages on power companies and would have mandated compensation and longer notices before outages. It didn’t make it out of debate, but it received a considerable amount of renewed interest following the blackouts caused by PG&E and the widespread misery it caused.

“This is make or break time for everyone involved,” explained Dana, an employee in the State Capitol who has been involved with some of the issues surrounding PG&E with the state. “PG&E does not want to be bought out so badly that it turned down billions from San Francisco over the city buying some of their infrastructure, but has been dragging their feet in getting out of bankruptcy. The Governor’s office wants a solution that will both limit wildfires and not have millions lose power, but they’re breathing down PG&E’s neck about taking over. The Senate now has this bill coming up that’s also threatening to take PG&E off the map. And then there are the citizens, who are all pissed about this and simply don’t want to be screwed over again and not be harmed.”

“It’s really all on PG&E to get out of this, because they know if they don’t, they stand to lose everything, legally, in California.”

With PG&E currently in bankruptcy and facing offers and threats from the Governor, major cities, and now the state Senate, Senator Wiener’s bill is turning up the pressure on PG&E to come up with a plan, and to come up with one fast.

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Evan Symon
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4 thoughts on “PG&E To Become A Public Utility Under Proposed Legislation

  1. Dies that mean the state would become responsible for PG&Es massive liabilities, as well as future liabilities for fires, etc? I’d rather PG&E file bankruptcy every few years than the state. But Wiener has no common sense, and now we have a governor who is equally dense.

  2. RecallGavinNow dot com…..I’m moving I can’t take this state anymore. You think we’ve seen corruption it will be nothing compared to gavin hand on the switch…The four families that have destroyed California for decades should all be charged with Treason.

  3. So…. California pensions sre a trillion dollars short, there is no more water, the DMV can’t issue proper driver’s licenses, the DMV accidentally gave voter registration to thousands of illegal immigrants, typhus is spreading because the state won’t kill rats, and now they want to take over electricity. What in the name of God is the CPUC for? A utility can’t buy toilet paper without CPUC approval.

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