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Kevin Faulconer at Sacramento press conference. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Ric Grenell Tells Recall Candidate Kevin Faulconer to ‘Drop Out of the Race’

Faulconer called for Elder to drop out; now Grenell calls for Faulconer to drop out

By Katy Grimes, August 24, 2021 7:03 am

As the California Recall Election of Gov. Gavin Newsom heats up, Richard Grenell, former Ambassador to Germany and Acting Director of National Intelligence, and California Voter just told gubernatorial candidate and former San Diego Mayor to drop out of the race.

Richard Grenell. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

“It’s clear that this recall election is about the future of California. We need a new direction. Everyone can see just how a politician like Gavin Newsom has failed to successfully manage our state,” Grenell said Monday in a statement. “His left wing policies have created more problems than he’s been able to solve. Kevin Faulconer’s vision is not a conservative one. Faulconer has been unable to embrace the broad type of change we need. He’s a politician at a time when we need bold solutions. Kevin Faulconer should drop out of the race, so a solid conservative can garner enough votes to replace Newsom.”

Recent media attacks on candidate Larry Elder brought out the knives. Predictably, Republican recall candidates jumped on the bandwagon condemning Elder, the Globe reported.

The AP reported reported, “Faulconer hits GOP rival Elder as California recall heats up. “That Faulconer is now joining Newsom in criticizing Elder reflects his need for a breakout moment that can change his trajectory in the race.”

Faulconer went further with Politico: “Elder’s backwards positions harm women’s rights and the livelihoods of California families,” Faulconer said in a late Friday afternoon statement. “Elder’s lack of judgement and character flaws threaten the success and credibility of this historic recall movement — Californians will not vote to recall one dysfunctional Governor if it means replacing him with another.”

“Faulconer suggested that Elder has become a liability that could cost Republicans a chance to unseat Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom” Politico said. “Faulconer has taken the lead in lambasting Elder as the former mayor looks to attract moderate voters after building his campaign on a centrist message that argues he is the only Republican capable of carrying a deeply Democratic state.”

Last week, the California Republican Assembly (CRA), the largest and oldest GOP volunteer organization in the state, announced their endorsement of radio host Larry Elder in the California Gubernatorial recall election.

This followed the California Republican Party’s vote to not endorse a candidate after changing the Party bylaws to officially back a candidate. Faulconer was the state Party’s heavy favorite, but with Elder’s popularity rising supported by surging polling numbers, the party eventually agreed not to support any candidate and instead focus on the Recall of Newsom.

Grenell who founded Fix California, says he is committed to pursuing longterm solutions that advance conservative ideas and causes throughout the state. Grenell’s is a long game plan to revamp state politics.

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31 thoughts on “Ric Grenell Tells Recall Candidate Kevin Faulconer to ‘Drop Out of the Race’

  1. Good for Ric Grenell to call for this, saying out loud what so many of us are thinking. Faulconer is not what he claims to be — he is NOT a “moderate Republican” as he would have us believe. Certainly no sensible voter believes that, but he is being used. Faulconer has become a tool. He is being used by so-called RINO Repubs and the Anti-Recall Gavin campaign. And either he doesn’t see it or he is enjoying his role as a spoiler. His priority is to squash the leading candidate and instead of banging away at why Newsom should be recalled? Really?
    In the end, a candidate like Faulconer must ask “what is best for California?” Can he do that, is he capable of it? It would go a long way to doing what is best for California. What is best for California should be Faulconer’s first concern. We’re at the tipping point, Kevin Faulconer, we’ve had enough of political games.

  2. I hear this morning that ballots were mailed out with the voter information packets and not separately as always done in the past. Voters were not informed of this in advance probably hoping we wouldn’t notice. BUSTED- now they are stating they did it to save trees and money. So why is it inconsistent? Some were sent separately and some were in a money saving bundle?? Which way is it? Then I see a felon who was busted with over 300 ballots appearing to never have been mailed out but fraud is not an option since they were not signed. CA will not have a chance at change if these actions are not addressed legally!

    1. Seems to depend on the county, Stacy. Some ballots have the signature on the envelope hidden and other counties, like in LA, the signature is visible on the return envelope. The printed ballots also differ in design. Why? Ask your local election officials. Seems like there is no state-wide “standard” ballot design.

      1. But Raymond, it’s irrelevant if counties use different design ballots. If even one county — LA County, the largest one — designs ballots whereby a YES on recall voter is plainly visible from the outside of the envelope, some ballots for the recall can be discarded by anyone before they are counted. All Newsom needs to defeat the recall is to pick off enough YES votes, regardless of the county, regardless of the ballot design. The ballots are added together. The total number of votes is what matters, not the percentage, not the number of counties with ballot designs that facilitate election fraud. LA County’s fraudulent ballot design should be concerning to anyone favoring the recall of Gavin Newsom.

  3. Politics as Usual…
    Falconer has revealed his cards! He is not interested in fighting back Newsom’s policies or taking on the supermajority, collective thought process. Compare his answers on the latest questionnaire posed by Thomas Buckley here on the globe.

    His answers were not as detailed compared to Elder’s or Kiley’s. I would go as far to say they were lightweight, empty and hollow.

    [Q1 – How directly has the combination of the decriminalization (for practical purposes) of shoplifting, vagrancy, certain drug offenses and other “low level/quality of life” crimes – combined with prisoner release/sentence reduction efforts and the “criminal justice reform” movement as epitomized by Attorney General Rob Bonta and District Attorneys like Chesa Boudin and George Gascon – impacted the typical Californian?]

    Falconer Q1 –
    “It’s clear Gavin Newsom does not care about the safety of our communities. He’s enabled the defund the police movement. He’s supported laws that weaken or remove consequences and as a result we’re seeing crime rise to a 13-year high. This level of drug use has greatly impacted Californians, especially our homeless population. I saw it firsthand as Mayor in San Diego. This isn’t acceptable.”

    Elder Q1:
    Q1 – “Soft-on-crime approaches have been a disaster for California. The Sacramento elite—led by Governor Gavin Newsom and his attorney cohorts’—not only enable criminals by allowing them to avoid conviction and incarceration, but hurt law-abiding Californians, especially blacks and minorities in tough areas like where I grew up. There is nothing compassionate about “early release” for prisoners when it is well known that most will re-offend. Where is Newsom’s concern for their past and future victims?

    Proposition 47 is terrible too. For all intents and purposes, it gives free rein for theft up to $950. We’ve all seen shocking videos of criminals casually walking out of stores with armfuls of stolen goods. This is outrageous! Law-abiding store owners are forced to bear the brunt of this lawlessness. Small businesses are hurt the most as many are closing their shops early, hoping to help stem the crime sprees. Many are leaving the state altogether. And to those who think these are “harmless”, “low level” crimes, I’d ask you to tell that to the family of the Rite Aid employee who was shot dead trying to stop two men who were looting cases of beer.

    The lawlessness doesn’t stop there. Newsom himself was the victim of assault at the hands of an aggressive homeless man. Barbara Boxer was assaulted and robbed in broad daylight. And all of this is compounded by the fact that our police have been made out to be more the enemy than our protector.”

    See the difference?
    Btw, Kiley had great answers as well, please read the article.


    Good for Ric Grenell to publicly call him out!

  4. Any 2% GOP also-ran who stays in the race and even worse sabotages the leading popular candidate will be branded a Recall spoiler, which is a very lousy political career move at this point. Follow Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, there is simply is no traction for you Mr Falconer – dirty tricks or not.

    Not that you are a bad person or not even a good GOP asset, it is just not your time right now Mr. Falconer. The center must hold, and the falcon now ignores the falconer. As they say.

    1. The Second Coming

      Turning and turning in the widening gyre
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
      The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

      The best lack all conviction, while the worst
      Are full of passionate intensity.

  5. Excellent, as well as deep and moving, stuff from Cali Girl and Jaye. For what it’s worth, I very much admire and appreciate you both. Thank you.

    1. Thank you @ShowandTell. I really have appreciated YOUR ongoing contributions, it is one of the main reasons I read the the comments. It gives us all a glimpse into what residents of California are experiencing an are witnessing.
      I agree @Jaye has brought great depth and insight to the discussions on these pages.
      I especially love the Yeats Poem, it is timeless and so important.

      These pages demonstrate many citizens who care and are very aware of what is at stake for the future of California. The quality of life in this state has been eroded and the actions taken during the year of Covid have highlighted the the inadequacies of our current government.
      I for one will not vote for the typical talking head, like Falconer who has revealed himself to be.
      Blessings to you and yours.

      1. So nice of you to say, Cali Girl. May God bless you and yours as well.
        But no kidding, you’ve really been on fire and I appreciate so many of the commenters who weigh in here. It always seems to happen that tough and desperate times tend to bring out the fierce and excellent people. It’s a wonderful thing!

  6. Good for Grenell. Faulconer is too liberal and sad, if true, that the CAGOP favors him? As usual, the CAGOP is picking the wrong candidate. Ose’s endorsement of Kiley makes things interesting. Elder should find the fortitude and step up to the mic and debate.

  7. 2% Ose endorses 2% Kiley.
    (Sigh) A precious moment not seized. Not time for GOP purity litmus tests. It is time for shock treatment, to just get in the door.

  8. No Newsom. No Elder.
    We voting for Kevin Kiley.
    We’re not voting for a new ego to replace the current ego. What has Elder ever done for Californians? Talk on the radio? Here CA goes again, voting for a name we recognize instead of voting for someone who has done the work to earn our vote. We’re voting for the guy who knows the system, understands the challenges and can get hit the ground running on Day 1. We’re voting for the guy who serves ALL Californians, regardless of political party.

    1. Elder articulates conservative philosophy to his audience of Californian listeners. That is a critical first step – articulate why California voters need to demand ideological diversity in our government offices, not just superficial diversity. All other candidates are passing this necessary voter education opportunity. We don’t need laundry lists of specific campaign promises, which rarely if ever are fulfilled.

      We need fundamental bedrock changes in how we conduct the public’s business and someone who can finally best explain why. Elder is hitting that argument out of the park, and that is what he has long been doing for Californians. Democrat leader Gloria Romero’s recent endorsement of Elder because they share the same thoughts about school choice is but one example of what we can look forward to under Gov Larry Elder.

      50% of our state general tax revenues automatically go to public education, under voter approved Prop 98. The current abysmal state of our public schools and need for fundamental reform is issue enough to get this state turned around and public education back to the polished jewel it once was in this state.

      You have both GOP and Dems now rowing together on this critical issue. Stopping right there is enough for me, when one asks what has Larry Elder ever done for California.

      1. A coalition of Dems and Repubs (never mind NPP and Libertarians thrown in) is an extremely RARE event, for any issue, any candidate, anything. The last time I can recall having such a coalition was in knocking down the sneaky and odious Prop 31, if anyone remembers that one. But then, when Dems and Repubs voted NO in concert, they each had different reasons. This time, in Recalling Newsom, the coalition is even MORE RARE in that the parties likely pretty much agree about the reasons for recalling this failure of a governor, and it appears they might even agree about the reasons for electing someone like Larry Elder who, in the end, is a common-sense candidate who would be a terrific common-sense California Governor.

  9. There are a lot of things I don’t like about Gavin Newsom, but we would have to be totally nuts to elect a Desantis or Abbot, which is what we would get with Elder. Covid19 is the biggest issue, and I would give Newsom about a B-. Ending vaccine mandates would be a disaster. If Elder drops in the late polls, I might consider voting yes and choosing Faulconer or Pfathrath.

    1. Do what you want, but I don’t think you are going to convince a lot of people that Newsom has been, is, or could ever be anywhere near acceptable to continue as CA Gov. Have you really not been affected by his edicts and orders and arrogance and hypocrisy and delusional bubble in any way? You are also not going to convince anyone who supports Elder NOT to support him, so good luck.
      Vote YES to Recall Newsom

    2. Good thing most people around this country admire DeSantis and Abbott. California continues to be an aberrational outlier politically, for puzzling reason. Continued rot and decay in this state are hardly admirable consequences for making more incestuous uni-party choices. The mood in California is substantially shifting. We learned a lot about our “government” during this past year lock-down debacle. This election will provide ample evidence its changing political demographics as a result.

  10. Falconer is the obviously a do nothing know nothing old hag GOPer.
    Women’s rights do not include the murder of innocent life in the womb.
    Roe v Wade was in the words of Ruth Bader Ginsberg the work of an activist court.
    When you can “legally choose “ to kill a person, in this country, it would have to include your wife, or anyone else.
    If a politician can’t keep the simplest commandment, ‘thou shall not kill…’

  11. Can he tell john cox to do the same? we do not need a transplanted Chicago democrat sent to disrupt our state elections.

  12. Kevin Kiley, along with James Gallagher, has been the man in the arena doing the actual work pushing back in court (successfully!) against emperor Newsom’s continual one-man, illegal edicts, and is a big part of why this recall is moving forward. He accepts no money from special interests. What has Larry Elder actually done?

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