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Sonoma parents demanding county reopen. (Photo: screen capture, Sonoma parents)

‘Save Our Sonoma’ Holding Mask-Free March Saturday

Opponents got billboard removed, complained about flyer flag resembling a confederate flag

By Katy Grimes, April 9, 2021 10:33 am

UPDATED BELOW: California Globe has learned that a group of Sonoma County residents advocating for reopening the county and its schools is holding a mask-free march Saturday.

The Save Our Sonoma PEACEFUL NO MASK MARCH in Sonoma Plaza “is getting a lot of nasty reactions from very toxic people in our local community,” one of the local activists told the Globe.

“From the ocean to the vineyards, the lockdowns and closures have damaged children, business owners, restaurant owners, and isolated individuals,” Save Our Sonoma says. “Yes, Covid-19 exists, but we are not being told the full truth. We need transparency. We need responsive leadership that does not hide behind a computer. And, we need your help to reopen and return Sonoma County to its former glory.”

Here is the flyer for Saturday’s event:


“The town of Sonoma has experienced unbelievable drama in the last few days regarding a peaceful march  we were having tomorrow,” the local activist said. “Our group is being threatened, and we will be needing police protection. Our electronic billboard message was even taken down by the Rohnert Park!”

The local activist shared some the Facebook and Twitter posts from those opposed to their march and reopening request, saying what they are going to do to to the marchers. ” I can’t believe this is happening!” the Sonoma activist said.

Indivisible Petaluma posted this on Twitter, claiming that the parent activists’ billboard is racist:


“After two days, the billboard company got so many complaints about our flag resembling a confederate flag, that the company had to take it down,” the Sonoma activist said. “Of course, we were accused of being racist!!  This looks nothing like a confederate flag, in my opinion.  Now, we have had to agree to this, even though we certainly could have taken legal action because they signed a contract with us and our ‘ad’ did not violate any of their policies, etc.”

Sonoma parents demanding county reopen. (Photo: screen capture, Sonoma parents)

The Sonoma parent activist said “there is talk about the group that is posting all this stuff taking action by photographing us, spraying us with water guns, infecting us with COVID people, throwing cheese and tomatoes.  This is outrageous!”

The Save Our Sonoma website explains their purpose:

Save Our Sonoma Mission Statement

Our group seeks to inspire and empower Sonoma County residents through disseminating evidence-based information regarding the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns and future crises that we feel will continue to unfold.  It is our belief that the long-term effects of the lockdown harms, over time will be far more devastating ……..

The Save Our Sonoma parents have done a great deal of research, and cited many studies on their website about health concerns over masks, lockdowns, transmissions in children, and the growing lack of trust in public health because of the disinformation campaign waged on Americans during the coronavirus lockdowns.

UPDATE: Since the Globe published this article, the no-mask group provided a letter they sent to various City of Sonoma officials, including the Sonoma County Sheriff and the City of Sonoma Police (contracted with the Sheriff).

Dear Chief Rodriguez and Sheriff Essick,

Greetings and many thanks for all that you do — we really appreciate you and all the deputies, officers, and staff who work under your direction.  We are grateful for your tireless service in the face of thankless and unfounded criticism. We are very concerned about the threats we are all getting as well as the censorship of our message. What is our message? It is this: freedom and liberty are not granted by the state or county, but by our creator. All of us have inalienable rights, including the right to ASSEMBLE, to FREE SPEECH, and to be able to pursue our dreams. That is what this country was founded upon. This will never change in spite of unconstitutional and lawless acts by a few. Public Servants are NOT our masters. They serve at the pleasure of the citizens and are not lawfully allowed to trample rights that are God given and rights which are to be protected by their service.

Attached are a variety of the hateful messages and social media posts threatening our group and the citizens of Sonoma County. Our group received a call back from Sheriff Essick on Wednesday after our concerns were noted by him. He indicated that he had connected with you about Saturday’s peaceful protest that will be happening at about 12:45PM   We are hoping to have some police presence there as there have been some threats from various groups about our effort.  There has also been talk of BLM and Antifa groups being there to cause destruction and to achieve intimidation — that is our main concern.  We hope they don’t show up, but you never know. How on earth these people were allowed to destroy storefronts and businesses and to harass people all last year with ZERO repercussions from these hateful people, yet we, who are advocating for our liberty for ALL, are called racists, crazy, and our lives and wellbeing are threatened. This is lunacy.

We are a very peaceful, local group of people — mostly from Sonoma, but many will be attending from other Sonoma County areas.  We do not plan on walking on streets where we don’t belong, or blocking traffic, or doing anything illegal for that matter.  We are exercising our rights to peacefully gather and protest mask mandates.  We are very concerned about the lockdowns and the effects on our businesses, economy, people — especially our children. We are outraged that there is no science behind the decisions of Governor or unelected public health officers. This has gone on for over a year, and flies in the face of all precedent and shreds the constitution.

We have been reading various Facebook posts from Sarah Stierch and her followers, as well as Indivisible Petaluma and other Anti-American Marxist groups like Antifa and BLM. There was chatter on Ms. Stierch’s FB page of sending someone infected with COVID into our mix, and plans to throw tomatoes and cheese at us, and so on.  We are planning on having a few videographers to constantly video all the action.  It’s truly disheartening that we are being portrayed as “anti-vaxxers,” and “crazy” and so on.  In reality, we are a group of educated, concerned professionals — many doctors and lawyers —  that are aware that COVID numbers are flattening, and that mask mandates seem to be more about a control agenda than protecting us from the virus.  Even Newsom’s announcement yesterday indicated that masks will still be mandated. For what reason? Nothing scientific. Nothing about our health. It’s all about control. We are sick and tired of it all.

Is there a phone number wen should call in the event there are crimes that are committed against any member of our group?  Is there anything else we can do to assist public safety to ensure this event is low key and peaceful?  Will there be an Officer on stand by, close by? One member’s number is listed below for your reference, in case you need to reach a member of our group. We are all involved in organizing, and don’t currently have a leader.  She was previously an EMT, so volunteered to be a contact.

Thank you so much. We would appreciate you keeping our contact information private and confidential — we are aware that efforts are being made to target and take pictures of our members to shame and ‘cancel’ us in a small town.  This is very difficult but we must remain strong and fight for our freedoms.  



The same day this letter was sent, Ms. Stierch posted about its contents and now the writer of the letter has had her personal information attacked on Ms. Stierch’s Twitter account.
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16 thoughts on “‘Save Our Sonoma’ Holding Mask-Free March Saturday

  1. Interesting that the opposition who claim to want to protect and love one another are the ones threatening to infect and throw stuff at a group who wants to disseminate information and PEACEFULLY,PROTEST.

    I wish the parent group a successful peaceful march in beautiful Sonoma.

  2. Why does some idiot have to make this peaceful protest about race? So, what if the person in charge of the protest or the logo on the sign is black or anything other than white? IS that still white supremacy? Or is it black supremacy especially when BLM protests get police protection, burn American Flags and destroy businesses?? The billboard company needs to be called out for breaking a contract without merit.

    1. ” So, what if the person in charge of the protest or the logo on the sign is black or anything other than white? IS that still white supremacy?”

      First time? You must be new to all this….Only white people are targeted because… the plan is to make white people the ONLY target. You get it?

  3. It is stunning to me how freedom is being suppressed in this country. The freedom to peacefully protest, the freedom to share information that counters other information, and most importantly the freedom to not feel physically threatened when you express yourself peacefully. Are these “pro-maskers” going to bring Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs to attack the Save Our Sonoma group? No doubt the Main Stream Media will call the Save Our Sonoma group white supremacists, Q-Anon, science deniers, and oh yes MAGA Trump supporters. I don’t live close to Sonoma but tomorrow at 12:45 pm I will burn a mask in support of them.

    1. John, you got it! That’s exactly what happened!! The local, small rag of a newspaper had an “editorial” printed the next day: https://www.facebook.com/sonomavalleysun/. Exactly what you predicted! The woman was lurking around our group all day, ready to confirm her viewpoint that we were all a bunch of trump-loving, white supremistists. Totally unbelievable! P.S. The Sonoma Sun is a HATEFUL news source!

  4. Psychotic Sheeple try to make people with brains and backbone comply with the slave states nonsensical dictates.

  5. The nastiness from the nasties is definitely getting nastier out there, isn’t it?
    Heck with those creeps. Clearly they feel their “beautiful wickedness” is slipping away because of groups like yours.
    Best of everything to you wonderful Save Our Sonoma marchers. Hope tomorrow is a gorgeous, crystalline day for your event.

  6. Don’t forget your concealed carry! Protest peacefully, as is your intent. But, when attacked by BLM/Antifa, your only defense is what you have with you. If THEY make it “you or them,” let THEM have it and save yourself.

    1. Yep…
      Keep it peaceful but be prepared to defend yourself and the right to peaceably assemble and express freedom of speech…

  7. Comrades
    Noose will prevail…..and Hell will be unleashed to protect the Globalists, Big Box store Barons, Welfare Complex, you know the rest…….

  8. What i’m afraid of is the majority of Americans and around the world are no different than the people who followed Forrest Gump running cross country without any clue why they were doing it. When he stopped because he was through they all went home as bewildered as when they started. Joseph Goebbels would be blushing at how powerful and effective the Main Stream Media, and the High Tech darlings have managed to manipulate the drone society into believing the mask mandate, along with any number of progressive issues. I’m hopeful this small grass roots movement will blossom and multiply the masses out of their stupor. The April 10th Rally at Sonoma Plaza was a nice experience for all and look forward to more. Enjoy the outdoors on this rainy day and take care.

    Mike and Joanne Coleman

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