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Former Assemblywoman Young Kim. (Twitter)

Shock Poll: California CD 39

Young Kim Leads Gil Cisneros by 1 Point

By Sean Brown, November 6, 2018 3:12 pm

BREAKING: Encompassing parts of Orange County, Los Angeles and San Bernardino, California’s 39th Congressional District appears to be spread by only 1 point in the latest poll.

Democratic Lottery winner Gil Cisneros was originally leading Republican Young Kim among the early voters, however, this has shifted. The former legislator known for her aggressive fund-raising and political smarts, won her seat in the 2014 gubernatorial election cycle.

As they run, Young Kim (R) is cast with 49 percent and Gil Cisneros (D) with 48 percent.

The poll heavily credits Asian and Latino voters for making a significant impact in mostly white district.

The New York Times also credited the race with similar margins back in mid-October, but with Cisneros out front.

Election Day voters and Monday and Tuesday’s mail-in-ballots were not included in the poll. 334 total people were surveyed.

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