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Congresswoman Karen Bass. (Photo: @RepKarenBass, Twitter)

Top Manager Departs LA Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass’s Campaign

Departure comes just over three months until the June 7th primary

By Evan Symon, February 22, 2022 3:37 pm

The campaign manager  for Congresswoman and Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Karen Bass left the position on Monday, leaving the Bass campaign devoid of one of its key members less than 4 months before the June Primary.

According to Bass Campaign spokeswoman Anna Bahr, Jamarah Hayner left the campaign under amicable terms to head back to her consulting firm. The campaign also noted that they were grateful for the work done, including help lead Bass to an early 32% of the vote lead, with a 24 point lead over the next major candidates, including City Attorney Mike Feuer, LA City Councilmen Joe Buscaino and Kevin De Leon, and developer Rick Caruso.

Hayner has had an eventful career since graduating from Barnard in 2006. This included serving as Director of Public Policy and Special Initiatives for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg between 2007 and 2010, as the Los Angeles District Director for then state Attorney General Kamala Harris from 2011 to 2012, as a Special Assistant to LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas from 2013 to 2014, and, since 2016, and as the President of her own consulting firm, JKH Consulting.

Despite having her own firm, she still has made several special forays into running campaigns, including managing District Attorney George Gascon’s successful 2020 campaign, and, most recently, running Bass’ Mayoral campaign from September 2021 until Monday.

Hayner’s departure is the latest shift for Bass’ campaign, as many consultants and fundraisers for Bass have also left in the past few months. Responding to concerns about it on Monday, Bahr said that it will take time to  solidify a solid campaign staff.

“This is a long campaign with many different stages,” added Spokeswoman Bahr. “Other candidates in the race have spent years planning their run and building their teams — the congresswoman got started fresh last fall. It takes time to lock in staff for a year-long campaign.”

Experts note that Hayner is a very high demand consultant, and that her departure may signal not only confidence in Bass’ campaign, but that there will be great need for many Democratic candidates later this election year for both the primary and the general in November.

“2022 is an election year, and a well experienced political campaign manager and consultant like Hayner, who used to work for the current Vice President, is very much in demand,” noted Sarah Aquino, an issue consultant in Southern California, to the Globe on Tuesday. “She and her firm are going to pop up again this year. A lot of campaigns are going to be struggling, plus the Democratic Part might have her in reserve in case a more crucial campaign, like one of the Congressional races down in Orange County, starts to take a turn or remains highly competitive.”

“She’s one of the best in California, hence why she has run campaigns for both Gascon and Bass in less than two years. Wherever she focuses on next, that will surely be a quick kick to their campaign. Every great campaign has great consultants and experts coming after all.”

As of Tuesday, the Bass campaign has not announced a replacement for Hayner.

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Evan Symon
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5 thoughts on “Top Manager Departs LA Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass’s Campaign

  1. Karen Bass is proving she really is as dumb as a pile of bricks in firing Jamarah Hayner. Sure, the connection to District Attorney George Gascón is, as Thomas Buckley stays, the reason, but Bass needs to understand that her connection to the progressive left is the only reason she exists politically. By turning her back on her base, that 34% lead she has will vanish. Karen (can’t help wondering how long it will be before she dumps that unfortunate name too) needs to double down on her progressivism instead of running from it. She should demand her supporters read George Gascon’s suggested list of required books so that they can be ‘educated’ about why so many underprivileged and marginalized criminals are discriminated against by so-called ‘victims’ of crime, when it is the criminals who really are the victims. BLM is like a ship without a rudder at the moment, and ‘Karen’ has the credentials to take over the leadership, and shake down a few more corporations who have the cash to finance a real campaign and a few mansions too. Come on ‘Karen’ speak your truth.

  2. Karen Bass herself, according to radio hosts at KFI AM 640, was pictured on a Gascon-supporting website as a Gascon supporter, but her image there disappeared shortly after she announced her candidacy for L.A. Mayor. Guess she started realizing how toxic George Gascon was and public support of him wouldn’t do. Maybe voters would start realizing how toxic she is, too, if she would only be honest and consistent. Her recent turnaround means nothing; it doesn’t mean she has seen the light, it is simply political. She obviously sees the handwriting on the wall about how completely sick and tired L.A. residents are of crime and the homeless/vagrant nightmare, the filth and destruction that “progressive” policies always bring, so she is trying to sound more reasonable to get elected. Then it will be back to the same radicalism and L.A. will go further downhill into chaos and destruction.

  3. Karen Says::
    I have a message for every voter in need of rental relief.
    If Caruso is really serious in helping renters by offering to build 30,000 new units, He can be a Truly good Guy by offering to build 50,000 Rental units win or lose, AND Karen when she is mayor will match his offer by her doubling LA City’s contribution to 100,000 additional units EACH year not raise the RENTS.

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