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American's Frontline Doctors Summit ll. (Photo: screen capture AFD Summit ll)

Why are Some California Doctors Refusing to Prescribe Certain Meds to COVID Patients

Is this medical malpractice?

By Katy Grimes, January 16, 2021 10:34 am

Since when and why do doctors refuse to prescribe known medications and remedies for COVID-19? Apparently in California, this occurs because it “is not the protocol doctors use around here.”

A friend reported that she and her husband are recovering from Covid. “My husband has COPD so he ended up hospitalized but is home now and doing better,” she said. However, and this is where it gets bad, “The doctors around here won’t treat anyone until they can’t breath, then they say ‘go to the hospital.'”

What doctor would refuse to treat a patient until the illness reaches a life-threatening emergency?

She continued: “We got meds online through the America’s Frontline Doctors, or I don’t think we would have done as well as we did.” She said they asked her husband’s two doctors for antibiotics and steroids. “Both said ‘no.’ It’s no wonder the hospitals are filling up,” she said.

Is this by design? Did California’s public health officials really issue a stand-down restriction on life-saving medications so COVID-19 would get worse in the state?

As we reported in “California’s Public Health Doctors Are Violating Hippocratic Oath, ‘First, Do No Harm,’” Public health doctors, while not in a medical practice, must still adhere to “Primum non nocere,” the Latin phrase that means “first, do no harm.” But they aren’t.

My friend said she has heard the same thing from others friends: “Doctors won’t ‘treat’ their patients. It’s like they’ve all been told to stand down or something,” she said. “When I asked one doc about getting Hydroxychloroquine he acted like I insulted him. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

She said her daughter who lives in Texas, was exposed to friends who contracted COVID, and her Texas doctors immediately prescribed she and her husband a Z-Pak (Zithromax) and steroids. Both apparently recovered quickly.

When my friend and her husband asked her husband’s cardiologist – who knows her husband has COPD – why he would not prescribe the steroids and Z-pak and/or Hydroxychloroquine, he said “that is not the protocol doctors use around here.”

What exactly does that mean? What protocols? And who issued them – the Governor? Dr. Mark Ghaly, Gov. Newsom’s appointed Health and Human Services Secretary? County public health officials?

Is this malpractice?

America’s Frontline Doctors report the restriction on HCQ is severe in western democracies. “But during Covid-19, State Pharmacy Boards and State Governors have passed regulations that have restricted only hydroxychloroquine and only when being used for Covid-19! This dramatic departure from the way medicine has always been practiced is very alarming to people who are concerned about the doctor-patient relationship.”

“It has never happened that the government has restricted physicians from prescribing an FDA approved medication” they explain (emphasis theirs).

As California Globe has reported, American’s Front Line Doctors, which exist to counter the massive disinformation campaign regarding the pandemic, warn that U.S. Governors’ attempt to ban hydroxychloroquine is the real problem.

Dr. Simone Gold who is also a lawyer, exposed a “massive disinformation campaign” about coronavirus and treatment, and was rewarded with de-platforming by Facebook, Google and Youtube.

The doctors have a map on their website showing which states allow for hydroxychloroquine, and which make it difficult or impossible – note that California is “fairly difficult:”

States which allow for HCQ. (Photo: America’s Frontline Doctors)
America’s Frontline Doctors have more information on their website about COVID-19, COVID-19 Medication Availability, vaccine information, and access to physicians.
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32 thoughts on “Why are Some California Doctors Refusing to Prescribe Certain Meds to COVID Patients

    1. NEWS FLASH…
      Doctor mistakes are No. 3 cause of death in USA.
      If you get Covid or just want to prevent it, take ivermectin. Get the horse paste, it works.
      I had lingering Covid symptoms for 9 months and it still worked.
      Its not fake news, it really works in many new studies. You have to get pills, horse paste is same product, ivermectin.

      1. Hi. Im still having lung issues a year later. What dosage of ivermectin and how long did you take it? Thank you for posting this

    2. I agree; my husband saw several for a chronic condition, and was treated so poorly, because there wasn’t an easy quick and expensive cure. I haven’t been to an MD type doctor for 22 years, since i had my last baby. I guess i would if i had something i felt they could help, but i would feel nervous/scared.

  1. Journalism can save lives when reporters like Katy Grimes have the guts to tell the truth about what’s going on in California.
    It’s my understanding that people who test positive for COVID and who might be concerned about complications can go to the America’s Frontline Doctors website and receive assistance, including assistance with early intervention of the hydrochloriquine et al treatment.
    Kelly Victory, M.D. (now heard regularly on KABC 790) also recommends going to SpeakWithAnMD.com where COVID-positive patients concerned about complications can speak with a physician and receive assistance to be prescribed such early-intervention drugs no matter where they live.
    That COVID patients in California have trouble being prescribed such drugs by their physicians and that the group of County Public Health Officers, local politicians, never mind the Governor of California himself, are not constantly talking about this information speaks for itself.

    1. You’ve given excellent, accurate information here. Thank you! I hope many people will take advantage of the resources you’ve described.

    2. Three other helpful resources for people who want prophylaxis (prevention) or early treatment for COVID-19:
      (1) A free, downloadable, 26-page booklet about early outpatient treatment for COVID-19; includes an excellent treatment flowchart which lists HCQ+zinc, Ivermectin, and Favipiravir (a drug not yet approved in the U.S.) as anti-viral drugs. Page 24 has links to lists of physicians who will provide early treatment (and, most likely, prophylaxis). https://aapsonline.org/CovidPatientTreatmentGuide.pdf
      (2) Links to detailed information on treatment and prophylaxis protocols for COVID-19. Includes at least one prophylaxis protocol which uses only OTC (no prescription needed) nutritional/herbal supplements. C19protocols.com
      (3) Video interviews and webinars with doctors successfully preventing and treating COVID-19 with HCQ+zinc, Ivermectin, etc. Covexit.com and Covexit youtube channel.

      HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) is highly effective against COVID-19 *when used properly* which means in an appropriate (low) dose, combined with zinc, and begun during the first five days of symptoms. Widespread use of HCQ for prophylaxis and early treatment is the primary reason India’s mortality-per-million (death rate) is one-eleventh of the U.S. mortality-per-million.

  2. Anything and everything to increase the numbers to justify the fascism. Fake the numbers and withhold treatment in order to boost the numbers. Sick. Never trust a leftist! Never!

  3. If Donald Trump had said Hydroxychloroquine is unsafe and should never be used CA doctors would be going door to door handing them out. Also the Lame Stream media would be questioning why Donald Trump is against a life saving option. Go figure.

  4. Please also included this website started by American doctors Myfreedoctor.com They accept donations, this website was started because the communist doctors in California refused to help treat covid correctly….
    Could you also do a little research as to why California DMV website is wiped off the internet it’s been gone for a week…You would think someone would speak out millions depend on this service.

  5. As to Katy’s question, “Is this medical malpractice?” it IS odd that we haven’t seen any lawsuits from this situation. After all, we see lawsuits from just about everything else under the sun. Where are the ambulance chasers when you need them?
    Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to sue L.A. County Public Health Officer ‘Dr.’ Barbara Ferrer for malpractice anyway, because she is not a physician. She has a Ph.D. in social work. As you know.

    1. Dr. Fareed sent out a tweet that there was a lawsuit in another state. There needs to be more. Speaking with a semi retired heart surgeon who took the ‘cocktail’ when he contracted Covid, all this is unprecedented.

      1. Will have to check out Dr. Fareed. But yes, lawsuits should be coming in the windows at this point and we’re just not seeing them.
        Your semi retired heart surgeon must be wondering what the heck has become of medicine…. and government “leadership” as well.

  6. The whole Hydroxycholoroquine thing is a psyop. Remember, the script of the Corona-psyop is, “Let’s Give Everyone AIDS” and all the propaganda are in-jokes from the AIDS epidemic psyop. The HCQ is the “buyer’s club” or the “AZT” in the propaganda construct. There’s no evidence it will work, but the idea is to create rumors and then let the propaganda rhyme with history (if you understand AIDS for the CIA deception it is – Agency for International Development (AID = a CIA Front).

    Reappraising AIDS is a grassroots effort dedicated to exposing the AIDS psyop and telling the truth about the phony AIDS science. Here is an interview by Reappraising AIDS’s president, David Crowe, with an expert on Hydroxychloroquine so you can get the FACTS:

  7. It would be helpful to know where to get monoclonal antibodies like the Regeneron treatment or bamlanivimab early in COVID, like before day 5.

    The health system I use had limited access and since I wasn’t 65+ or in the emergency room for a low pulse oximeter level, I likely wasn’t eligible. This after HHS Azar said on CNBC that only 5-20% of the doses of monoclonal antibodies were being used. So either HHS Azar was incorrect or there are major undiscussed technical problems with monoclonal antibody administration.

    I survived COVID with nothing but a lingering cough and occasional hack, but I’m pretty sure if I had received monoclonal antibodies, healing from the COVID hurricane (7 days winds one direction, brief eye, 7 more days winds other direction) would have been easier and less of a nail-biter.

    Maybe others will have better luck.

  8. I believe doctors and hospitals have been “quietly” threatened just like all restaurants, nail salons, hair salons and so on. SBO have tried to defy unconstitutional orders and file lawsuits without any headway. They got slapped with big fines, “threats” of taking their business licenses away where they would have no livelihood at all, and tons of useless paperwork. Doctors, nurses, all medical practitioners have been threatened by their hospitals if they speak the truth or rock the boat. Again, losing their livelihood, many haven’t even paid off all their sudden loans yet! Look at Dr Deboiblanc (sp), from John Muir in Walnut Creek who joined two other doctors in writing a letter to the local health department (Chris Farnitano a pediatrician with no specialty training in epidemiology or infectious disease), who got fired from his job for speaking the truth. He was head of the Trauma Surgery department. I have not looked real hard into bills that have been signed to protect hospitals/practitioners from certain/most malpractice lawsuits due to the pandemic. My gut feeling tells me they are there and very vague. In my opinion, there no longer is a doctor/patient relationship. It’s doctor/politician/patient. The government years before the pandemic put restrictions on physicians for prescribing opiates and benzodiazepines, made doctors so fearful that they don’t even like to prescribe 1 or 2 pills for a paitent in crises. They use pharmacies to help monitor the amount prescribed by physicians. So this isn’t the first time our government thinks they went to medical school.

    1. Absolutely. The patient/ doctor relationship is eroding, and it’s honestly a real struggle to find a doctor who you KNOW has your best interests in mind 100%. I luckily have found two of those people (in Folsom, CA) and they truly changed my life. I never had to worry that they were denying me treatment or treating me like I was crazy because I actually ask questions. Not to mention, considering that it is next to impossible to find a pediatrician in the state who will still see your child without taking any *wellness shots*, I am not sure I could raise any children here. It would be an uphill battle that I would rather not fight. I encourage everyone of all ages to be their best advocate and I learned that with my chronic health issues. No one cares more about you (or your child) or KNOWS you better than YOU. I am fine with firing doctors and I believe that no one should settle for less than exceptional care. It’s truly heartbreaking for me to know how many lives could have been saved during this disaster had other treatments been available.

      1. Hi K!
        I live in the folsom area as well. Would you feel comfortable sharing the names of the doctors who will prescribe the treatments that don’t follow protocols? I’m a teacher and am going back to in person learning and do not want to get the vaccine.
        Thank you

  9. Here, in Arizona, a similar ban is in place – one issued by Governor Ducey months ago. Last week, my husband’s M.D. reinforced the prohibition for preventive Covid complications with the explanation that HCQ was not approved therapy. That is a lie and under normal circumstances would send us fleeing to find another medical practice. These people are aiding and abetting murder, nothing less. I, too, wonder why there is legal silence on this matter – it screams out for class action remediation.

  10. This sounds a lot like the experience my sister and her husband had after they both came down with COVID about a month ago. The doctor just told her to stay at home and that was it. She eventually passed it on to her husband who is about 16 years older with type 2 diabetes and started showing symptoms about 2 weeks after she was diagnosed.

    Fortunately my sister got through it but her husband ended up in the hospital even though he supposedly had a mild case of it. He got to the point he could not get up and a few days later was no longer able to speak. Because of pre-existing conditions he qualified for Regeneron, but also did not qualify since he went into the hospital. So the sickest patients are denied the more effective treatments! He eventually recovered and is slowly regaining his ability to speak again.

    They were also both taking some vitamins like C, D, and zinc. My sister thinks that might have helped her get through it even though it was not recommend to her by any doctors. Unfortunately if they had access to drugs like HCQ, or Ivermectin it might have gotten her husband through it without being hospitalized. I’m surprised no one mentioned Ivermectin, which might be more effective than HCQ. Fortunately he never had breathing problems, or low oxygen levels. And last my sister caught COVID while wearing a mask shopping at a store even though she took all the recommended precautions.

    1. Thank you for sharing Brian, this is so awful to hear and I am glad they came through it. But so frustrating to hear that patients are not getting what is deserved, helpful and paid for through insurance. How does a preexisting condition exempt you from successful treatment? Did you ask the health care providers? Do you mind me asking what health facility this was at? Sorry your family was treated appropriately.

      1. This was information directly from my sister and I could not ask the health care provider because I was not with her at the time. She asked the doctor about Regenron treatments for her husband after I sent her a link to a video by MedCram that was posted on YouTube that mentioned it. The doctor said he would qualify for the treatment since he had type 2 diabetes, but if he was admitted to a hospital he would not be able to get it.

        Apparently the treatment is given as an outpatient procedure, but you have to sign up on a waiting list first. If you are sick enough to require hospitalization you’re out of luck because they are not giving it to patients in the hospital. However while he was in the hospital they gave him Remdesivir instead, but he did not respond to treatments with that drug. However eventually he recovered enough and was able to go home. So the sickest patients are not getting Regeneron treatments. Even if you qualify on one end they disqualify you at the other. This is in Tennessee, so I don’t know if this is the policy in other states.

        About MedCram. I highly recommend the videos by Dr. Roger Seheult that are on YouTube. He is a very knowledgeable doctor that has firsthand experience with COVID patients. His videos are very informative and beat anything you hear from either Dr. Fauci , or the CDC. I posted some information about him below.

        Dr. Seheult graduated from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 2000. He works in Banning, CA and 2 other locations and specializes in Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Critical Care and Pulmonary Disease. Dr. Seheult is affiliated with Redlands Community Hospital and San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital.

  11. Comrades
    The internet is poisoning minds. Kooks abound. No news channel fact checks. You’re on your own.
    Think on it. 25000 troops in DC protecting something, but fear some of them are terroists …they must be vetted. By who, how, what risk profiles, their voting record or favorite color?????

    A flaming joke

  12. I took Hydroxychloriquine, which I was able to get through aflds.com for a time with no side effects when I traveled from California to Tennessee, where they allow indoor dining. In 2015 the NIH said that the drug is safe and in 2005 the Journal of Virology said it is effective against SARS, which was epidemic at the time. The current pandemic is SARS cov-2. So, draw your own conclusions and take care of your own health. Zinc with green tea or Quercetin can stop viruses in the body.

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