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California Governor Gavin Newsom (then Lieutenant Governor) riding in the Golden State Warriors Parade in Oakland, CA, Jun. 12, 2018. (Photo: Amir Aziz/Shutterstock)

EXCLUSIVE: Newsom Bolting for Costa Rica

Governor and fam head for Central America hot spot

By California Globe, March 30, 2022 2:55 pm

Well-traveled Governor Gavin Newsom, who made national headlines with a posh getaway to a Cabo San Lucas Villa in November, is heading south once again.

As the Globe can exclusively report, the governor and his family will be heading to Costa Rica tomorrow. According to a source with intimate knowledge of the First Family’s plans, the Newsoms have booked a two-week stay in the Central American country known for its bio-rich rainforest and immaculate beaches.

According to the source, the governor will be returning to California after one week while the First Partner and First Children spend an extra week. According to the Globe’s reporting, the elite Sacramento Country Day School that the Newsom children attend is off next week for Spring Break. Conveniently, there is a Country Day School Costa Rica, which is part of the Country Day Educational Association, incorporated in both the United States, Costa Rica and Virgin Islands.

The Globe has inquired with the governor’s press team as to whether the governor will be in full vacation mode while he is overseas, but has not heard back yet.

Meanwhile, some history may be made.

In Gov. Newsom’s absence, Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis looks set to sign California Assembly Bill 2179, which extends the pandemic moratorium on evictions for some applicants  who submit requests for government rental assistance by today.

the statewide rent stabilization law that limits residential property owners to annual rent increases of 5% plus the rate of inflation (as determined by the Consumer Price Index). That would appear to make her the first female Chief Executive of California to sign a bill.

Mona Pasquil was the state’s 47th lieutenant governor of California for less than six months when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed her to fill out the vacancy created when his Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi was elected to represent the 10th CD in the House of Representatives. Pasquil broke a lot of ground, becoming the first woman, Asian, and Pacific Islander to serve as LG, but the Globe cannot find any instances where she signed legislation.

The Globe has reached out to Kounalakis’ office to try to confirm this historic first—and to inquire if she knows where exactly the governor is staying, given his penchant for keeping his whereabouts a secret.

When we hear back from the Governor and Lt. Gov., we will update the story.

Update 3/31/2022:

Neither Gov. Newsom’s office or the Lt. Governor’s office replied to our messages Thursday, sent in the early afternoon, asking about the governor’s vacation plans in Costa Rica. However, late Thursday night Gov. Newsom sent out a vague email announcing, “Governor Gavin Newsom has left the state. The Governor will return to the state on Tuesday, April 12.” Shouldn’t it state that Gov. Newsom has left the country?

Interestingly, Politico reported the governor’s spokesperson said Newsom is “On vacation with his family in Central and South America until April 18, the end of the Legislative spring recess. ”

Gov. Newsom announcement. Photo: Screen capture, Gov. Newsom email)

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story referred to the wrong number for the Assembly Bill Lt. Gov. Kounalakis was to sign. It is AB 2179. The Globe regrets the error and is grateful to a sharp-eyed reader on Twitter who pointed it out.

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28 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Newsom Bolting for Costa Rica

  1. Hmmm. Very interesting. Makes me wonder if the governor and family will be staying at another dacha owned by a Russian oligarch? I doubt the Costa Rica government has seized Russian oligarchs’ assets as other countries have. As I recall, Costa Rica was a prime destination for Bolsheviks escaping from Stalin’s henchmen and, likewise, former Nazis being hunted after WWII? The perfect getaway location for criminals.

    1. Criminal financier Robert Vesco also fled to Costa Rica in the 1970s. He was granted safe haven there after contributing several million to a state-owned agricultural company.

  2. Notice the guy never vacations in the U.S. But never mind, Costa Rica has everything for the cool progressive and his cool progressive family, from what I hear. Beaches, mountains, tropical birds, civilization, a relaxed vibe. Wow, they even have Country Day School for the kids! And cool progressives like to talk about how they’ve been to Costa Rica. Who is he to stray from the pack? He wouldn’t dare. Take two weeks, Gavin, that’s fine. On second thought, take five years and enjoy yourself! We don’t mind. But if you do you might want to put yourself and the family up at the Costa Rica Econo-Lodge because the $29K a night you lavished on Cabo will likely be a bit steep for an extended stay. Or not! I mean, what do we know of your finances and who funds you? ENJOY! Send us a postcard!

  3. I am sure he will be wearing not 1 but 2 or 3 masks and keeping to himself. Fancy, expensive restaurants will be the last place you will find Dear Leader. He has high standards.

    1. That’s how the Newsom Administration has been referring to her ever since he was elected in order to be “gender neutral.”

  4. He’s going there to invite all Costa Ricans to move to California amnesty-free. He’s going to incentivize them by offering them free rent, free college tuition, a free Tesla each and a new iPhone as long as they register as democrats.

  5. Please. Stop playing leftist “category” games. No one cares if she’s “the first female Chief Executive of California to sign a bill.” Just like, no one gives a rip if you were “the first woman, Asian, and Pacific Islander to serve as LG” if that’s your greatest accomplishment. Being born isn’t *your* accomplishment.
    I want to hear more on, what is essentially, a rent “control” bill.

  6. By the way, isn’t it terribly unwise for Governor Gav to be vacationing overseas when CA residents are still in a state of panic because of our COVID State of Emergency?
    (*eye roll*)

  7. Re the update, hmm, maybe the Gov ISN’T coming back. Man, they can’t even get their dates straight. And a side, or rather an extended, trip to SOUTH America? What’s that about? Would love to know! Is there an itinerary? Or does he just not give a rat’s rear end as we have long suspected? Let’s hear about it Gov’s office! Or not! Whatever!
    If the Gov is confident enough about the state of California that he feels free to roam all over the globe, can we drop the state of emergency already, do you think?! Aaaaggghhh!

  8. That update is bizarre! How convenient he will not be here for the big defeat the mandate rally in Los Angeles on April 10th.
    Honk, Honk many freedom loving Americans will greet him at the State Capitol when he gets back from South America.

  9. What I want to know is did he let the “state of emergency” expire or did he find a way to continue it, again.

  10. Is the chief rat abandoning ship? Maybe someone should check his finances and see if he has moved his money and assets off shore.

    You can run but you can’t hide!

  11. CA Globe – you provide a great public service “ What I want to know is did he let the “state of emergency” expire or did he find a way to continue it, again.” I cannot seem to get the answer to this simple question. Please find out and report yes or no.

    1. DJ Banks, Gov. Newsom’s State of Emergency Declaration hasn’t expired. The state of emergency doesn’t expire of its own accord – it must be ended by either the Governor or the legislature. What people are referring to is a few orders issued pursuant to the state of emergency that expired yesterday.

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