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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Newsom has Begun Choosing Staffers

He has so far Hired a Chief and Cabinet Secratary

By Sean Brown, November 10, 2018 7:30 am

In an effort to get things rolling, Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom has announced that he has hired his first two cabinet members.

Former Hillary Clinton staffer Ann O’Leary will serve as Chief of Staff and former California Department of Finance Director Ana Matosantos will be Cabinet Secretary.

O’Leary was senior policy advisor to Hillary’s 2016 presidential and also worked for President Bill Clinton. As the highest ranking staff member, O’Leary will help lead Newsom’s transition team. Second-in-charge, Matosantos, will oversee all state agencies. Matosantos was finance director for both Democrat Governor Brown as well as Republican Governor Schwarzenegger.

Stating that he wants an “All in California” gubernatorial transition that is both inclusive and people-powered, Newsom also unveiled a new transition website where constituents are offered five different ways to “Get Involved” from giving ideas to the incoming Governor, signing-up for updates, applying for a job in his Administration, engaging in community service and providing feedback on his “policy priorities”.

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3 thoughts on “Newsom has Begun Choosing Staffers

  1. Governor Nuisance, upon taking office, Fired / Let go, Top Quality Employees at various levels of State Government who were doing an excellent job. Nuisance replaced them with Lobbyists etc. under a spoils pay back system. One of these Lobbyists took over the California Lottery and as it was explained to me, this Lobbyist worked for the Native Americans (Calif Gambling Casinos) and had contributed $$$ to the Governor’s Campaign.
    This corruption is what is wrong in California Politics.

  2. Gruesome newsome has yet to do anything for middle & low income taxpayers or no income. He’s destroyed the safe & secure feelings in residential neighborhoods.He’s inundated us with illegal aliens & homeless. Our imposed taxes are ridiculous. Our infrastructure is in shambles.

  3. This looney hasn’t realized it yet that outside of his state he is not very liked, even by other Liberals. They’ve seen what he has allowed to happen to his state and are not willing to let it happen on a national level.

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