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Anger Erupting in California as Protesters Take Over State Capitol

Housing, parents rights among issues Californians are worried about

By Katy Grimes, September 9, 2019 11:04 am

“Our children are hurt, and you’re arresting mothers,” angry parents chanted outside Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Capitol office Monday morning. These parents are protesting Senate Bill 276, a bill which these parents say will violate the doctor-patient relationship by eliminating vaccination exemptions. The bill’s author, Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) jammed it through both houses of the Legislature last week, prior to accepting amendments Gov. Newsom’s office said he wanted included.

Parents arrested at State Capitol

“Veto the bill, amendments aren’t enough,” parents chanted. Hundreds of parents locked arms near the entrance of the Capitol, as well as blocking the entrance to the underground parking garage for lawmakers. Several women were arrested, including grandmothers.

Parents of vaccine-injured children are angry because they say the Legislature is trying to mandate a vaccination schedule without regard to medically-fragile children, or children in families whose children were already injured by vaccinations.

Overheard in the elevator, a Capitol staffer commented, “Hopefully they leave today when the Governor signs the bill.”

Another protest inside the Capitol by hundreds of people wearing t-shirts for the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), called on the Legislature to pass rent control. Many long time renters want protections from rising rents.


Protesters advocating rent control

Several bills were introduced this year to address skyrocketing rents.  Assembly Bill 1482 would prohibit landlords from raising rent by more than 7 percent plus inflation over the course of a year.

California voters soundly defeated a ballot measure in November 2018 that would have allowed for rent control in every city across the vast state.  Proposition 10 would have repealed the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which limits the use of rent control in California.

SB 529, a similar tenant-unionizing bill would also have capped rent increases, but failed to pass in the Senate. SB 529 would also have allowed California tenants to withhold payment in protest when a landlord raises the rent beyond the rate of inflation.

More to come…


UPDATE: Three women were arrested this morning protesting SB276. Challenges by parents to the bill which would disallow vaccine exemptions have been met with disturbing responses like this Tweet by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego):


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6 thoughts on “Anger Erupting in California as Protesters Take Over State Capitol

  1. Torches and pitchforks also for SB 330 — the sneaky and sinister relative of Wiener’s SB 50 — which is on its way to Newsom’s desk?

  2. Rent control should not be in the same article about forced vaccinations of already injured children! This is despicable and unconstitutional.

  3. Why do the anti-276 crowd keep trying to pretend there weren’t any fraudulent exemptions?

    Wasn’t Bob Sears exposed as having written multiple medical exemptions that were not valid, which is one of the reasons he was put on probation?

    1. Dr. Sears wrote medical exemptions, but they were not fraudulent. Writing exemptions for medically fragile children is a doctor’s job. The whole “fraudulent exemption” frenzy was a ruse to pass the bill. It actually appears that there were no fraudulent exemptions at all. There was no emergency.

  4. Vaccine Injury is real. These parents are protesting because of their vaccine-injured children. Newsom needs to be impeached. This is a violation of Liberty. Vaccines are dulling our children’s minds which is exactly what the Democrats want, so the One World Government can take over.

    God made your immune system, use it or lose it.

    Lots of Pediatricians know there are reactions to drugs, especially since the amount of mandatory vaccines has tripled since we were kids.

    Do you know why excitotoxins are put in vaccines? To help them work. Unfortunately, excitotoxins excite diseases.

  5. You all out in California need to take your rights back. Your being victimized every time you turn around. Cant believe you installed a governor that just finished destroying San Francisco. You dont have much time left, if any to impeach this governor and start thinking about going red.

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