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Governor Gavin Newsom at 2019 California Democratic Party State Convention at the George R. Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, June 1, 2019. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Bizarre CADEM Party Press Conference: RecallGavin2020 is ‘Coup’ and ‘Treasoness’

Recall groups thank CA Democratic Party for the boost

By Katy Grimes, January 14, 2021 12:09 pm

“California is heading off an economic cliff and Governor Gavin Newsom is driving the car,” Rescue California says. “Unaffordable housing. Record homelessness. Rising crime. Failing schools. Independent contractors thrown out of work. Exploding pension debt. And now, a locked down population while the prisons are emptied. Hold Gavin Newsom accountable. Gavin Newsom must go,” RecallGavin2020 says.

It appears California Democrats are also headed for that cliff after a press conference Tuesday where they called the effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom a “coup” attempt and “treason” by extremists, radicals, white nationalists and armed insurrectionists.

California Democratic Party chairman Rusty Hicks elucidated: “This recall effort, which really ought to be called the California coup, is led by right wing conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, anti-vaxxers and groups who encourage violence on our democratic institutions,’’ he said.

“Anti-vaxxers?” Really? Those oh-so-dangerous home-schooling moms?

Psychologists inform us that when someone resorts to name calling, it usually speaks to feelings of inferiority and a feeling of inadequacy, and use name calling when they need to make themselves feel more powerful.

With the campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom surpassing 1 million signatures, and gaining substantial funding, it is said Newsom’s closest advisors are rightly concerned.

And so is the California Democratic Party. However, the CADEMs exposed just how vulnerable, and desperate they are this week in the bizarre press conference.

Joining Rusty Hicks were other elected Democrats who used similar rhetoric: Fresno City Councilman Nelson Esparza called the recall effort “treasonous.” Former Assemblyman and current San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria Fresno City Councilman Nelson Esparza said he appreciated “the opportunity to draw a straight line from the horrible events of last week in Washington D.C. to the current events here in California,” CalMatters reported.

Randy Economy. (Photo: Facebook)

Randy Economy, Senior Advisor with the recall campaign, said the CADEMS embarrassed themselves with this bizarre press conference. “We are seeing that the CADEM Party does not know how to deal with crises, or how to deal with the people,” he said. “Our Petition is not about the Republican Party, but about changing this governor, and making him accountable to somebody.”

“For CADEMs to hold that bizarre press conference – Rusty Hicks needs to resign. He’s an embarrassment to California Democrats,” Economy said.

Economy ought to know well. He was on the Democratic Party Central Committee in Los Angeles during California’s last recall election in 2003 of then-Gov. Gray Davis. “I remember it like yesterday,” Economy said. “Gray Davis giving that tearful ‘I can’t believe this is happening’ speech, after the recall election…” Economy said Davis and the Democrats did not pay attention to the people then, and they are not paying to them now.

“They really showed their true colors,” he added.

What Gray Davis did back in 1999-2003 was unforgivable, and what Gov. Newsom is doing to Californians today is also unforgivable. Gov. Gray Davis was recalled over leadership issues, high taxation, and inaction over a struggling California economy and rolling energy blackouts, in a state awash in ultra-cheap natural gas.

Gov. Newsom, also blamed for rolling energy blackouts, is now being appropriately blamed for shutting down the entire state of 40 million residents, forcing the closure of millions of small businesses, and killing the state’s economy, all while blaming the coronavirus.

Economy said he’s getting calls all day long from Democrats saying “enough is enough.” They want to sign the recall petition.

And that is because “the Party has been radicalized by Rusty Hicks and Eric Bauman before him for two generations,” Economy explained. “Even Nancy Pelosi wasn’t this radicalized when she was California Democratic Party Chairwoman, nor was Art Torres.”

“This current regime is schizophrenic.”

“You can’t go over the people,” he said. “Isn’t that what this is all about… knowing that the rank and file guy who owns his business is hurting?”

Economy said he’s getting calls from small business owners throughout the state supporting the recall.

“This thing is going to go down,” Economy said. “And I just want to thank Rusty Hicks and the California Democratic Party.”

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14 thoughts on “Bizarre CADEM Party Press Conference: RecallGavin2020 is ‘Coup’ and ‘Treasoness’

  1. When things go bad for the Democrats they resort to name calling just like little kids at school recess. I live in a liberal neighborhood and have had a recall Newsom sign in the front yard since the summer. I have gathered signatures on the recall petition and some of the “right wing white nationalists” who have signed it are Asian Americans, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and one white person who told me he voted for Biden. The more signatures we get the better. http://www.recallgavin2020.com

    1. yep, this is what I thought too, except Nazi’s just the usual now. Maybe they could be a little more thoughtful, since most of us working the recall are middle class suburban women hardly armed insurrectionists.

  2. I guess the usual suspects named above are beginning to recognize that they are between a rock and a hard place. You know, that same cramped spot they’ve forced the average Californian to wriggle around in for nearly a year. Move an inch this way, it hurts — move an inch that way, it hurts. What to do?

    I was amused to hear that apparently the traffic to the Recall Gavin website SKYROCKETED after the CA Dem Party Chair pulled a boner by saying that an honest, legal, grass-roots effort by frustrated Californians was a “coup attempt.” Okay, keep talking —- https://recallgavin2020.com can use the publicity.

  3. Where Dem Party is going will lead Civil War. Someday soon the name calling will end and there will violence like never before in the streets of America.

  4. Comrades
    This roll out for senior Vaccine shots is a confused, distorted, ugly mess. Who in heck is driving to Disneyland and wait six hours in a parking lot, or something….then comeback in a month for the second shot…. they had months to figure this out…..cannot end well.

    1. I heard they got three million vaccines and haven’t even distributed the first million. What a CF, from lockdowns, to the china masks, to stimulus to illegals, to his own hypocrisy, to the wildfires. I thought we couldn’t do worse that Brown; boy was I wrong.

  5. I’m all on board for a recall of Newscum however, I am also concerned as to who will be nominated to take his place since we are basically a one-party system in this state. Our last recall was successful but, the replacement was a joke, huh Arnie!

    1. McClintock or Moorlach would do just fine…

      Cox is a carpetbagger…
      Maybe Travis Allen…
      Faulconer is a RINO flipflopper like Ahhhhnold..

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