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Woman in polling station, voting in a booth with US flag in background. (Photo: vesperstock/Shutterstock)

California Globe (Early) Election Night Results

The Globe covers the races across California as votes are counted

By Evan Symon, November 8, 2022 9:43 pm

UPDATED 11/9/2022 6:30a.m.:

The Globe will keep an updated tally of races across the state. Many races are not expected to be called tonight because of how close many are and because of the high number of mail-in ballots that could turn a race later on.

The early results are tallied mail-in ballots, and not today’s votes.


Gavin Newsom (D)            58.1% 3,148,084

Brian Dahle (R)                  41.9%  2,266,461



Proposition 1

Yes                                         67.9%   3,099,111

No                                           32.1%  1,465,395


Proposition 26

Yes                                        29.2%   1,346,812

No                                          70.8% 3,261,007


Proposition 27

Yes                                         16%   736,345

No                                           84%   3,860,085


Proposition 28

Yes                                         62.9%   2,859,606

No                                           37.1%  1,689,567


Proposition 29

Yes                                            69.9% 3,168,859

No                                             30.1% 1,363,995


Proposition 30

Yes                                        42.6%    1,946,912

No                                        57.4%  2,620,309


Proposition 31

Yes                                        64.5% 2,929,494

No                                          35.5%  1,615,859


United States House of Representatives: Secretary of State reports “100% of Precincts Partially Reporting

3rd District

Kevin Kiley (R)                   53.1%  76,989

Kermit Jones (D)               46.9%   67,972


9th District

Josh Harder (D)           56.4%  44,108

Tom Patti (R)                 436% 34,166


13th District

Adam Gray (D)            49.9% 34,512

John Duarte (R)            50.1% 34,715


22nd District

David Valadao (R)         54% 23,034

Rudy Salas (D)                46% 19,648


26th District

Julia Brownley (D)        53.9% 72,588

Matt Jacobs (R)               46.1% 62,177


27th District

Mike Garcia (R)               57.6% 65,545

Christy Smith (D)             42.4% 48,285


41st District

Ken Calvert (R)             43.8%   33,960

Will Rollins (D)              56.2% 43,584


45th District

Michelle Steele (R)      55.3%  73,264

Jay Chen (D)                44.7%  59,269


47th District

Katie Porter (D)          50.3%  84,614

Scott Baugh (R)           49.7%   83,676


49th District

Mike Levin (D)           51.% 89,204

Brian Maryott (R)        49% 85,560


State Senate

District 6

Roger Niello (R)              54.8%   61,612

Paula Villescaz (D)          45.2%   50,739


District 16

Melissa Hurtado (D)       47.5%    28,727

David Shepard (R)           52.5%    31,727


District 36

Kim Carr (D)                     41.6%   91,611

Janet Nguyen (R)            58.4%   128,670


District 38

Catherine Blakespear (D)   50.9%  103,486

Matt Gunderson (R)             49.1%  91,636


District 40

Brian W. Jones (R)              55.2%   95,760

Joseph C. Rocha (D)            44.8%   77,621


District 45

Michelle Steel (R)              55.3% 73,272

Brian W. Jones (R)              44.7% 59,313



Los Angeles

Brian Caruso                           50.8%   244,102

Karen Bass                                49.2%   236,017



Loren Taylor                            35%   12,076

Sheng Thao                                 29.2%    10,072

Ignacio de la Fuente                12.8%    4,430


San Jose

Cindy Chavez                          48.2%   63,604

Matt Mahan                           51.8%    68,234

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Evan Symon
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5 thoughts on “California Globe (Early) Election Night Results

  1. Everyone’s tired, I get it. But please correct to “Rick” Caruso, L.A. Mayor (not “Brian”). Prop 29, the kidney dialysis clinic union-building effort, was doomed from the beginning, and now is almost 70% NO. Rep. Michelle Steele ultimately won her congressional seat big against Jay Chen, as noted. But she didn’t run for state senate against Brian Jones, also shown. Thank you.

  2. For Brian Dahle to not have name recognition and $$$, I think he did well. Same for Caruso, L.A., if he does well
    in L.A., it’s a good start for Governor candidates for a Newsom RECALL election. How many signatures are needed again? God’s wrath is coming for Prop 1, people were ‘tricked’ by the wording ‘reproductive health’ without understanding the veracity of the decision…. good vs evil, no mercy for Cali.

  3. Marilyn, agree with you about Dahle and Caruso and Prop 1.
    I live in L.A. County (10 million people, 88 cities, HUGE population center, largest in the country). Yesterday, after a period of heavy rain, a blaring and startling Emergency Alert was sent out to all phones by the “L.A. County Office of the National Weather Service,” I think it was in the early afternoon. It made it sound as though anyone in all of L.A. County who ventured one foot outdoors would be risking their lives, caught in a flood, sunk in mud, buried by a landslide, with boulders flying by. Sure there were SPECIFIC areas in the hills, directly underneath burn scar areas from fires a couple of years ago, where flash flooding and mudslides might occur after a period of heavy rain. And there were voluntary and some mandatory evacuations in SPECIFIC residential hill areas; e.g., Duarte, Azusa. 99% of L.A. County residents and roads, however, were NOT affected.

    To me this was clearly a dirty trick by L.A. County (probably Board of Supervisors) who wanted to depress voting for certain candidates by any means necessary. Also remember L.A. County is a significant voter bloc in CA. I think this specifically and directly hurt, and was meant to hurt, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who now appears (inexplicably) to be losing badly, and to a lesser extent it hurt, and was meant to hurt, a larger turnout for Caruso, if one assumes most Dems had their ballots mailed in already and most Repubs were waiting to vote in person on election day.

    I could find NO coverage or commentary AT ALL of this blaring weather Emergency Alert for all of L.A. County in any day-after-election local reporting. At least it’s not showing up so far.

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