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Schools look very different after returning from Covid-19 lockdowns. (Photo: Halfpoint/Shutterstock)

California Threatens New Indoor Mask Mandates as Other States Mostly Ignore

How does Gavin Newsom think he is a viable Presidential candidate as California prepares to go into lockdown mode again?

By Katy Grimes, July 26, 2022 2:44 am

As California’s most draconian public health official, Barbara Ferrer of Los Angeles, threatens new indoor mask mandates, all other states are mostly ignoring whatever Covid variant is spreading.


Because while there may be more “cases” of Covid showing up, people just aren’t sick enough to be hospitalized. The symptoms vary from a mild cold to a full-blown flu. And that’s a raging inconvenience and uncomfortable, it’s a flu bug.

“Two officials at one of the largest hospital systems in Los Angeles and Southern California dismissed government officials’ statements about another wave of COVID-19 hitting the region and the United States as ‘media hype,’” the Globe reported July 18. “This flies in the face of Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer’s announcement on Thursday that Los Angeles County has officially reached the ‘High’ level of new COVID-19 cases and County hospitalization rates, giving the County two weeks to fall back below or else mandatory indoor masking mandates return,” as the Globe reported.

This is a conundrum. How does Gov. Gavin Newsom think he is a viable Presidential candidate as California prepares to go into lockdown mode again, bringing back masking mandates and school restrictions as other states go about their summer days as usual? Will the media cover for him?

An Emergency Room doctor in Los Angeles tweeted this:

“LA County Covid hospitalizations continue to fall from peak of 1,329. The current BA.5 wave has impacted our hospitals even less than BA.1 over the Winter. We have more than enough capacity and resources to handle this wave and the usual ER patients.”

I know a few ER docs – not one would put out a statement like this unless they were serious. And of the ones I’ve spoken with, they are the most practical of all and tell people to assess their own risk, and act accordingly.

Gee, it’s almost like it’s not an emergency,” someone replied. 

“In a news conference on July 13, Brad Spellberg, the chief medical officer of Los Angeles County and University of Southern California Medical Center, and epidemiologist Paul Holtom, said that there have been no changes in the transmission levels of COVID-19,” the Globe reported. There’s more:

Dr. Spellberg said they are seeing thousands of people with Covid, “but it is mild, and they go home,” he said.

He said of the patients who are admitted to the hospital, “90% of the time it is not due to Covid. Only 10% of our Covid-positive admissions are due to Covid.”

“None of them go to the ICU, and when they do, it is not for pneumonia,” he added. “They are not intibated. We have not seen one of those since February.”

“A lot of people have really bad colds is what we are seeing, Spellberg said.

“’It is just not the same pandemic that it was, despite all the media hype to the contrary… I mean … a lot of people have bad colds is what we’re seeing,” Spellberg added.”

“As of today, we have moved from the medium to the “High” COVID community level,” LA Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said during a public briefing. “If the county remains in the CDC-designated High level for two consecutive weeks, we will again impose a universal mandatory indoor mask-wearing mandate.”

The two doctors dismissed Ferrer’s claims, and said the Public Health Officer’s assessment doesn’t match the numbers.

“We’re just seeing nobody with severe Covid symptoms,’ Holtom added.

“As of this morning, we have no one in the hospital who had pulmonary disease due to COVID. Nobody in the hospital … Nobody. Nobody who had COVID-19 disease as we would see it in the past. So I guess it is hard to get a little more excited,” he said.

The docs were strongly encouraged by someone at LA County to walk back their statements, but the genie was out of the bottle.

The best summation of the LA County/USC letter was from Dr. Houman David Hemmati, MD, PhD on Twitter:

Former LAC+USC doc here. So you’re agreeing with the objective facts your own doctors said which refute @lapublichealth & Ferrer and make it clear mask mandates are UNNECESSARY. RIGHT? Please just admit it. Putting spin on it based on fear is unethical at best, criminal at worst.

Thousands, and maybe millions of parents aren’t buying this mask threat either. #reopencaliforniaschools has taken the fight of parents to social media.

CA Globe friend and Fox host Steve Hilton drills down on the so-called “experts” making these decisions:

Southern California attorney Julie Hamill says, “There are 1009 comments to the @LACountyBOS regarding the mask mandate. Review them here: file.lacounty.gov/SDSInter/bos/s

The report she references has 375 pages of comments – many of which in the prominent first few pages are bogus.

Poignantly, a social worker working to bring back normalcy for school kids tweeted his statement:

“If policymakers had to live by their own COVID restrictions, all schools would look like 2019 tomorrow.”

The parents who have contacted the Globe say this is outrageous and obviously political. They aren’t buying it, and will fight it. Again.

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15 thoughts on “California Threatens New Indoor Mask Mandates as Other States Mostly Ignore

  1. The pages and pages of public comments were extremely heartening. Even the people who mistakenly hit the “favor” (mask mandates) button at the public comment page, and thus were categorized as favoring it, actually opposed it, as you can see by their comments. I’m guessing it was because it wasn’t clear on the comment submittal page what exactly they were favoring or opposing.

    Here you have thousands of people (definitely more than 1009, seems more like several thousand), who understand the common sense issues and are even up on the latest Barbara Ferrer misdeeds and scandals of the past week! Seeing this it is very difficult to believe voters in this County voted for the knuckleheads on the Board —- or knucklehead candidates in any other position or office. Right? Looking forward to seeing how the BOS meeting and vote goes today.

    1. Showandtell – I can’t begin to fathom why California voters are so clueless/stupid. I do realize the political power of the public employee unions funded by their extortion of union dues, But for everyone else, who do the the voters think is responsible for California’s relentless dysfunction?

      1. Fed Up: I know. Public comment like this shows how savvy people ACTUALLY are, which contradicts the mythology we’re fed. They must be voting! Don’t you think? But voter/election manipulation by the bad guys becomes impossible to reject as some point, even when we put aside that vote-by-mail ballots are on the street like counterfeit money mixed in with the real stuff. What that manipulation actually looks like is hard to know even when we know it MUST BE happening.

        E.g., “engineered” low voter turnout allows the public employees and other special interests to overwhelm the vote of “the people.” My town mayor was once re-elected overwhelmingly with 86% of the vote. The trouble was, only 4% of registered voters turned out for the one-item-on-the-ballot local election. 86% of 4% is NOT 86% of all the voters in town! Is it! Thus the picture is made to look different than what it really is. But as we can see, 86% of 4% is NOT a landslide as the “winners” will inevitably and repeatedly say.

        Then throw in ballot harvesting of people who would not and should not otherwise vote, same-day registration with (likely) gift-card-type incentives for students and others, multiple-precinct voting, bloated voter roll opportunists who vote in place of dead people and those who have moved, one-time CA residents who are still voting from their new states, forums that “help” new-citizen immigrants to fill out their ballots, and on and on.

          1. How nice of you, Fed Up. And generous. It’s mostly what I have learned from more insightful others over the years, put in my own words. Grateful to you for hanging in there with what is often and tedious and complex subject.

  2. I recommend everyone read the article posted by Kat Schuster on Novato Patch: https://patch.com/california/novato/s/ibtzc/worst-variant-yet-bay-area-covid-surge?utm_source=alert-breakingnews&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alert back on 7/14/22, then read the comments section.

    People are tired of the fearporn being jammed down their throats.

    Corporate America is forcing it’s workers to mask up in compliance with the CDC guidelines but not the customers.

    Once again the productive and kids are punished by government mandates.

  3. The only way that we will prevail is if we DO NOT COMPLY…

    DO NOT COMPLY with injection mandates, mask mandates, ALL mandates… it’s time for “We The People” to tell these tyrannical dictators that we are not their sheep to be shorn…or worse….

  4. I have a challenge for those who have so much (misplaced) faith in cloth masks, surgical masks and all other non-NIOSH-approved face coverings: Let me do an irritant smoke fit test on you and your untested, uncertified face covering. If it actually works, hey, no problem. If you fail the test, it feels somewhat like you’ve just jammed two fingertips covered in ghost-pepper sauce deep into your sinuses and down your throat. Any takers? Come on you government officials so hot-and-bothered for masking, have faith.

    This is a recognized fit-test procedure (see https://www.dir.ca.gov/Title8/5144a.html, subsection 5) and if you have a properly fit-tested respirator, should be a breeze. Maybe on the steps of the Capitol, to show your faith in the masker’s “Shroud of Turin”?

  5. Right before the “Corona” psyop hit, there were all these news stories about the dangers of facial recognition software. Imagine you are an intelligence agency and the software matches up your agent provacateurs in multiple places. That started happening prior to Corona. We would get multiple “mass shootings” where you would see the same witnesses – a strong indication they were staged. Then Corona normalizes masks. In 2017, you see a masked person on the street, you would be suspicious. Not anymore. Same thing with watching people on TV wearing masks. That’s what the Portland protests (organized by the DHS) were all about – accustoming the American public to seeing rioters, protestors, and violence all under cover of masks. It helps create the fake reality.

    So why California? Because it’s the American center of Media and the Tech that distributes Media – so there is more a need to normalize this mask BS in California by these intelligence agencies. That’s who Gavin Newsom works for.

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