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School Walk Out Rally. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California Keeps Mask and Vaccine Mandates Even as State Boasts Near Lowest Cases in U.S.

Californians want to know when these mandates will end

By Katy Grimes, October 20, 2021 2:22 am

A new report by the New York Times found that Florida’s Coronavirus case average per capita is lower than all but two states – Hawaii and Louisiana. And California is tied with Florida for that spot.

“California tied with Florida at 14 per capita,”the report said. If Florida, which is fully opened with no mask or vaccine mandates, is lower than all but two states, and California is toed with Florida, why does California still have mask and vaccine mandates?

According to the report, “Florida, which came under a constant stream of criticism from corporate media outlets and blue state leaders throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, is faring better than nearly every other state in the country in terms of case averages per capita, as the state’s two-week average of cases dropped by 33 percent.”

The Globe contacted Governor Gavin Newsom’s press office and asked why California still has mask and vaccine mandates given this data, but we did not receive an answer back by press time.

As Breitbart News explained, “Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) never implemented a statewide mask mandate during the pandemic and received tremendous pushback from blue state governors, such as former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), whose states ended up faring far worse in terms of fatalities and economic impacts. “

“Even Yahoo! News recognized the stunning silence of Florida’s most ardent critics, publishing a piece on Tuesday titled, ‘DeSantis’ critics fall silent as Florida’s COVID-19 cases drop,’”Breitbart reported.

Instead of explaining the ongoing mask and vaccine mandates, we received a notice from Gov. Newsom’s press office letting us know “Governor Gavin Newsom will join NBC’s Chuck Todd for a fireside chat at the Milken Institute’s 24th Global Conference tomorrow to discuss the challenges of governing during a global pandemic and his vision for building a better future for California residents, businesses and communities in a competitive global economy.”

Our question about mask and vaccine mandates is sincere. California citizens want to know when these mandates will end. And, the thousands of parents who attended the State Capitol public school walkout over vaccine mandates Monday also want to know.

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21 thoughts on “California Keeps Mask and Vaccine Mandates Even as State Boasts Near Lowest Cases in U.S.

  1. “The Globe contacted Governor Gavin Newsom’s press office and asked why California still has mask and vaccine mandates given this data, but we did not receive an answer back by press time.”


    Because Newsom is a psychopathic, megalomaniac who GETS OFF on power and hurting people, and he’s on Klaus Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders” although his image has now been removed from the Alumni list from a month or so ago… check it out…



    1. You can rage all you want. Last month’s recall election showed that nearly two thirds of CA love and support our excellent governor.

      1. First, California Democrats are not above committing massive election fraud.

        Second, anyone who voted not to recall Newsom voted for a brazen dictator to continue his fascist style unconstitutional control. Now I see how Hitler was allowed to take control of Germany. Everyone who voted to keep this evil man in power should hang his head in shame.

      2. @W16521 3/5, not two thirds. And some of that support is from privileged voters and ignorant voters who just support the incumbent. I’m a Independent that votes Democrat most of the time and supports undocumented immigrants and I am appalled that many Latinos in my neighborhood are choosing to be idiots and wear masks. Is Covid going to kill you if you already got the vaccine? Like, no.

    2. WEF (World Economic Forum) is a non-profit, NGO (non-government org), created in Cologny, Switzerland in
      1971, financed by corporations and private funding. Klaus Schwab’s ‘reported’ net worth is between $1mil-$17mil.
      Look up Klaus Schwab beach photos, and you’ll get the jest of what he is.

  2. Fascist Napoleon complexed politicians have NO PLACE in the USA. And the American people only have so much patience for lawlessness. If these buffoons are going to continue to poke a tiger with a short stick, they will be bitten soon.

  3. Remember ….”15 days to flatten the curve”. Newsom steals the recall and stomps on the citizenry harder. No worries because the vote is rigged.

  4. Yeah, accept use of monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, hcq doesn’t leave you with un-recoverable side effects..
    and place you under their “transhuman patent” for dna adjustment… have you seen the video dissecting the
    brain after this horror shot, and the black goo attracted to and overcoming magnet??
    The Cali Gov knows exactly what the ramifications are and should be criminally prosecuted.
    So ‘Mandate’, is that now ‘Law’?

  5. The mask mandate strikes me as some kind of sexual fetish, and you know how progressives will defend anything doing with a sexual fetish.

  6. With winter approaching and a Covid surge likely, Gov Newsom needs to keep all the mandates in place.
    This pandemic is likely to last years. It will be prudent for everyone to listen to what the governor says and follow him accordingly.

    1. You must not be aware that the vaccinated are spreading the virus like wildfire, that mass vaccination is creating the rise of new variants, and that any protection afforded the vaccinated wears of within months. You must also be unaware that natural immunity, which is being totally ignored by the governor, is vastly superior to anything produced by the vaccines. Clearly you haven’t researched the truth about mask-wearing; it is utterly useless in preventing the spread of respiratory viruses. Would you put up a chain link fence in the hope that it would keep out mosquitos? And you appear to be completely ignorant of the massive number of serious injuries and deaths cause by these vaccines. Newsom is a tyrant. His policies fly in the face of the scientific evidence as well as the rights of citizens as mandated by the Constitution. You are not advocating prudence but instead ignorance, belief in falsehoods, blind obedience, and the trampling of the rights of American citizens.

    2. This “pandemic” will last as long as people let it. It never existed except in the mind. You just gotta believe in it, and it’s so. PANDEMIC!!

  7. Based on CDC data, which shows a COVID vaccine death rate of one in 48,000, 121 California children will be killed by Newsom’s school vaccine mandate. That’s right, dead! More will be permanently injured. When boosters are mandated, more children will die.

    Right now the 7 day average death rate in California is 4 out of 10 millions people. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support killing more people with the vaccine. More people have died from COVID vaccines that all other vaccines combined for the last 30 years.

    1. There’s also been people killed by Covid by not taking the vaccine. Both the far left and far right are wrong in politicizing Covid.

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