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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

COVID Deceit and Dubious Policies California Lawmakers Continue to Perpetrate

‘Obedience masks’ and other things that just don’t make sense

By Katy Grimes, April 26, 2021 2:11 am

There are a lot of questions at this point in time, after the strangest year in most of our lives.  I know I’m not alone in observing that there are many many things that don’t make sense or add up. The biggest right now is how California is still in lockdown despite COVID “cases” and deaths completely dropping. There are some limited re-openings, kids still aren’t back in school full time (or at all in many cases), restaurants are still only allowed limited indoor seating, and “obedience” masks are still required indoors and outdoors. Now, California’s state universities are requiring 2021 graduates and families to show their vaccine passport if they want to attend graduation in person – and wear a mask outdoors.

Anti-Lockdown Voters/Protesters Reviled by Media, Democrat Politicians

As the entire state of California has been mostly locked down by Gov. Gavin Newsom in one form or fashion for over 400 days, more than one year, and despite the actual available science, elected politicians across the state are still conducting business, but doing as much as possible away from the public. City Councils and County Boards of Supervisors won’t allow the public to enter the public meetings, because… COVID!!!… and instead, forcing those members of the public who care to call in to make public comment.

State legislators are doing the same in committee hearings, and avoiding having to deal with the annoying public. When members of the public are allowed to testify or comment in person at a legislative committee hearing, it is fully masked, socially distanced, and far away from the lawmakers because of… COVID!!!

Phone calls are cut off, and people waiting to speak often never get to, as Democrat lawmakers – in charge of everything at the State Capitol – prevent public involvement as much as possible. Anyone seeking to gain entrance to the fenced-off State Capitol must clear it with a posted CHP first or show some approved form of ID to get in.

Yet while nothing at the State Capitol is business as usual, the Capitol Annex building renovation continues on. What started out as a $553 million Capitol Annex renovation is anticipated to balloon into more than $1 billion… all while Gov. Newsom locked down nearly all “non-essential” small businesses in the state, destroying lives and bankrupting millions of residents.

California Assembly Chambers. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Rules for thee but not for me” should be emblazoned in the Assembly and Senate chambers instead of senatoris est civitatis libertatem tueri  – “It is a senator’s duty to protect the liberty of the people” (Senate), and egislatorum est justas leges condere – “It is the duty of legislators to pass just laws” (Assembly).

Members of the California Capitol media were asked last June if they preferred in-person reporting and coverage of Capitol hearings and press conferences, or via phone/Zoom video, and surprisingly, several said they preferred the remote reporting and Zoom press conferences.

Those media members who show up in person at outdoor Capitol press conferences must wear a mask, or risk being thrown off Capitol grounds by the Capitol CHP. Outdoors.

Does Anyone Even Care?

Californians might take a page out of London’s recent populace playbook. While there are many rallies and protests by concerned California voters, parents and business owners around the state each weekend, Saturday, 50,000 regular people marched through central London this weekend in protest over the lockdown and the imminent threat of vaccine passports, Breitbart London reported, but almost no other media acknowledged this massive protest. A few BBC journalists reported “a few thousand anti-lockdown protesters marched” Saturday. Other reports said as many as one million marched.

“In truth, the vast majority of people at the event weren’t activists but ordinary folk of all ages, races, and classes who’d had enough after a year of government lockdowns, and who felt especially concerned by proposals to bring in vaccine passports. They considered these to be illiberal, discriminatory — and the precursor to a Chinese-style social credit system,” Breitbart London reported.

“But when perhaps 50,000 or more anti-vaccine-passport protestors bring central London to a standstill as they march down the length of Oxford Street, the event either goes unreported or is sneerily dismissed as a bunch of weirdo conspiracy theorists flouting the government’s supposedly sensible and proportionate mask-and-social-distancing regulations.”

One commenter said, “We really need to start having anti-mask protest rallies in every state in the US. This fake pandemic fraud based on bogus, inflated numbers coming out of the CDC needs to end.”

Welcome to California where the compliant media also colludes with state government to continue the COVID scaremongering in order to maintain control over the people, while referring to protestors and recall signers as “anti-vaxxers, home-schooling moms, far-right extremists,” and the recall is a “Republican recall effort.”

As the Globe reported, The recall campaign did a study on a sampling of 20,000 of the recall signatures to see what the political party breakdown was. Recall campaign organizer Orrin Heatlie said 31.5% of the signers were “other than Republicans,” showing that this is a bipartisan event.

Faux COVID Pandemic?

“The most deaths by group of Covid is 85 years and older. 0-17 260 deaths. 85 and older 170,000. You don’t think we got played by the media?” Adam Corolla correctly Tweeted

In one Globe article we reported:

“According to immunologists and epidemiologists California Globe has interviewed, ordering people indoors, schools closed, mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing is the opposite of what should be done for the health and well-being of society. Herd immunity is supposed to be the real health goal, while protecting those most vulnerable – in the case of coronavirus, is the elderly and sick confined to nursing homes.”

In June 2020, Governor Newsom issued an Executive Order changing the rules, and had his Public Health Department issue a new directive:

Over the last four months, we have learned a lot about COVID-19 transmission, most notably that people who are infected but are asymptomatic or presymptomatic play an important part in community spread. The use of face coverings by everyone can limit the release of infected droplets when talking, coughing, and/or sneezing, as well as reinforce physical distancing.

What once was a two-week directive to flatten the curve morphed in to “people who are infected but are asymptomatic or presymptomatic play an important part in community spread.”

By February 2021, there were reports of thousands of inconclusive test results coming out of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s $100 million COVID-19 testing lab with the $1.7 billion contract with PerkinElmer. All of this expense was supposed to ramp up testing and processing, but the high number of false-positives were concerning.

The Globe reported on this lab in December, and spoke to a confidential source who shared concerns with the PCR tests. We also reported on three doctors in Contra Costa County who were concerned with the excessive COVID PCR testing leading to high numbers of false positive results.

The ‘Obedience’ Mask

California Globe reported on the recent Stanford study which found masks are worthless against COVID. The study found: “The data suggest that both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective of viral and infectious disease such as SARS-CoV-2 and COVID -19.”

“Wearing facemask mechanically restricts breathing by increasing the resistance of air movement during both inhalation and exhalation pro-cess[12,13]. Prolonged and continuous effect of wearing facemask could be detrimental for health.” We were attacked for reporting on this Stanford study, which the National Institute of Health published. 

Now, a high school track coach in Oregon is calling for an end to mandated mask-wearing during competition after one of his athletes collapsed from “complete oxygen debt,” Breitbart reported:

The only other report on this was from Oregon Live, which reported: “Distance runners are being required to wear masks while competing. Most of them are fine wearing them while warming up. But once they’re on the track, outdoors, competing in open air, the science just doesn’t support the necessity. In fact, the mandate is now raising questions about athlete safety and oxygen depletion.”

“This is absolute craziness,” said one long-time state track and field coach. “Are we going to wait until something catastrophic happens?

“So irresponsible by the authorities.”

Expect many more student athletes to collapse or experience other injuries because of being forced to wear a face mask while exercising and participating in a sport.

Tucker Carlson who hosts “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News calls the mandatory face coverings “obedience masks.” It appears this “obedience” is now dangerous.

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19 thoughts on “COVID Deceit and Dubious Policies California Lawmakers Continue to Perpetrate

  1. Gov Gruesome and his Not-so-Merry Band of Maudlin Mouthpieces and Oppressors (e.g. Fake Doctor Barbara Ferrer) have taken away our liberty and oh! do they LOVE it. Token re-openings paired with doomsday propaganda announcements every two seconds just aren’t cutting it, and after more than a year of this charade, are you freaking kidding me? Heck with “allowing” us to visit our favorite restaurant or haltingly visit New Woke Disneyland, paying a pretty penny for the privilege of being masked-up and keeping our distance, by the way. Having to watch our p’s and q’s every single second not knowing what new annoyance (or worse) awaits us whenever we “dare” to venture out is NOT freedom. Having to memorize a new list of unnecessary rules and regulations every time we do the simplest activity is not what we bargained for, nor is having to produce our papers and foreheads for temp checks to every tin god and E-2 cook barring the door at every venue. Ditto for knuckling under to a non-FDA-approved vaccine to (maybe) buy some peace. As you know.
    Paraphrasing what Katy Grimes has said, “all for a virus that is 99.98% recoverable.”

  2. Why does this continue? My view is that the citizens of this country and particularly in California are being CENSORED. Our voice, our first amendment rights, have been co-opted by an small group of monopolistic zealots. The voices are loud to amend the 2nd amendment, but you hear NOTHING about the abuses of the 1st amendment. As history reveals, the items on the agenda of totaltarits, is indoctrination of the young, the abolition of the history and censorship! There are laws to prevent monopolies such as that in the media.
    Unfortunately there are not enough laws to prevent the prostitution of our politicians. They have sold their backbone for power and the intelligent voice of debate has been censored.
    The fight for our liberties will be tiresome, keep the faith that we can and will win and keep our constitution in tact.

  3. We can rant and rave about all of this, but nothing will happen until ordinary people take action. We may not have the same political views as the SF school board, but they did take action against Collins because of PUBLIC outrage. Make your views known through your local city council, school board, planning committee about state, federal policies that affect them – like Biden’s death tax or high-density housing. This is what I have been doing the past few months and it appears to be having some effect. It started when I objected to what a BLM person said during a public city council zoom meeting. Of course, this won’t work if opinions are censored as Tomorrow says.

    1. Very good points, Raymond. Thank you for reminding us that we aren’t powerless and it’s going to take the ordinary people to change this. We do have a voice.

    2. Citizen activists are good, if you can recruit enough people to present a coalition large enough and loud enough and committed enough to make whatever council or board they appear before curl into the fetal position and thus be responsive to whatever issue one has. I’ve seen it happen, albeit rarely, in the many years I spent lobbying my school board and city council, so there’s that, at least. Unfortunately they are known to deploy their many bags of tricks, like holding your agenda item until 1 a.m. or postponing it until next month when they see you have a large group with you, or bringing the fire marshal in to clear the building of too many people, and all of this is only made more difficult when they can hang up on you or disconnect you on Zoom.

  4. I just don’t get it. Where are the lawsuits against Newsom for its unscientific, unconstitutional mandates? Where in the court system are the monied professionals whose lives and businesses are negatively impacted by the lockdown? The Stanford University studied concluded masks are ineffective. The MIT study concluded that social distancing is useless. The CDC admitted it has no “isolate” of the virus. The PCR test has been proven to generate false positives at cycles greater than 35 while the FDA mandates that the PCR test cycles must run to 40 cycles, thus guaranteeing false positives, thus proving the whole setup of testing is a scam. The people who can afford to sue the governor — where the hell are they?

  5. Well, Showandtell there is a theory of negotiation by the famous Nobel economist John Nash (depicted in the movie A Beautiful Mind) called “Equilibrium”. It says that people will do what is best for themselves AND what is best for the group (https://youtu.be/LJS7Igvk6ZM). I try to make my views known without being perceived as threatening. So, going to meetings with a perceived “mob” is not a tactic I use. If my views are shared by others, they can follow me on their own. I don’t feel that I have to recruit people.

  6. The only way to make sense of this nonsense is to understand that our political leaders are controlled by the intelligence agencies and that Corona is an intelligence-created-and-backed psychological warfare operation. This also means understanding manstream media is controlled by the intelligence agencies and that most of what passes for “journalism” is just propaganda. Only by analyzing Corona as the obvious international intelligence operation it is can you start to understand it – and thus the phony “right left” divide gets everyone fighting over masks or “social distancing” and being smug in their positions – and they miss the big picture of what’s going on – and the clear and present danger to the public’s civil liberties. It’s “problem-reaction-solution” stuff, and unless people start to view this as 9/11 in slow motion and look at how that obvious false flag hurt society, then we will never correct this huge crime.

  7. Just a curious thought, with all of the mass shootings why aren’t any of the shooters shooting at elected officials? Shooting random innocent people seems so senseless when there are so many guilty worthy targets. Not that I condone violence of course.

  8. Skepticism, like fine wine, benefits from age. At this point I believe I’ve got it fine-tuned. In Santa Cruz County the second Covid “fatality” was a 96-year-old woman already in Hospice. She tested positive for the virus postmortem and the cause of death was listed as Covid. 96 and already in Hospice.

    The third Covid “fatality” was a 77-year-old man who had a massive heart attack and died in the hospital emergency room. Another postmortem Covid diagnosis.

    A news agency previously reported that in a single day in New York City, all hospital fatalities were attributed to Covid. That story has subsequently disappeared from the internet.

    At what point do the majority of rational adults recognize that the fix has been in from the beginning?

    1. And CNN led the propaganda with their half-screen “death count clock” to keep the fear factor high while Fauci & Co. issued mandate after mandate and changed the narrative to keep everyone off guard and compliant.
      Meanwhile, the DCC mobilized its forces to modify voting processes and FINALLY get an “impeach ‘foty-fye'(Maxine Waters’ battle cry) campaign underway and get the fix in to get China Joe and the California ‘Ho installed in the White House…
      Meanwhile, the motorcycle accidents and heart attack victims continued to pile up, all dying WITH Covid, not FROM Covid, but the CNN death counter continued to rack up the body count…
      Read about “The Great Reset” and this does fit the narrative of some really refarious actors putting actions in play to destabilize the global economy to move it towards a NWO Communist economy, just like where?
      Why, China, where the virus just HAPPENED to escape from a virology lab that Fauci had involvement with from years ago….
      So now the USA has Biden and Fauci calling the shots, two DC swamp-dwellers with 40-50 years of shady government experience under their belts….
      Creepy, huh???

  9. California Globe, Thank you so much for point out the obvious!!
    Finally a real news source of the covid that the Democrats will Not Let Go!!! Demo’s Love their Plandemic!
    Now they are saying only vaccinated can be outside without a mask, when its not a law Nor Does it Matter if you are vaccinated or Not!! It’s our God Given Rights, we are Still in American, however many American’s don’t realize they are in a Free Country…or what we have left.

  10. If anyone reads the book .both in print and audio called the naked communist when he is striped of the propaganda of the noise makers. It is very educational on just what the USA is experiencing. It was written in 1959 and it reads like prophecy for today. Leon Trotsky said communism only works if their is communist revolution until every country is part of it.I hope every freedom loving American does what he or she can to stop Calicom from spreading all over the nation. critical race theory that is in Cali schools came from Karl marx. Go to school board meetings and challenge them teaching this to your children.

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