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Sen. Dave Min. (Photo: sd37.senate.ca.gov/)

Democrats Remain Mostly Silent About Senator Min’s DUI Despite More Evidence Of Guilt

Photos of Min at a Sacramento bar only hours before his arrest fuel calls for resignation, dropping out of Congressional campaign

By Evan Symon, May 5, 2023 2:39 am

Prominent California Democrats continued to not weigh in on the DUI of Senator Dave Min (D-Orange County) on Thursday, despite more details coming out proving his guilt in the matter.

While the released California Highway Patrol report, his arrest, booking for a misdemeanor DUI charge, and his subsequent release on Wednesday were all previously known to the public, new details released on Thursday filled in some of the mysteries of the incident. Twitter posts, including some by Assemblywoman Laura Friedman (D-North Hollywood), showed Min at Sacramento bars with fellow Assembly Members, as well as lobbyists and realtors. In addition, he was tagged in posts and was mentioned to be indulging in the celebrations only hours before his arrest.

A photo published on Facebook is particularly damning as he is shown giving a speech right in front of a bar.


Dave Min Facebook mention (Photo: Facebook public photo)

In addition, it is also now known that the Silver Toyota Camry he was pulled over in was a state car, perhaps worsening the situation he is currently in now.

While many lawmakers, political groups, and others weighed in on his DUI this week, with some even calling for him to resign or pull out of the 37th District Congressional race, Democrat lawmakers have remained largely silent on the situation.

Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) did give a brief statement saying, “Like Senator Min, we’re disappointed in his actions, but pleased that he’s taken responsibility and apologized.” However, as of Thursday evening, that has been the most any were willing to say.

Republicans have led the charge on questioning the DUI, calling on Democrats to comment on the DUI or ask some who have backed him in the Congressional race, such as state Attorney General Rob Bonta and Congressional Members Judy Chu, Mark Takano, and Andy Kim, if they are still backing him. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has been particularly adamant in getting responses on where lawmakers are siding with him.

“Katie Porter, Orange County Democrats and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee can’t hide from questions about Dave Min’s drunk driving arrest for long. Come out, come out wherever you are, and tell the public if you think Dave Min is fit to serve in Congress.” said NRCC Spokesperson Ben Petersen on Thursday.

Political experts noted to the Globe on Thursday that many are currently in a “wait and see” mode, wanting to find out more about the incident before judging the DUI.

“A lot of Democrats want to hear more directly from him first,” explained Anne Otis, a Los Angeles Public Relations expert who specializes in political scandals. “They want to hear from him. If there is bodycam or dashcam footage, they want to see that. Some are even waiting to see how it plays out in court. In any case, the GOP can have a field day of this down the line. Judge gives Min a light sentence or even kinda waives it off, it can be a gold mine about how he cheated the system. He gets the book thrown at him, they can say that his DUI was that bad.”

“The real question is what the party will do. Everyone makes mistakes, and even Republicans said it was good that he took responsibility for his actions. But this was a DUI, something he had called out others on in the past about. He’s already running in a Congressional District that is essentially a tossup with a Republican candidate who nearly beat [Congresswoman Katie] Porter [D-CA] last year. He’s losing a lot of moderates with this, as well as some Democrats. And that’s not even mentioning voters who feel strongly about public safety or who have been victims of DUIs in the past. He’ll need a really good PR campaign to get out of this one, and his campaign is probably still trying to come up with something.

“In any case, Min is now even more at risk in the district, and we’re still 10 months away from the Primary.”

More details of the DUI, as well as further statements by Min, are expected soon.

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Evan Symon
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7 thoughts on “Democrats Remain Mostly Silent About Senator Min’s DUI Despite More Evidence Of Guilt

  1. Democrat legislators are silent because they know that their the ones who enable drunk drivers to be repeat offenders.

    1. Completely agree, Eyeroll. We should be seeing demands from those legislators for Min to resign and drop out of his congressional race but of course we are not.

      1. P.S. This person was VERY apologetic. AFTER she learned that she would be sentenced to 14 years for her “accident”. She will have to find her redemption behind bars.

  2. Although I am a conservative, let us remember that he was not elected “Pope of the 37th District”. The old throwing rocks at glass houses, thing. I know nothing about him or his policies, but I say let him apologize and come out a better man and settle it next election.

    1. Democrats never apologize? The only way he’ll ever become a better man is by resigning and leaving the Democrat party? How will it be settled in the election when Democrat steal elections with voter fraud and rigged voting machines?

  3. Dave Min apologized for a serious lapse in judgement… the courts will take it seriously… Trump still wears his “grab ‘em by the p…. y” remark as a macho badge of honor, never mind stoking the Jan 6 flames for which hundreds are spending time in jail… with leaders (not Trump) getting sentenced to years in prison with more and likely longer sentences to come… does moral hypocrisy have no bounds… a little perspective is called for here… p.s. I believe the Senator was speaking to a reception of the CA Association of Realtors legislative day in the picture in the article… probably more than a few cocktails tossed back that night.

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